Prophetic Remembrances

Prophetic Remembrance 1993

The issues discussed in this post are just as pertinent today as they where in 1993. The following is a letter to the Democratic Party on the issues of the day...

Dear Mr. President,

by: lpa

I have received a request from Donald Fowler. He asked if I would provide some input as to the direction the Democratic Party should go. Well! Although I am not a traditional Party person in the classical sense, I would like to respond to you my thoughts on the issues presented.

Well! I believe that the people should run their government from the grass roots level.

  • That is, I believe that representation should be delegated authority provided much like that which is authorized to jurors during a trial.
  • Yes, delegates should be more or less drafted from the community to bring the message from the community through a tiering-process through state government till it ultimately reaches the federal government. I think this is an alternative to the party system and party affiliations (lobby interest/insiders) running my government.
  • Let party-line constituency provide candidates if they wish but provide opportunity for all seeking public service to voice their views in an equally disseminated forum.
  • After election the elected officials belong to the OPERATIONS PARTY, an elite group of people elected to provide for the implementation of the WILL of the people it represents in total. By this I mean by referendum; Much like the format provided to me by Mr. Fowler.
  • The WILL of the people is solicited and the means of implementation is derived by the OPERATIONS PARTY. This process can be made to be very efficient if a full time career staff of permanent cadre of professional support personnel are retained as pertinent support clerical and policy experts through each administration. This would provide for checks and balances in the dissemination and continuity of the goals of the people being represented (NO MORE REINVENTING THE WHEEL, so to speak).

I have more thoughts on this, if you’re interested in this notion. I would think this to be the heart of reinventing government.

I am going to provide clarification to my views of the issues that have been presented. The answers do not appear on the pages provided in your party’s survey. The survey does however set the stage for communication. It is critical that communication with the citizen is accomplished. This sort of communication has been overlooked and is long over due. This is where the answers are. The TRUTH is in the hearts of the citizen, not with an organization or some other interest group.

Answering issues in this fashion satisfies the rational mind. I must commend your party on their courage to take the initiative and come to the people.

  • To date no one has been willing to take the challenge to champion the people.
  • The training of the people to execute their collective WILL is the most important function that government could accomplish.

I hope this is the intent of the Democratic Party; Because that’s what’s needed. Let me answer the questions posed so you can appreciate my theory.

* Moral issues belong to the community and the religious beliefs of the people.

  • Let the communities resolve their issues, at their own expense.
  • Provide guidance and asylum for freedom of choice but give the right to the voters to plot their moral path.
  • Let the would be liberal seek asylum in a liberal community.
  • Provide the coping strategy for agreement between differing ideologies. If we cannot do it here we cannot hope to accomplish it between foreign powers.

Let me go through the list of items and apply my notions and provide opinions; That ‘s all I can do. I really have no sympathy for the results derived from the behavior of this society. It is extremely self seeking, childish, and brutish. In short the collective societies of the world have an inferior psychology. I attribute this to the fact that people have been manipulated for so long that it is inherent in their genealogy. The kill or be killed, survival of the predator mentality is predicated on this notion. Man is the most cunning predator of all. Man’s behavior is a result of his attempt at survival in a hostile environment. Man can be taught to analyze his motives for his drives but not without assistance and guidance. Man needs to be taught trust. Trust in his actions. With that said I will respond to the questions posed by the Democratic Party.

The use of the prologue of notions that drive my opinions is essential in conveying my theory.

* Budget reduction spending. What a hoot. A budget is such a reflection of ego. To say that you can do something by controlling expenditures implies you already screwed up.

  • It does not make a difference what the cost is; if you need something you need it.
  • I think our society is so diluted in its own self pity that it cannot see the forest for the trees.
  • Money is perceived as a representation of self worth, ability, and the goal of survival. This is a false notion.
  • Stick to reducing all spending at the same rate across the board and alter, discontinue, and replace the source of the expenditures.
  • Unlimited spending should be available for essential survival needs.
  • First priority is the Ecology.
  • Second priority is health care.
  • Third priority is education.
  • Fourth priority is foreign relations.
  • Let the people define the contents of these fields.
  • The people of the world are the answer to all the problems of the world. They need to trust in their ability to make critical decisions based on a trust of the information provided to base those decisions. This will provide for the control of their own greed and the elimination of deception in government.
  • The citizen needs constraints to guide their choices. The choices need to be outlined; but the decision choices must be theirs.

* Medicare is a corrupt system. Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts found that out years ago. I do not believe it is any better.

  • The AMA and Insurance companies’ interest are the problem, not the care cost of the elderly. So now what. Is the Party going to offend potential constituents? I don’t think so. I bet the people would be willing to unearth the agreements rendering the service inadequate and over priced.
  • Here is a thought. Give the people the money; the cash to seek health aide. Let them decide if they want the services provided.
  • This issue is akin to the S&L debacle. Where the expediency of business dictates the intent to propagate higher profit margins with less effort (quality control) thus less beneficial service because of long-term oversights.
  • This is my point; there is no personality (conscience) to business and government. People do not run businesses; management policy does. So the mechanism of development is let to be devoid of conscience. The ultimate excuse; intentionally so to cover up the corruption of their own personal behavior. Management is devoid of constraints limiting its bounds of utility in the scheme of social need.
  • They’re only doing what is good for the business. This is allowed by the ethics of management when integrity wanes. There is no business tenet directing any conscious moral obligation to be man’s guardian. The mob (organized crime) does as much (the group, the gang solidarity is the focus).
  • They protect their interest alone. Don’t miss this point. It the essential concept to this whole thesis. Give the rights of decision to the PEOPLE. Let them come to know their WILL (end the loose cannon syndrome of greed by pure balance of ego ).

* As for the Health care issue; give the money to the sick. Let their conscience dictate the policy.

  • Let drugs be sold with pharmaceutical authorization;
  • put a doctor in the pharmacy. Eliminate the price of the doctor’s signature for every use of anti what ever.
  • Control purely detrimental drugs.
  • Use nurse practitioners.
  • Propagate preventative medicine.
  • Use home care.

These all reduce cost.

  • Watch out for the AMA and the hospitals. They have all kinds of reasons of self interest, to fuel resistance.

Put the initiatives in the hands of the people.

  • Give the people a chance to fail and grow.
  • The politicians and their supporters have failed in providing substance and sustenance for the people;
  • Politicians use their knowledge of failure to propagate party dominance of the political arena by scaring the people into submission using every ploy available; like the market place false failings...
  • There is a definite failure of the mechanism of government to meet the needs of the people. This is what’s needs revitalization by implementing the spirit of the Constitution; where self-rule would balance the leadership decision equation.
  • The reconstruction of the mechanism for providing human social management; which was known to be in disrepair. Give the people a chance to act. They have a conscience. They will have the Will to resist the corruption that the business and government community could not resist because the opportunity for corruption is minimized when everyone has to decide on the issue.

* In the case of the health-care issue. The people use the money for care or stash it for their own gain. It gets the issue resolved at the root of the matter.

  • Make the policy for continuing benefits contingent on record of treatment. They cannot seek further treatment benefit if the money is diverted from the intent of the payment. This would require centralized databases of patient records and treatment histories . The databases would benefit statistical studies for treatment methods and policies, thus providing opportunity for analyzing for a means to further reduce spending and increase quality of care. .

* Defense is in the mind of those who are involved in adversarial competition not in the mind of the rational man intent on seeking the meaning of his existence.

  • Change the mind of man and competition is superfluous. Like it should be. The Military can be put to much better use.
  • Develop people that can change the attitudes of others by good acts, not the force of destruction and fear.
  • To date destruction and fear have been the precursors to any of the modes of change. I am embarrassed of my American heritage because it was based on the savage-take over of another civilization. I find nothing to be proud of in this.
  • It is said; that the pen is mightier than the sword. Lets practice this ethic. Not to say that the fight is not an avenue of change. It is not a stable vehicle. It fuels its own propagation. Enough said. You cannot beat a man into submission and expect to gain a reliable ally; you get a man with a motive for revenge.

* Again the direction of spending is the key.

  • To amass a military machine is not a good deterrent to conflict.
  • Big guys & big powers attract fights.
  • It’s the guy that is known to be of his word and not self seeking that never seeks fights and can always reckon with feuding parties, (like Switzerland has managed for some time now), albeit their political affinity may be a ruse.
  • It is possible if the mind of the power is clear and true. Parenting is letting the children find their own way using guidance and patience as tools, and not using force and coercion.
  • Develop efforts to train the armies of the world in developing foreign diplomacy by influencing strategies for peaceful settlement and management of disputes and methods for ousting radical extremist leaders by exposing their intentions and providing better leadership by mass decision making.
  • Force the show of policy, direction and planning theory. Make it public knowledge with public support.
  • An operation without a plan is worthless, no matter what good it seems to provide. If there is no strategy for discovery and information transfer; military intervention is worthless without a positive purpose. A purpose that benefits humanity.
  • There is no way to resolve diplomatic problems without involving the people of the world.
  • Develop a theory and formula for unification that is equitable to all.
  • Resolve to overcome differences by compromise with the people not regimes. Let them say what they need.
  • Only needs are important to government politics. Wants and desires are moral issues. Stick to politics for resolution of needs.
  • Let the Physicists of the world plan for the development of a theory of our existence that unifies all beliefs. They have the aptitude to recognize the clues of discovery in this field of knowledge.
  • Let the world market develop a theory for a business plan that will satisfy the needs of the world’s people.
  • Let the Physical scientists of the world develop the theory to resolve the worlds need for ecological harmony.
  • Let the NATIVE AMERICANS (THE INDIANS OF THE LAND) handle the management of natural resources. They heritage dictates that they be sensitive to its needs.

Let this methodology drive the development of the new world community.

Politicians have implied since antiquity that they had the answers. They lied; but what is worse the people were convinced they could not learn to do their own bidding. The people have the answers.

The job of the politician is to extract the knowledge of the citizenry and apply it for betterment of the society.

  • Politicians need a theory for this application process; a theory for the application of a Democratic society. Without a theory of the big picture you go around and around, and errors reoccur.
  • There has never been a government mechanism for sharing the rights of government. It has always been held close to the chest of the social elite in power. Control has been the call word of governments.
  • Management of human affairs is a democratic identifier. This is where Democratic leaders follow the lead of the masses in the orchestration of policy. Compromise is the call word.
  • Develop a direction and compromise a plan to execute the goals. Always identify the goals.
  • Without training no animal learns, including man.

Training takes place in various ways depending on the awareness of the subject.

  • The capacity to utilize knowledge is inherent to the will. If the will is intent on exploiting an avenue of knowledge the knowledge is made available for assimilation by the mind and processed through the synapses of the brain cortex. Physiology can impair efficiency but the will controls the process.
  • Given the will, much is available to the individual.

People have been conditioned to believe their role is limited.

  • The world is full of android-like societies. People have the opportunity to choose positive or negative expression of the will or relinquish the use. They have been convinced to relinquish their expressive use. They still follow the will of the dominate forces about them much like the rest of the animal kingdom.
  • Mans’ most critical resource is in his ability to change albeit he resist it vehemently.
  • Dominance is the prominent expression of the current collective will. This needs to be changed to one of compromise and collective-long term-goal setting. No long term benefit is available in the application of dominance. It skews every resultant expression. This causes a vortex for propagation of negative energy.

* A theory for maintaining peaceful existence, designed by the military and ratified by each of the world governments, is essential for long term resolution of peace negotiation management.

  • The theory should bear the tenets of democratic beliefs and address the needs of world wide societal harmony. Then the military must market their concept to the people of the world so the governments know the challenge and can buy into this methodology. It is a win win situation for all communities of the world if a master plan is developed to address their needs. This way a common method for disseminating problem resolution and world policy information would make each responsible for each of the other; much like a family in good standing.

* Education should be the obligation of the business community. They are the prime movers of social-economic and ecological programs.

The resources of the world belong to all the people of earth.

  • Industry impairs the quality of life of all in the process of extracting and preparing resources. These resources in essence belong to all the people of the earth; but a few have determined that ability to hoard the access to these resources constitutes right of ownership.
  • Business peddles the products of industry by convincing people they need what they do not.
  • Business is in default; for not providing for reimbursement for the quality of life (the ecological matrix of existence).
  • The resources of the earth taken by industry for profit are the right of all the people of the world.
  • The diminishing return on exploitation of this planet is inevitable. There is a finite value to its capacity to support life; and a value at which the quality of existence is permanently impaired.

* Who is responsible for the controlling the equity of this inevitable outcome?

  • A way to reimburse the people is to provide alternate resources, education and measures for converting businesses to worker/owner operated enterprises that have the community and the future in mind not their profit margin. This allows for passing the Education cost off to the consumer.

Education starts with training the parents to train their children in the art of learning.

  • Learning is a process not a method. We each learn differently. We need to know this.
  • Memorization is not learning. This is a misconception of the education community. Test are tools for training not indicators of knowledge.
  • Education has done a disservice to society by persisting on the notion that recollection equates intelligence .

Education is a necessary process that needs to continue throughout life.

  • Awareness of a universal consciousness is essential.
  • All need to be educated not just a few.
  • The computer is the nemesis of the book industry. This transition needs stimulation.
  • Knowledge should be available to all at minimum of cost and effort. Programmed guidance available at libraries and learning centers for self help and education opportunity.
  • Degree certification made available though self taught courses would reduce education cost and make education available to all at minimum cost if any.

* Resource harvesting should require compensation to the citizens by investment in improvements to the ecology of the vicinity.

* Care benefit distributions should be an issue placed before the recipients of this aid not to the rest of the citizens. The percentage allowed for Healthcare for Medicaid recipients is to be budgeted by all but distribution should be the right of the recipients.

* Government should only subsidize worker owned businesses.

  • Worker owned business opportunities should be encouraged in all aspects of the business world.

* Only Industry should be taxed, the source of resource depletion.

  • Let them pass on the cost to the untaxed consumer.
  • Limit the entities to be taxed. This will reduce the cost of collection and increase the efficiency.
  • Increase the efficiency of the distribution of wealth by limiting the amount of estate inheritance.
  • Let the wealth out of the pyramid. Create a rectangle that the masses can reap the benefit of this more available commodity (money).

* Job training, child care, and school lunches need improvement not reduction.

  • Business should be made responsible for all the above. Business should pick up the tab. They need health care opportunities also. Business should pay this also.
  • Let business relinquish its control. The worker could obtain management for his business through state subsidies. The state could assist by putting this service out to bid through the state procurement and use of state financed loans. This would revitalize business by including rather than excluding the worker from the profit of growth and development. This will also educate more like the school opportunity, by making education an awareness of the essential parts of the business opportunity (ownership responsibility in ecological stability).

* The number of police is not at the root of the problem.

  • The present role of the police officer is incorrect. The poor guys are pawns in corrupt environments. They have little choice but comply with the status quo. From drugs, to graft, to murder.
  • Define a correct goal and plan with a theory for why people need to be controlled in a given fashion.
  • The police force should house health and welfare where counseling and guidance would be readily available and used as the major tools in human social deviation/conflict control resolutions.
  • People need direction to compliance even in social disobedience.
  • The penal system mentality is a losing proposition.
  • Only recalcitrant offenders should be incarcerated. Parole status with counseling, training, and guidance is the most productive and efficient method to manage human social deviation/conflict control.
  • Again the feds should steer clear of dictating policy. Provide guidance but each community should have its own social/moral policy not laws.
  • Nonviolent social deviation/conflict should not have statutory laws. Drugs and vice should be legalized, ran by liberal communities, and taxed heavily to subsidize the research into resolution of these societal drives. Note; taking away food does not resolve the glutton’s problem with overeating. You can’t manage availability of vices.

* Guns are not the problem; it is the intent of the gun industry that could be the problem.

  • If guns were not made guns could not be used in the execution of crimes.
  • The people have to know to ask the purpose of weapons.
  • People need to be confident that they are intelligent enough to succeed in subduing their enemies using diplomacy to minimize the impact of the weapons the aggressor brings to the conflict.
  • Limiting arms proliferation is the first obstacle.
  • Who produces the most guns?
  • Who has ownership of the activity?
  • Deal with that entity.
  • Let the people know of that entity.
  • Ask if they wish to reduce the opportunity for military machine confrontation.

Develop a world council elected by the people of the world
. You can use this same strategy for the US POLICE issue.

  • Qualify the need for armed officers.
  • How many criminals are violent?
  • What is the ratio to officers?
  • What is the population of the troubled area?
  • Develop population quotas for resident density. Identify the specific locations of crime.
  • Improve the conditions for the indigent of the area through infrastructure improvements, job and education opportunities, preventative medicine and health care (mental and physical) aid, birth control information, low cost rental, opportunities to invest for low income, and video-surveillance and visible security.
  • Develop civic training programs for benefit qualification.
  • Use improvement needs for job opportunities for the indigent training programs.
  • Use the worker ownership program here to improve morale and encourage good behavior.
  • Employ prisoner/offender work programs. These are the neighborhoods that the social outcast has come from. They deserve the opportunity to correct the problems they know of. Let them improve their lot in life.

* Crime prevention starts in the families / schools / religious / community / social and recreational services systems.

  • Psycho-social screening for mental and emotional syndromes needs to be developed along with rehabilitation programs for control and correction of deviation from normal rearing patterns.This social behavior control should follow common provisions for child rearing. This is society’s responsibility as a whole; not a catch-as-catch-can situation where improvisation will due. Man is responsible for his brother.

This is a social education program that could revolutionize primary education. Learning is inherent to need. Teach what is needed. Not what appears to be esoteric rhetoric.

  • Any of the classic courses can be taught teaching lessons of societal need.
  • Teaching from local current event issues is the most pertinent and effective means of conveying information.
  • The media should prescribe to a learning format for information transfer. They would increase their creditability.

Along these lines it needs to be made apparent what each individual view is on social issues. A database of ethical/moral/legal opinions on citizens would be beneficial in resolving their desire to impose their values on their neighbors.

  • Their opinions would be used to judge their own actions given the instant arises that they or those they are responsible for become the defendant in an action.

Man says many things he does not give thought to. Given the opportunity to think man would understand his ineptitude and be satisfied that love and the will to understand are the only tools man has to resolve his situation in a positive manner.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity, to voice my opinions, provided by your party. This privilege needs wide dissemination. Its a proud day when government acknowledges its peoples’ ability to perform in the decision-making process.

I hope you succeed in this discovery process. You are on the right path.

I wish you the best that this life has to offer.


Louis Phillip Martin Archambault

Copyright © 1993

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loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Thanks jacklhasa I appreciate your interest and your agreement that something needs to be done about the state of governance...

jacklhasa profile image

jacklhasa 7 years ago from Chattanooga, TN

Very nice post. Your separation of the ideas of morals and mores, and which should be prevalent to government, are in line with my own. The government is in desperate need of a complete restructuring, from the top down. Looking forward to going through your other hubs.

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