President Barack Obama -Failure of Promises; Questions to be answered !

The Real Reason for Obama being hated by many people?

A lot of people were surprised that President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace prize in the first year of his entry into the white house. As the new head of the state, many people were in doubt as to what he did for achieving peace. Now when he enters into the second year of his presidency, this question arises again.

His popularity has reduced not only outside the country but also within, according to the clues given by the opinion polls. According to the opinion survey conducted by Washington post, it is clear that people believe Obama failed to meet some of the major promises he made during the election campaign period.

In the first three months of his presidency around 70% people felt that the direction in which Obama was moving was correct. Now it has reduced to 53%.   Even though Obama still has the majority vote of the population, the number of people who had put big hopes in him are reducing according to some other opinion surveys conducted.             


Obama could become another Jimmy carter ?

In last November, when he celebrated his first anniversary of presidency his party had a huge setback. In Virginia and New Jersey, the governor positions were snatched by the Republican Party from the Democratic Party. People believe that Obama could become another Jimmy carter. Carter could become the president only once.

Obama can be proud of the bill he passed which would provide healthcare for the poor and needy. But, unemployment is at 9.8% now. It is the highest rate in the past 28 years.

War against Terrorism

His take on Afghanistan, war against terrorism also play a vital role in the formation of the opinions by the Americans. Republican Party members are accusing Obama of relaxation in the action taken against terrorism and thereby putting the security of the Americans in jeopardy. In between all this, a Nigerian youth who has links with Al-Qaeda in Yemen, tried to destruct an American plane during last Christmas. Since the passengers and the crew members of the plane intervened at the right time, a big disaster was avoided. This incident pointed to a major breach in the security measures. Obama had to face strong oppositions because of this issue.

Following this incident, Yemen has become another destination for America for war against terrorism. This issue makes it clear that, this is another problem which Obama faces. A person who is trying to stop the existing wars is being pulled into new ones. While he was trying to remove his men from Afghanistan, he was forced to send 30,000 more soldiers there.

Like his predecessor, George Bush, Obama is also facing the accusation of becoming a war president. People are questioning about is this how he is trying to prove himself worthy of the Nobel peace prize.

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Because of the war against terrorism started by Bush, it was Obama’s greatest hope to change the bad popularity which America had earned especially among the Muslim countries. He made this fact clear during the time of leadership renewal period and also during his speech in Cairo in Egypt last July. As a first foot forward to this cause, he has announced that he has put the issue of solving the problems of Palestine as the first thing in his agenda.

Palestine-Israel problems keep on becoming serious day by day. The war in Afghanistan is becoming worse day by bay. In his scenario, Barak Obama has entered into his second year as president of United States.

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 6 years ago from Ohio

Obama is constantly losing ground abroad and at home. He is out of touch with both because he is talking at people and not talking to people.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Tom,

I loved the way you shared your thought through the comment. Thanks to find time to leave a comment.

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