President Obama's Quick Dream Act

President Obama has done a quick edition of the Dream Act, that so far, is stuck in Congress. No doubt, winning the Latino vote is one reason, the recent Time magazine issue highlighting the issue is another, but whatever you think, it is the right thing to do.

It is not amnesty, not citizenship and it is not for everyone. It is only for those under 30, with no criminal record, have at least a High School education, have lived here most of their lives. Some have been in the U.S. military, Some have advanced degrees, not just a B.A or B.S. They are American in every sense of the word (in fact, if you were talking to them on the phone, you would think they were not Latino) but on paper. On paper, they are illegal, brought here with parents who worked under the table or in the fields. They went to American schools and have the same customs, in fact, if they are deported to Mexico or other home country, they would not feel at home, they would be a foreigner. Some do not even know Spanish well enough to speak it. They are Americans that could help America in later years.

The Obama quickie on the Dream Act simply defers any deportation of these young adults back to a country that is not their home. That is all it does until a more comprehensive change can be passed. It makes sense and it is the right thing to do because as children of parents, they had no choice at age 3 , 5, 10, 15, but to go where the parents went.

Kudos for Obama, this time.

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