Post Cards from the Vineyard Tuesday August 23, 2011

Hello again from the Vineyard; uuuuuuuhhh I am pleased to report Michele, Sasha, Milia and I are having a wonderful time on your dime. Also I can unequivocally tell you that after a summer of setbacks for the economy and job market is headed for a September reset. How can I be so sure you ask; do the statistics point to it; weeeeeeeeeeellllllll no, it’s just a gut feeling I have!

Now as you all know, the 2012 campaign is in full swing and the Republican field is ramping up their rhetoric against me. They will do everything they can to keep this economy from recovering which is why I’m speaking with you today. I want each and every one of you to tell your representatives to quit standing in the way of our recovery; quit blaming the president when we all know its George Bush’s fault.

Now here’s the deal; you want jobs; the housing market to recover; the stock market to climb again; the answer is simple. More Government Regulations and higher taxes is what we need. Why should those among us who are already suffering; the 51% that don’t make enough money to pay any taxes at all; the 1 out of 7 of you that are presently on food stamps; the 408,000 of you that filed last Friday for first time unemployment; why should you suffer more. Uuuuuuuuuuh you shouldn’t and under my plan you won’t.

I’ve heard some criticism in regards to my most recent Midwest Mystery Tour which stopped in Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, three states I carried in the last election. Some have even compared the black armored bus; Ground Force I to Darth Vader’s Death Star. I know this has been a scary summer for a lot of people and most of my actions have made it even scarier; oooooooppps scratch that last line! What I meant to say was if all we're doing is the same posturing; then how do we expect things to change. As you all know, with the help of my friends in the media over the next few weeks I believe I can convince you the Republicans have got to change while those of us in my Regime can keep up the assault and convince you we need more of the same except for a new tax increase!

In closing I just want to remind all of you, upon my return to the White House following this well deserved vacation, I plan to unveil my new jobs proposal which as most of you have guessed will be more of the same, plus a massive new Tax Increase; the reason it will work this time is the media has assured me it will ramp up their attacks on all that oppose it leaving them savaged and bleeding in the ditch. This time I will prevail!

Well gotta go for now, Michele and the girls are waiting for me to go to the most exclusive place on the Vineyard for lunch; in his wildest dreams my father would not have imagined his son, Barrack Hussein Obama would be dining with his family on $200 dollar a lb. lobsters; of course he would be proud of me that America was paying for it!


The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

One Term President. Nuff said?

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

Mr. President, you leave me speechless. Keep this in mind, seafood allergies strike with no warning. Enjoy the lobster. Up funny and awesome.

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author

For America's sake there better not be a second term or there won't be an America left!

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author


Seafood alergies; huuuum; order up a second lobster on me!

trimar7 profile image

trimar7 5 years ago from New York

The Cape - one of my favorite places. The Obamas actually invited me but I had to decline.

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author

You know your declination resulted in their loss! By the way, welcome back; hope you have a wonderful school year!

trimar7 profile image

trimar7 5 years ago from New York

Thank you the welcome - too bad I couldn't have enjoyed a trip to the Vineyard before returning to school. It has been a few years since I last visted the cape and even longer since beiing on the Vineyard. Maybe I should run for president. I probably could do as good a job as any of the clowns that we have running this country right now. You should see the great job that is being done with the public schools in our state right now. I think I'll go blog or this comment will be pages long.

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author

I've never been to the Vineyard but have lived vicariously through my son who spent his sophmore year in college studying there; he was one of 10 groups of musicians that were sent there to study an advanced music program which involved music business, etc. From there he went to Hollywood for 4 years trying to become a Rock Star; thank goodness his now wife rescued him and they are settled down now in the midwest! Sorry for the long explaination; what was the original topic again; OH yeah I've never been to the Vineyard!

trimar7 profile image

trimar7 5 years ago from New York

Partisan - I see you have been changing shoes again on your newest hub. It is a good thing that you are a chameleon and can alter yourself back to normalcy. At least you are informing us of your split personality and letting us know where you stand when you beam yourself to the Vineyard and back.

Your son is one fortunate individual to have spent such a time on the Vineyard, at least was able to play out his dream in Hollywood for awhile. I hope he is at peace with his move to the midwest. There is so much opportunity now - Youtube, online radio, etc.

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author


Some would question my normalcy; with or without my ability to morph into and out of Hub Characters. I learned a while back the best way to demonstrate the absurd is by being absurd and this so called President’s actions are; in my humble opinion certainly absurd.

As for where I stand on any issue it is usually very obvious before I open my mouth or in this case began pounding the computer keys; I’m coming down on the conservative side of things. That’s where me and old Barrackie Boo will always differ; he’s as big a left wing ideologue as I am a conservative ideologue!

You are correct my son was very fortunate to have spent such a time on the Vineyard pursuing his dream and then to follow it up in Hollywood was a wonderful experience for him. I am a huge advocate of formal education but the business education he received while trying to make it in Hollywood was invaluable. He is at peace with his move to the Midwest; he and his wife are very happy and quite successful so I guess all things do work out for the best.

On a different note how are things going in your life these days?

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

Wow, since when does lobster cost that much? Buy it at a grocery store or even a local restuarant and it is actually one of the cheaper items on the menu. What resturant was he going to?

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author

Rumor has it while on the Vineyard his favorit place to dine is the Karl Marx Redistribution restaurant and tavern!

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I've never been there, but I heard it's a beautiful place to visit. But from the sounds of it, I wouldn't be able to afford anything while there...

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author


4 more years of Obama and you won't be able to afford to go around the block!

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