President Castro


Why he became a freedom fighter

Fidel Castro has died and his death has brought on two emotions from people.

People either like that he has died or are saddened by his death.

Let me give you my opinion and explain why I feel the way I do.

Many years ago, in my younger days I spent over a month in Cuba. I even met Fidel briefly, no real words were exchanged other than “Hello” and “How are you?” .

Cuba, before the revolution was what many locals called a ‘hell hole of suffering’.

The people of Cuba lacked education, jobs, health care etc. There was much anxiety and suffering and hopelessness. Fidel saw this and was tired of it all, he knew that the Cuban people deserved better and he knew that the country could flourish.

The government in power was corrupt; it was controlled by the US. Many people said that the Cuban leaders and government was a puppet regime of the US; and they were right. The political leaders were getting very wealthy and the rest of the population suffered.

Thus we have the revolution. Fidel loved his country and people so much, that he knew he had to do something to save them from the misery.

Fidel got together an army of freedom fighters, civilian and soldiers who had the same vision for Cuba as he did, a Cuba that was free from outside control, and a country that was for the people.

Fidel and his group of soldiers did the impossible, they fought and won. However, the US government at the time despised the new government, because they knew that they could not control Fidel, they knew that he could not be bought.

So the us fought them and lost, they tried several things but nothing worked. Fidel and his new government and military was strong and stuck to their morals, their beliefs and vision for the country. This is why the US placed embargos on Cuba, not for any reason other than they were embarrassed that they couldn’t overthrow him in an attempt to break Cuba so that they could do what they were doing, control the country and take advantage of it.

Many people say that the reason Cuba is not growing and advancing is because of Fidel Castro, this is wrong. The reason they are not advancing is because of the sanctions/embargo placed on them.

Fidel was not the tyrant that we are told he was, he lived humbly and the money that comes in to the country is used for the people, for their great and free health-care, for their free education and for infrastructure. Sure it isn’t perfect, but it works.

If the US and other countries would allow Cuba to be run by the current government like Fidel has set out to do and lift the embargo/sanctions off, and not interfere politically but open trade to them, Cuba would flourish.

If the US and others believe in freedom, then they ought to allow the government to make its own decisions.
Cuba does not want consumerist based life like the other countries have, they don’t want the US corporations to come in and build fast-food restaurants, box stores etc because these things destroy the local lives.

They pay next to nothing in wages and rake in billions for themselves and destroy land and water.

The US has for a long time slandered Fidel, said he was a tyrant, a dictator, a ruthless murderer/ But let me ask you this. Who is like that? Well a country that destroys lives by going in and stripping a nation of its natural resources, draining and polluting water, bringing in corporations that pay next to no wages while they make hundreds of billions of dollars. Also the US and others label leaders as evil if they themselves can not control them or if they do not bend to the will of the US.

Like someone said a while ago, all you have to do is follow the money.

Leave Cuba to govern itself, they are an independent nation. You don’t have to have your hooks in every country. Would you allow another country to dictate to you?

The US forced Cuba to join Russia when they tried to invade them. Cuba had to have a strong ally. I would have done the same. Who wouldn’t have if it meant life and death. Freedom to self govern or control by the US? Think about it.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t believe politicians that have lied to us multiple times. Remember Saddam Hussein and his so called stock-pile of Chemical Weapons? Remember being told that Japan was not a threat and then Pearl harbour got attacked or more recently being told that the defences were strong and then the attack on September 11 happened.

Follow the money, research everything and believe no politician unless you have proof yourself.

Sure Fidel Castro wasn’t perfect, but as we all know, no politician is and they all are in it for themselves, and they lie, twist truths and spread propaganda about anyone and everyone that they can not control, or who has a different view/opinion than they want you to have.

Freedom according to some is this; do what we do, do as I say or we will destroy you. That is not freedom.

Freedom is to allow a nation to govern itself any way they choose, even if it goes against what you believe. We can have good relationships and trade agreements that are good and fair for all if we accept they are different and allow them to be who they are.

One last thing; I remember the many Cubans that fled Cuba and went to the US. The US government wants you to think that they were regular people fleeing for their lives. This is not so. After having been continually told by the US government to let Cubans leave if they want to, Castro let many prisoners out of prison and let them flee to the US. This was a joke by Castro, he said that if the US wants them to allow people to leave, let them have our criminals. They were thieves, murderers etc. This was just another slap in the face by the Cubans to the Americans.


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Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 2 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

It is an interesting dichotomy about engagement with the US. "We want to do everything and anything we want but we want the prosperity that comes with equal engagement with the US". Having enough goods on shelves for a reasonable standard of living does in fact increase the need for consumption of natural resources. However on the flip side of having to use old and obsolete machinery and transportation actually uses very much more natural resources as old technology was about 5 times more inefficient. Someone would have to be totally blind not to notice the average car is over 20 years old. That is horrendous, in wasting fossil fuels and polluting air.

If Castro was considered as living humbly then what the heck are his lavish residences - yes plural.

It seems rather odd that a good society has a current president that inherited the thrown of power from his brother.

What are those refugee immigrants running or swimming from and why would it be the US that they flock to. Are they more ignorant of their well being than we are?

Well maybe it is sad he is gone. With Vietnam truly emerging to into a free market and a huge increase in civil rights Castro was the last communist dictator around so it does seem to be a close to the era of communism in it's suppression of it's citizenship. Or maybe not. Let us see what happens with open trade and the huge influx of Americanism.

thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 2 months ago from Canada Author

It amazes me how some people will believe the lies spewed by a government that lost the war with Cuba. I know Castro wasnt perfect. But the claims of torture that we are told are greatly exagerated. However, why do those who claim that Castro was torturing people defend their government that brutalizes, illegally imprisons and tortures people to death? Sure Cuba is not as 'free' as other countries and yes he allowed nuclear weapons on his soil, just like the US has nuclear weapons and how other countries have allowed US nuclear weapons on their soil...but that is OK, because the US can do whatever they want. Such hypocicy. The evil that the US has done all over the world is ok. But Cuba defends itself against a brutal regime and fights off the US to defend itself and that is wrong? Like I said...Hypocrisy.

lions44 profile image

lions44 2 months ago from Auburn, WA

Another romanticized version of a dictator. How many people who escaped from Cuba have you meet with lately? I've known many of his victims throughout my life. Those whose homes were stolen, jobs taken and yes, even tortured (his crooked hands were a testament to that).

How do you replace one dictator with another and claim it's better for the people? Remember, he allowed Soviet nuclear weapons on his soil. Game on.

Free healthcare? At the expense of all of your civil rights? How good was that care? They now have a shortage of both doctors and other trained medical staff. By the way, why did Fidel go to Spain for surgery?

Education? What do you do with it? I find it hard to believe that their universities were anything close to others in the West. Do well in school and live the rest of your life in poverty.

I'm glad the embargo is over. I feel that American engagement leads to more freedom. So my hope is that in five years, Cuba is a free, democratic nation where the citizens have a right to assemble and dream big.

I will never understand why those on the left continue to defend dictators just because they provide health care or "free" education. Strange.

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