Politicians’ Personal Responsibility: Meet the Press July 1, 2012


Politicians’ Personal Responsibility

It is a little hard to take hearing Nancy Pelosi running on about personal responsibility in healthcare and shared ordeal or for that matter the rich paying their fair share. Which politician is going to accept personal responsibility for the failed middle eastern policies, flat progressive tax across the poor, the stimulus package which completely failed or the unemployment rate. The truth be known if in fact unemployment wasn’t so high then people would probably have health insurance. The assumption Pelosi made on Meet the Press today was that there were skaters who didn’t buy health insurance because they didn’t want to and then stuck everyone else with the check.

Besides the illegal immigrants that are here in this country working illegally, how much of the population does Pelosi believe are skaters atleast outside of DC? Is it .00001%?

Now inside DC how many politicians accept personal responsibilities for their failures? Has Pelosi ever admitted she shouldn’t have been giving rides on the Speakers jet while everyone in America was suffering in a failing economy? Exactly how many of the politicians in DC have taken personal responsibility for the middle eastern war. Nancy Pelosi had oversight and yet it is still going on. Before I have any one in DC dictate to me how I accept personal responsibility for anything they need to accept responsibility themselves. How many members of Congress do you think will be required to purchase their own healthcare? I bet 0%. And isn’t Congress the wealthiest people in the country anyways who feed off the hard work of the average American? Nancy Pelosi is filthy rich. I agree the skaters no longer need to skate and not pay their fair share but that starts with removing the powers of Congress.

And the day they take personal responsibility is the day I will.

But I want to be clear this is both parties who claim this personal responsibility lie. The Republicans (specifically George Bush who lives in a mansion now) claimed it as well. It isn’t that Congress wants us to be personally responsible it is that they want us to be impoverished and taking the bullet so they can live exceptionally well..

It is time the party ends in DC. It is time their karma comes home to roost. The average person outside of the beltway understands well they are getting the shaft from their government every single day. It doesn’t matter which party it is either. It is how to give the people outside the beltway of DC the shaft so people inside the beltway of DC can live less responsible, larger more lucrative lives.

I think if we are going do this road of personal responsibility it should start with Congress which is the most loathed people in the country. Well Wall Street Bankers may run a second but Congress is hated. Personal responsibility begins in the White House and through the Halls of Congress across the street to the Supreme Court before it touches one person in this country.

This isn’t about healthcare although I would have a lot to say about that but about the fact that the United States government habitually and continually fails to under-estimate the people they represent. It is time for a change alright and that change begins with Congress and the White House having to live like the poorest citizens of this country while they are in office. No more perks, no more lies and it is time they accept the responsibilities of their own failures and quit charging the people in the form of taxes.

Arguably, this will never happen as people become politicians not to lead but to avoid responsibilities and commit predatorily acts against the people they claim to serve. It is sad the USA is a country of exceptionally bad politicians who can’t lead their way out of a wet paper bag. The media is not helping their cause either when they don’t know what Medicaid is. It is rather obvious the media doesn’t pay taxes or can speak for the ordinary people of this country when they don’t know about Medicaid. I believe David Gregory had to have someone explain it to him this morning. I was embarrassed for him.

Meet the Press is becoming less relevant as they continue to spin lies to avoid the fact that the real reason people don’t have healthcare is because they don’t have jobs. You can’t tax people who don’t have income so it is stupid of this government to even mention this in the evening news.

Until employment is available and corporations are forced to hire Americans first no one will be better off and the healthcare tax is unenforceable. The healthcare conversation is avoiding that exceptionally disastrous economy which is a real problem for Obama. And politicians will never be able to represent because they do not share the plight of the people they serve and their primary reason for getting into politics is to avoid personal responsibility.

How To Make Politicians Take Personal Responsibility

I believe we should back bill everyone who has served in public office in Washington DC for the past 30 years all of the debt in this country. After all the people outside of DC have no control mover hwat the people inside DC do and it seems they should take not only personal responsibility but financial responsibility as well. And I do mean everyone so that incluldes Presidents from both sides of the aisle. It has been their grand spending schemes so they should pay the debt of this country and not the people who don't have jobs because these smucks have done an exceptionally poor job. And I don't like the Tea Party so they get double billed.

You want change in DC, make DC pay. It is time personal responsibility be taken in DC before anyone outside of DC takes anymore.

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Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 4 years ago from United States

Hi JT! What a great perspective and wonderful way to start off the month of July! Politicians taking responsibility.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Hi Dex,

Thanks. I am not as anti-Pelosi as some but I just used her as an example. It would be quite liberating if Congress lived by their own rules. And both parties are guilty of it.

Happy 4th my friend!

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

JT, I heard everything you wrote here you sound a little angry, but don't get mad, thats insane. I too have a wish for Congress and all Democrats and Republicans, I wish the people of the United States would replace everyone of them with Independents and other off brand party Candidates. I wish after the 2012 elections the only one to return to Capitol Hill would be the Presudent and his staff. The new members of congress would at lease be as intelligent as the founding fathers who didn't have the internet. They would know that they were sent by the people and they would work for the people. I Wish! Good rant JT.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Hi junko,

Not mad but certain that this absolutism must stop. To discriminate aganist children with Autism and for it to upheld by the Supreme Court is offensive to everything that I believe as an American.

It is not fair to call decent hardworking folks who can't find work skaters and it is exceptionally elitist for a report of Meet the Press not to know what Medicaid is. I miss Tim Russert. If I am certain it is for the people of this country and if that is not to your approval I am sorry but I care about my brothers and sisters. I sincerely do. I think you know that about me junko. This Obamacare bill has been a disaster for children with Autism and there families.

Not angry just certain it is time for all of congress to be in soup lines and unemployable so they know what it is like to be without hope. You are a good egg my friend.


junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

Tell me about Autism, how is it discriminated against?

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author


First the federal government doesn't fund any of the children with it and they leave the families to suffer alone. There is little if any research into the disease. And there was a provision in the ObamaHealthcare bill to address the needs but the language was struck. Junko children with autism have all kinds of health problems from brain lesions to digestive issues to metabolic imbalances. These children require full time care and it is up to the parents to provide it without any help from their government but only a behavioral assistant which is cruel given their behaviors are caused by metabolic issues.

How can you fund cancer research and cancer prevention and not address the very same in Autism? How can you abandon a huge segment of the country and misinform people that autism is only a developmental disorder? Most of these children aren't allowed to attend public schools and there are no services for them.

It is sytemmatic neglect and abuse by our government. And it is discriminatory. A bill which covers the entire country but fails to address the needs of children with autism is disciminatory. Maybe because Autism hasn't hit the African American population and is considered a white disease the President is insensitive to it.

It reminds me of the 1980(s) and AIDS when Ronal Reagan ignored the problem. Autism is treated exactly the same way. And yet, DC hasn't learned from its mistakes. The Band Plays On.

I will not pay for a policy which does not meet my son's medical needs and I don't believe anyone can enforce that as it is taxation without representation.

I am voitng them all out!! Now I am mad as hell!!

junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

I didn't know how the medical community viewed Artism. You say that there were provisions in Obamacare for artism that was struck. Did Obama strike those provisions? You also said if artism was an African American and not a White American problem the President may be more sensitive. I don't know why you would feel a need to write that, knowing he has done nothing special for African Americans except, to stop manditory crack sentences. I will not try to discuss this personal and sensitive matter for fear of being hit by friendly fire. I will end with, Obama care about all Americans.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author


I will not hit you with friendly fire. Yes, inorder to get the Bill through the White House Struck the Autism provision. And in general Autism is considered a white disease. I live in a predomniately black neighborhood in which black women ask me what I did to have a child with Autism as they have smoked crack and their children are perfectly fine. So yes, by some in the African American community Autism is completely neglected.

You are mssing the point that this is a national epidemic that Obama is ignoring. What other possible explanation could you provide?

I like you junko and would never wish to offend you but prove Obama cares for all Americans because for us for the past four years it has been a complete wash...nothing. And even worse we have had more services cut now then ever so the past six months a negative.

Prove Obama cares for children with Autism and then I will recant but you know better then to go after personal attacks.

I need proof!


junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

I said I would leave this alone, but you are a friend of mine JT. My point in my comments here is that the New Republicans forced the President to Strike the provisions or not pass Obamocare. Many Republican Governors refused Federal stimulas money and opt to cut back on public services and education. Since the High Court's decision on Obamacare the Governors of your state and mine has declared that don't want or need or will except Obamocare monies even if it would help people like you Nation wide. Iam not an Obama lover, but I love the truth. Peace Out, JT

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Junko,

I am glad we are clear we are friends. And you maybe right. I withdraw what I said about the president. I just really want all of my people helped except those who have been helping themselves very generously over the pasted few decades while the rest of us take it on the chin.

It is just very hard dealing with discrimination in America against children each and everyday. I hate it against the veterans as well. I would really love to see an even playing field for everyone.

We are friends and will always remain so for my part. Thanks for straightening me out!


junko profile image

junko 4 years ago

JT that's what friends are for... to point out things you already know, but never thought to think about. Iron sharpens iron.

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