President Obama: Milestones Nine Months

The President takes on Superman Task!

The President is doing a Superman job in leading the USA and the world!

The president in his own words lists his and his administrations milestones achieved in the first nine months in the link below. I must also add that this great President can walk and chew gum at the same time ( he can govern adroitly and campaign at the same time; note none of his critics can see the Great Depression he adverted.)

The president won the Nobel Peace Prize while tackling the multiple problems we have.

The President's first nine months.

Do you feel the President has done a lot the first nine months of his presidency?

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readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida


Without going into a lot of the detractions, I’d prefer to see the President spend less time on the world, with the exception of the war on Terrorism, and considerably more time here at home. In my opinion his reign so far has been nothing more than a popularity tour, an apology fest and a 40-year-old Liberal Progressive wish list. The reasons behind the now lackluster Nobel Prize awarded him after a qualifying nomination following only a few days in office. Respectfully I disagree with your assessment of his performance and ask you consider the below.

With unemployment heading into double digits and the resulting rising foreclosure storm more people will end up homeless than during the Great Depression. Consumer spending is diving and no real end is insight for the “economic downturn”, his concerns for the nation do not exactly align with those of the American People.

His major driving issues, Healthcare and Cap In Trade do nothing to address the above and in fact worsen it. The reason we are in this economic “fix,” is this man’s Presidency.

If you research back you will find the downturn began, when John McCain clenched the Republican nomination and it became apparent to the “smart money”(the engine that drives the economy) Obama would win the election. Trillions of dollars disappeared from the markets in trepidation of what an Obama administration would do. Two examples of which are above. I’ll agree he is doing a yeoman’s job in gaining popularity, but I don’t believe he is doing the job we need him to do.

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