Prabhakaran: terrorist or freedom fighter?

Prabhakaran-- the inventor of suicide bombing

LTTE supremo Prabhakaran
LTTE supremo Prabhakaran
LTTE supremo Prabhakaran dead
LTTE supremo Prabhakaran dead
Prabhakaran in his youth
Prabhakaran in his youth
Prabhakaran and Chandrasekharan at talks, which failed
Prabhakaran and Chandrasekharan at talks, which failed
LTTE leader Prabhakaran
LTTE leader Prabhakaran
Prabhakaran family
Prabhakaran family

Prabhakaran is dead

Vellupillai Prabhakaran, LTTE supremo and inventor of suicide bombing, is finally dead. His end came at the hands of the Sri Lankan armed forces, who had been on the look out for him for a long time. Prabhakaran emerged on the scene 37 years ago, when he formed his terrorist outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE] supposedly to win the rights for the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, who were allegedly being subject to inhumanity and discrimination in that country. Prabhakaran, at the age of 14, took it to himself to win those rights for the Sri Lankan Tamils. In doing so, he emerged as a leader of a terrorist outfit that added every lethal weapon to its repertoire in the process of gaining military strength to fight the Sri Lankan armed forces. There is no weapon that the LTTE does not possess -- from air power to naval strength to artillery. The Tamil diaspora helped the LTTE to a great extent in this regard, with financial and other support. With this armed power, the LTTE massacred not only the innocent Sinhalese population but also the Tamil people, comprising of women, men, children, young and old, leaders and commoners. The targeted list of LTTE also included former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was blown up by Dhanu, a female suicde bomber who blew herself up in front of Rajiv Gandhi. Today, Prabhakaran is dead and with him has died the LTTE. Is it so? Is the LTTE also dead with Prabhakaran? Prabhakaran was the supremo of a terrorist organization, thus he was very much a savage, brutal terrorist, who killed everyone and anyone who came in his way; for Prabhakaran, power was his only interest, the struggle that he began as a freedom struggle took the form of terrorism, in which terror, brutality were unleashed on all. Well, Prabhakaran was very much a killer and a terrorist who had his vested interests in mind all the time, therefore he killed his compatriots as well, whenever it seemed to him that they were gaining more strength than him and becoming popular. There are several Tamils still who feel that Prabhakaran was their god, who was sent on earth to win their rights for them. But if you recount, you will realise that Prabhakaran had his own agenda, that is, to gain power, no matter at what cost -- could be at the cost of the people for whom he was fighting or with whom he was fighting, might be his cheerleaders or compatriots. Was he a savior of Tamils when he was himself responsible for the massacre of so many Tamil leaders? Was he a friend of Tamils when he took them as human shields when the last fighting was going on between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces?

Whenever he sat for talks with the Lankan Government, he stabbed the latter in the back every time. Whenever the cease-fire would be declared, Prabhakaran would launch a suicide attack, catching everyone unawares. There is no count of the suicide attacks that Prabhakaran's LTTE unleashed on the innocent Sinhalese, Buddhists and even Tamils.

It is because of him that so many innocent Tamils had to lose their lives even when the battle was in its last stage, because Prabhakaran wanted to emerge alive from the aggression taking the Tamils as human shields. No doubt Prabhaikaran was a great leader, who knew how to handle his forces, who knew how to motivate them, who was well aware of every single LTTE fighter's performance, who knew when and how to attack. But what did Prabhakaran actually gain -- he lost everything, including his son --Charles Antony, who was so very dear to him. In his last moments, even his wife, daughter and son were not close to him. What kind of a life did Prabhakaran live -- the life of a terrorist or a freedom fighter? Today, when he is dead, where does his Eelam [homeland] demand go from here; what about the remnants of LTTE; will another Prabhakaran emerge out of the ashes of the dead LTTE supremo? Let's see what comes out of all this?

You never know how many more Prabhakaran's are moving around freely. Al-Qaeda and Taliban and naxallites and Basque separatists and FARC militia.... and the list is too long to pen down. Terrorism has to be nipped in the bud before it swallows the entire world, or the entire humanity. Terrorists have no ideology, no identity...their only identity is brutality!

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shreekrishna 7 years ago

well written,

i am only hearing the news about it ,

but you explained this fully.

Amit 7 years ago

Surely, such end of this terrorist leader is fully justified. He made Tamil's cause his personal perogative and eliminated all Tamil leaders who dared to seek peaceful method to solve the problem. He personal ambition and violent mindset brought his downfall and untold hardship for Tamils.

Mr.Rahul 7 years ago

i can say "He was a terrorist who deserved 2 b killed...". You have done a good job ravneet...keep on writing articles on such topics...God bless you.Awaiting for ur next article.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

Interesting hub - thank you. I tend to think he was an ego-maniac, and I'm not sure he helped Tamils at all.

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum

Dear Neet, Well written Hub! Really Prabhakaran had enjoyed very little part of his life all because of terrorism. As a tamilian I feel very much about his bad end. He tried most for the liberty of Tamils there but, failed to get it. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

unbiased 7 years ago

i guess this was your feelings on the man himself, but you need to face the facts. do you really think there will be peace and equality just because he's gone? there are already reports of tamils being assaulted by sinhala hoodlums after the so-called victory.. you don't think another person is going to rise up to the injustice? instead of bashing what was, maybe try to write about what could be.

ramesh 7 years ago

he s t hero of tamil peoples .\and leader

kogi 7 years ago

its easy to comment and criticisize people's life, ambition, vision and etc while sit and write with a cup of coffee.Just as u did. People who can justify your article is only people who experinced the assaultation and discrimination from a racist government that is the tamil makkal of eelam.

vani 7 years ago


bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 7 years ago from Delhi Author

well, I agree with you all. But as I have mentioned in my article as well, this is my opinion about the man. Ever since I came to know about Prabhakaran, I have been hearing of his atrocity and the terror attacks against innocent civilians. See, those who consider him God, may I know do Gods kill humans? Do Gods favor barbarity? Do Gods think of only themselves? Are Gods selfish?

No will be the answer to all these questions. The Sinhalese government might have been atrocious toward the Tamils, but terrorism is no way to seek independence or freedom or accomplish rights. Is it? No. Had Prabhakaran really thought in favor of Tamils, he would not have killed so many Tamils... as suicide bombers, as innocent Tamil civilians who,too, wanted peace alone, as terrorists....Think on this, please.

Just see the way Mahatma Gandhi won freedom for India from the clutches of the imperial British empire. Was it an easy task? No, not at all. But Gandhi ji won it for us with the only weapon of nonviolence, which seems to have lost these days. Gandhiji never hurt anyone. When people do not call Gandhi ji God, how can Prabhakaran be called God, who was responsible for the death of millions of innocent people, including Tamils.

Again, kindly do not mistake my opinion.


vasinayakke 7 years ago

hmm...god did not kill the human directly..he calmly watches the massacre against people did by another human. God is selfish n not exist.Thats y some people consider humans who did good to them as their god.

ravin 7 years ago

prabhakarn is still considered as god for some people because he do did good things for the tamil people.he protected the tamil people from singhalase people's he is no more.

Now who goin to protect the tamil civilians in the refugee camps daily abused by the army.The childs are separated frm their parents.Womens are molested.They dont even let the outsiders or social servants to enter the refugee camps.

What kind of government is tat and wat kind of animals they are?

bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 7 years ago from Delhi Author

See, if the Sinhalese government committed atrocities against the Tamils, what did Prabhakaran do? Did he save them? NO. Initially, when he formed the LTTE, his objective was to win rights for Tamils, but don't you think he strayed from his path later on? His objective became power. He became power crazy. Ask Karuna, he will tell what all Prabhakaran did with those LTTE leaders who became popular among the public. He merely got them killed. Now the Tamils will think that they were trying to harm the Tamil community, so Prabhakaran got them murderd. Well, everyone has a right to think in his way...So if you consider him God, let it be....

Here I will certainly like to mention that Sri Lankan Tamils should at least get the rights for which Prabhakaran started the fight...but later on strayed from that objective.But the Tamils should not be made to suffer for what Prabhakaran did.

Francis 7 years ago

Srilanka has finally a freedom in the country. Thx for the Srilankan army.

dibaker 7 years ago

it is really funny, when u talk abt gandhiji, he was not the only one to fight against british through non violence, so many people gave their life but finally name goes to gandhi what indians we are and what rights we have to criticize abt prabakaran.

Myriad profile image

Myriad 6 years ago from the bottom of your heart .. ie chennai!

Really well said there ! It is indeed people like prabakaran who had worsened the cause of Tamils ! He was insensitive to anyone or any cause , he was perhaps a psycopath serial killer who had enough political intelligence to actually form an outfit to organise his massacre . Blood thirst bastard ! Good that this moron is dead ! But really regret the way it was being done ! equally brutal reaction there . Then again it was something he had asked for ! what he deserved !

Yeah like you said . Many more serial killers are out there ..Who is not known ! to the world outside !

Bhalla_OneSided 6 years ago

Hello Bhalla...

All what you say were followed, before they took up arms.. you can always have opinion...but it cannot be true always.. and it holds good in this writing of have to read the entire history, before making a write you know about Banda-Chelva (or Selva-nayagam) resolution & how it was dissolved?? Chelva is the Gandhi whom you talk about...before the arms struggle started, there was a non-armed struggle for 30 yrs after SL independence... have you ever heard of 1983 Riots..[will a government's Minister's (Sinhalese) kill their own citizens (Tamil) searching their houses/addresses from the Municipal registration list in their hands]....

Just for yourself, will you keep quiet & "peacefully" resist a person who keeps slapping/poking you for a number of times???? at a point you will also get violent & hit him back....

rather than me explaining things to you.. I suggest you to take a good look at the history, spend sometime to understand the sequence of events....

SL Lover 6 years ago

A genuine article. Well said. Terrorists should be wiped out completely all over the world just like in Sri Lanka. I can see some 'terrorist supporters' comments here, trying to justify a brutal terrorist. feel pity about them...

seelan 6 years ago

many indian thingthey thing in right way ,india grown praphkaran and LTTE,then they like them to use as their workers ,this make problems to india and LTTE,LTTE fightes for tamil's right ,fucking indian stop coments about our problems ,try to solve ur problems ,and poverty ,u r worse than Somalia,why u wast mony to other countries,

Gautam 6 years ago

First of all as a Tamilian I feel really proud,Mr.Prabakaran fought for us, to relieve us from the dictating and cruel Srilankan government. So., he is not a terroist:-)

Even Mr.Neathaji Was called as terroist for fighting against British, Now you tell Is he a TERROIST???

Rajkumar 6 years ago


Just see the way Mahatma Gandhi won freedom for India from the clutches of the imperial British empire. Was it an easy task? No, not at all. But Gandhi ji won it for us with the only weapon of nonviolence, which seems to have lost these days. Gandhiji never hurt anyone. When people do not call Gandhi ji God.


@bhalla_neet: Due to the losses of the second world war and unable to maintain the colonies(economically) British declared independence to India.

You talk about Gandhi much but after independence only Gandhiji was killed.Do you know why?just read about the statement given by Godse in Wikipedia.

First try to read the History properly.Sinhalese are the cruel people you can understand from their name 'Sin'halese itself.

Tamils are the ethics.And they deserve to own their land.Prabhakaran is a polite and gentle man.He never likes to be tough.After seeing the cruelness of the 'Sin'halese people only he became rude.He maintained army,navy,air-force,court,Hospitals and Schools equivalent to a nation.Did any of the terrorist group own this?

Do you know one thing during the war SL army dropped a bomb on School childrens killing nearly 120 childrens.Is this right? if you gave guts then right against the SL Army.

Tamil's are very innocent people even after this much dead they never killed any innocent Sri lankans or women or childrens, eventhough the SL army kills and rapes the innocent tamils girls.

Rajkumar 6 years ago

LTTE is not reponsible for assasination of Rajiv Gandhi.SL Govt , Israel Govt and internal congress politics are responsible for dead of Rajiv.

Please read the Last 10 days of Rajiv. You could easily understood the cause for his dead.

An American and Australian forcenic doctors have proved that rajiv was not killed by LTTE.

** Don't believe and write what media is saying about LTTE think independently and write **

Ram 5 years ago

This is not right line .

"Prabhakaran emerged on the scene 37 years ago, when he formed his terrorist outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE] supposedly to win the rights for the Tamil population in Sri Lanka,"

Prabhakaran formed a freedom moment like Nethaji in India.But the countries like India called them as terrorist after Rajiv's killing.

vignesh 4 years ago

All this info are "half fired egg".You dont know the full story of him...u just write the article what you here about him...that's is not him fully.why tamilians support him?

those who enter comments also reflect the India & Srilankan Govt view....but it s not true...all are fake.


ajay 4 years ago

he was a terrorist

tamilan 4 years ago

he is freedom fighter if he didn't fight our tamil generation had destroy befor 37 years ago but now we are still alive because of him. Now more people are kidnap frome srilankan government without him now we can't say or we can't do anything. if anyone say they they will die in next minute that is the life in srilanka.

jaga 4 years ago

karikalan velupillai prabakaran is truly freedom fighter.

Deepak 4 years ago

En thalaivan prabakaran subash chanra bossai vida miga uyarthavan. Gandhiyai vida nallavan. Varuvannnnnnnnnnn............

Vikram 4 years ago

If you think freedom fighters are terrorists, then he is terrorist otherwise he is freedom fighter.

Karthik 4 years ago

I wish to like give award to Rajapakse. The award is "BEST WAR CRIMINAL". As i am tamil say, Prabakaran is freedom fighter and Rajapakse is terrorist.

YASHPAL 4 years ago

tamils should get eelam ltte is still alive it will attack srilanka with its south indian supporters

ksuvarna 4 years ago

he is hero

adhithya 3 years ago

Though am not an tamil but still i condemn the author for protraying excellency MR.Vellupillai Prabakaran and the LTTE as terrorists...its totally inappropriate to comment on LTTE and the ideology of TAMIL EELAM without knowing much about the EELAM WAR...i see that the author is totally influenced by the unreal facts and the statements given by the commercial media and anti tamils..... i wanna ask few questions to author and the people who supported this article ......1) when subash candra bose formed INA and marched till impal his soldiers turned into sucide bombers to retaliate the british tanks...since INA turned into sucide bomers can u say that INA is a terroist outfit???......2)people always talk about rajiv murder when it comes to LTTE but no one questions why he was killed??? he was killed for just sending IPKF to eelam???? what did IPKF really did there??? who is DHANU and the history behind her???........3)LTTE killed innocent srilanks??? am sorry my friend i think its ur fantacy...INA also killed innocent indain soldiers who worked for british army and during the conflict!!! they targeted people who masacred tamils and their rights not innocents people...prabakaran himself in his satement has clearly mentioned that they are fighting against srilankan army and not the srilankans!!!......4)what happned in 1983 roits in ssrilanks ??? who sponsered it???why did LTTE take arms??????.....5)if he wants only power and fame why did he made his son charles anthony fight in the battlefield??? and why did he wanted his entire family to stay in eelam during the conflict and watch them die as his tamil people die??????.......6)LTTE never crossed the peace aggrement it was the srilankan government who started the war in 2004 and LTTE fought back to defend themselves...when LTTE wanted cease fire why did the srilankan government did not accept it??? ...........7)when you are ready to call BHAGAT SINGH,MADAN LAL DHINGA,THILAKAR,SAVARKAR who fought for india's freedom as REBELLIONS AND FREEDOM FIGHTERS...then why are you calling the LTTE who are tamils and who fought for tamils as terrorists??????........8)why did the entire world watched MULLIVAIKAL which 1,50,000 innocent tamils were killed by the srilankan army without taking any actions?????? why did UN pull out frm srilanka during the war??? who was real brain behind the structural genocide of tamils?????........i request the anwers for the above questions from the author!!!! LTTE did not take arms for power they took it to defend themselves....and its cadres did not come frm heaven they are the tamil people affected bt the racist singalese ..if u call LTTE a terroisit outfit then you are indirectly saying that tamils are terrorist!!!!

sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

sunilkunnoth2012 3 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

All Indians had love and respect for him. But he cheated when he killed India's most loved prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. He got a deserving punishment. He killed thousands and made thousands homeless. His fate was a welcome one for many. Thank you for writing this article.

bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 3 years ago from Delhi Author

Hi, thanks for the reply. No doubt, Tamils were oppressed in Sri Lanka throughout history but it is the state craft of Prabhakaran and his idea of nation building that failed to match the vision of Subash Bose and other leaders quoted by you. He just eliminated his competitors and turned Eelam into a violent affair - far from being a national reconstruction effort. It failed to become a belligerent move and progressively become a largely terrorist action bereft of nation building vision. Had he been so eager for Tamil cause, he would not have eliminated those already fighting for it or his commanders. He might have started with a vision but drifted it considerably and his alienation with other contemporary leaders, be it Padnabhan or Karuna, indicated the fact that he was fighting more at a personal level than for a national cause. If he was so serious about tAMIL ISSUE, HE SHOULD HAVE ACTED IN A COHESIVE MANNER, taking into consideration national and international factors. But he failed to realize the fact that Tamil cause was a bigger cause than his personal motives, which gradually drifted him from the goal of Eelam and brought his doom in a violent way that he espoused. My dear friend, violence has not won any freedom struggle and no one can sustain his power with perpetuation of violence. If you want to compare Subash Bose with Prabhakaran's style, please explore Bose's vision of nation building, social reconstruction as well as his war during his official stints in British India.

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