Planning For Disaster

Create a preparedness plan

Survival is obviously paramount and there are many requisites in a disaster plan that should ensure that the basic human needs are met. These needs would include food, water and shelter - the very basics of human requirements. These three components are not hard to build into a survival plan. Water with any necessary filtering or sterilizing equipment can be stored quite easily and collected from water sources in most cases. Similarly, food can be stored long term without any particular difficulty. Shelter can be provided relatively easily in the form of prefabricated buildings or tents.
Following a disaster, a family will need to have several items to avoid extreme hardship. Just having a tent to sleep and is not enough, there needs to be bedding available, spare clothing, and hygiene facilities. Providing bedding is quite simple and inflatable mattresses can be stored and used easily. Spare clothing and footwear can also easily be put to one side and kept with your disaster/survival equipment. On the subject of hygiene, a portable toilet facility with a privacy tent may well be required as services may not be available elsewhere and where they are they will probably be in high demand.

Keep clean
Similarly with washing and bathing; a plastic bowl to wash in is useful but to keep the whole family properly clean in what may be a dirty, contaminated or hostile environment, a solar camping shower might be a great item to include in your survival kit. For those in colder climes where sunshine is at a premium, a Zodi hot tap shower can be used instead. The Zodi shower has a propane-fired water heater that provides an instant hot shower. Other equipment that can prove useful might include an emergency first aid kit, a radio to pick up official broadcasts and something for your kids to do. If you have pets, you must arrange provisions of food and water for them too.

Natural disaster preparedness is such a relief to those who have faced such disasters in the past and no one should think that they do not need to provide themselves with a preparedness plan – unfortunately, the world is just too volatile a place for that kind of complacence.


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