Present Condition of Sri Lanka Tamils

Jaffna Tamils Are Practical

Jaffna Tamils Are Practical
Jaffna Tamils Are Practical | Source
Boys and Girls Are In Orphanages – Kindly Donate To Them
Boys and Girls Are In Orphanages – Kindly Donate To Them | Source
Rajapakshe Is a Great Warrior but will  he also prove to be a great  peace lover?
Rajapakshe Is a Great Warrior but will he also prove to be a great peace lover? | Source

Sri Lanka Tamils Are Attached To Their Language and Traditions

Jaffna Tamils Are Practical

Tamils in the Northern part of Sri Lanka are practical and are not emotional. They use their intelligence to shape up their lives. They do not want to be the prisoners of the past. They want to reshape their lives, properties, houses and society. There are thousands of Tamils who escaped from the bullets of Sri Lanka army and LTTE. Many of these Tamils live a simple life. Their houses do not have windows or doors. But there is no need for them also. If a thief enters their houses, he will get nothing. Old saris serve as screens.

Former LTTE Fighters Are Struggling Today

Many of the former LTTE soldiers are today working as daily wage earners. They do not have any other skills. They stopped their education midway to join the LTTE. Today they find themselves in a hopeless situation. These former LTTE fighters do not want to talk about the past. Students are undergoing mental torture. Their physical wounds sustained during the Eelam War have been healed. But the mental agony inflicted because of the death of their near and dear ones is difficult to heal. Girls are more affected than boys. These students want to be silent at all times and do not mingle with others easily. Many children have found asylum in orphanages.

Boys and Girls Are In Orphanages – Kindly Donate To Them

Nearly 300 such children who have lost their parents during the war are living in Mahadeva Ashram. Out of these, 160 are girls. Some of these children have parents but they have been arrested as they had participated in the war as LTTE fighters. Sri Lanka government has allotted a meagre amount of Rs.16.66 for each child per day. This amount is not sufficient even to drink a cup of tea in Colombo. Even this meagre amount is received after delay. Some of the kind-hearted Tamils living abroad are sending some donations. But even this source has dried up during the last six months or so. Rajanayagam, a former Sri Lanka government servant is in charge of the Ashram. Even very small donations will be beneficial to the children living in the Ashram. Any kind-hearted person can contact the Ashram head through the phone number 94770604950.

Canadian Tamils Are Happy

There are so many tourists arriving from Canada to Batticola beach. One such child visited Jaffna to see her ancestor’s house. Her father wants to reclaim his property which is under the control of Sri Lanka military now. The Canadian child has no worries and is happy. Many Sri Lanka Tamils have gone and settled down in Canada. Sri Lanka Tamils have been suffering for the past thirty years since the eighties. There is one appreciable quality in the Sri Lanka Tamils. They are very resilient. They are able to withstand even the toughest of the situation. God has given them the energy and confidence to tackle any grim situation. Even at the height of the LTTE war and terrorism, there were students in Jaffna stealthily travelling in their cycles to the coaching classes to pursue their studies.

Sri Lanka Tamils Are Attached To Their Language and Traditions

Sri Lanka Tamil ladies working in Germany have to cut fishes in the midst of ice and snow and pocket them. But after returning home, they decorate their houses during festivals. They are very much attached to the tradition. Sri Lanka Tamils settled in London talk only in Tamil across the dining table with their family members. English is not allowed. If some youngsters violate this code of conduct, the elders admonish the children. Sri Lanka Tamils are attached to their language Tamil much more than the people of Tamil Nadu.

Rajapakshe Is a Great Warrior

Sri Lanka Tamils never lose their personal and unique identity. Even the girls in orphanages have not lost their hopes and are positively pulling on. They know that time is a good healer of the past wounds. They are hoping to enter the Jaffna University for higher studies. They want to go abroad for research activities. Sri Lanka President Rajapakshe has won the Eelam war. He enjoys two thirds majority in the Sri Lanka parliament. He enjoys abundant measure of confidence among the majority Sinhala community. Even his political opponents call him with respect as ‘Raja Mahinda’. Raja Mahinda was a great emperor who ruled Sri Lanka. It was Raja Mahinda who ended the domination of the Tamils in the northern part of Sri Lanka and unified the country. If Rajapakshe is compared with Raja Mahinda, you can imagine his stature.

But Will He Also Prove To Be A Great Peace Lover?

If Rajapakshe cannot ensure equality for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, no other ruler can do it. Rajapakshe defeated Velupillai Prabakaran. No doubt it was a great victory as he put down terrorism which was raging Sri Lanka for more than thirty years. But now it is time for Rajapakshe to show his kind-heartedness and ensure that girls and boys in orphanages get a good future. Such an act will make him even greater. History will judge him not only as a great warrior but a great peace lover also. Will Rajapakshe do it?

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