Politics, Debt, Deficits, How Will We Survive

Money and politics, rule the world. What hope do we have for the future?
Money and politics, rule the world. What hope do we have for the future? | Source

Hope For the Future

Debt, deficits, #politics, big spending by our government, when will it end? The poor, elderly and middle class are being taxed to the extreme, through property, payroll and gas taxes. Billionaires and millionaires, in the meantime are not feeling the pinch of these taxes. One point trillion dollars will be spent to maintain America's debt over the next ten years. Criticism about, "#President Obama being backed into the corner by #Republicans who were negotiating like terrorist," for the advancement of their own political goals, was mentioned on #CNN Live. Some political officials claim that social security and medicare are protected, while others say that it is not under this new deal that was passed by a 269-161 vote in the House of Representatives. One representative called the deal, "A sugar-coated Satan sandwich." Some individuals claimed now that the debt deal has been passed, "the world won because we did not bring down the economy with us." Some representatives were accused of trying to harm the economy for their own personal political advances. Hopefully, the #bickering is over for now and we can all move on with the business of the people.

The question still lurks, Did we make a deal with Satan and If we did, what hope is there for the future? Expertise in the #political arena is not my forte but faith in Almighty God Jehovah, based on the kingdom Jesus taught us to pray for at Matthew 6: 9,10, "You must pray, then this way; Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth." ( NWT of the Holy Scriptures) These words continues to give us our only hope for the future. With the countdown of promises by such political candidates as #Donald Trump, #Hilary Clinton or #Bernie Sanders continues, we must be ever diligent in our faith to believe that only our Heavenly Father and Creator can provided solutions that will benefit all mankind.

We are in desperate need of genuine answers during these perilous times. Without serious hope for the future based on God's kingdom, any of us could fall into severe depression because we cannot rely on imperfect men to get us out of this mess. Some of these political officials are genuine in their interest to deliver and save mankind. The only reality is that this responsibility was given to Jehovah's son, Jesus Christ. He is our only savior and nothing will ever change that.

It is always amazing when humans forget that they have a creator and it is truly up to him and him alone, what happens in the end to mankind. Some entertainers have decided to go against the Bible saying that it is "too restrictive." Yes, there maybe things within God's word that we may feel are restrictive but in the end, Almighty God gave us life, no matter how much we try to proclaim his nonexistence and say that we #evolved. In the end when that last breathe of life escapes our lifeless bodies, we will have to rely upon our Grand Creator to restore life to us in the resurrection. Notice that point at Hebrews 11:35, "Women received their dead by resurrection. Some were tortured, refusing to accept release, that they might rise again to a better life." The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version

Whether we are politicians, entertainers, housekeepers, secretaries, children or elderly, we all owe our life to a #Grand Creator. If we were really in charge and evolved which would give us a certain amount of control, we would see some of our loved ones; right now here on earth that we have loss in death. Although the demons can imitate our dead loved ones and pretend that they are these individuals, the demons can never become flesh again and walk the earth to live among us daily, like your loved ones did previously.

Think seriously about what we see unfolded before our eyes in this world today. Whether it is politicians that make decisions on our daily lives, or people who do not believe that there is a God. Romans 1:20 magnificently explains, "For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable." Jesus taught us to pray for a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. While on earth Jesus proved that through the power from his Heavenly Father Jehovah, he could feed the hungry, raise the dead, there would be no racism, politics, sickness, death, pain or sorrow. It would be foolish on our part not to vote once and for all time, for God's kingdom ruled by his son Jesus. Never will the snare of disappointment entrap us, to be disappointed in men or women because we voted for them in search of a savior; when we already have a perfect one based on Jesus Christ. It is up to each individual to continue their search for that savior? We should be thankful to have personally found him, which gives us tremendous hope for the future. May each of us continue our search of truth based on God's word the Bible.

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