President Obama to the Rescue

A lot has been said and written about President Obama’s opinion regarding the building of a Muslim Mosque within the ground zero area.

I too have an opinion. But before I make that opinion known I would like to take a hard look at what others have to say. And what actions could have been taken by others to avert this conflict and by whom.

First of all, let’s look at the group that is the cause of this discussion. Somewhere in the church of Islam hierarchy there had to be a meeting and someone had to propose the idea. To what end this project was proposed, we do not know. What we do not know is if this was proposed as a community need or maybe a victory shrine to those Islam warriors that gave their lives on September 11, 2001.

Whatever the motives behind the proposed building of the Islamic Cultural Center, someone at that meeting had to acknowledge and/or recognize that the Jewish/Christian community would not be happy with this project. And yet, it was decided to continue with the building project.

From this point on vast amounts of people had to become involved, most of them not Muslim. Someone had to commit to fund the 100 million dollars. Perhaps the funding is being made available from donations within this religious group. 100 million dollars is a lot of money. Anyone involved in raising this much money for a project of this nature surely would have questioned the location of this project.

Then there is the land owner. The company or individual selling this parcel of land had to have known what the land was going to be used for. The real estate agents involved in the land sale had to have known.

The land developer had to have had a set of preliminary plans.

Also, who drafted those plans? Architects, engineers, construction companies, all had to be involved in the planning stages.

And let’s not forget that those plans had to be submitted to the city zoning and planning department. In fact, the city had hearings on the matter and then voted to approve the project.

The people that approved the project are the same people that live and work in this city. These are the same people that had friends and relatives die in the 9-11 attack. And yet they voted for the project.

Some politicians, the President included, have tried to stay above the fray by referring to the Constitution of the United States; specifically the part that guarantees freedom of religion. While others have jumped right in and advocate that we as a nation ignore our Constitution.

Somehow, I don’t think we should be able to pick and choose when to apply the Constitution. I also don’t think the president has the time or the inclination to become involved in every local issue that makes headlines.

As for my opinion, I think that money talks and bull crap walks. We as individuals and as a nation have no sense of union. Our only allegiance is to the almighty green back dollar.

If the Muslims that proposed the building of an Islamic Cultural Center this close to ground zero were indeed United States citizens, they are not loyal citizens true to the United States.

The rest of those involved with this project are clearly only loyal to the dollar. Not even for millions of dollars would I sell out my country! Each and every one of you that have made a buck from this project cannot be truly called an American.

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American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

Never mind they bought this building for pennies on the dollar due to landing gear landing on it! And now we are paying their leader to go on a fund raising mission around the world! Whatever happened to seperation between church and state?

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