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Barack Obama is on a mission to make the United States a Socialist country. Socialism begets Communism. Obama clearly yearns to be the Great Leader. He will stop at nothing to meet this goal. In his relatively short time in office Obama has taken over Car Companies and Banks, he's trying to take over health care. He doesn't care about the Constitution or the liberties of the American people.

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America is a Capitalist country. For one man to come into office and try to shake our very foundation is outrageous. There are more and more questions about Barack Obama's very identity. He has refused to produce his long form birth certificate, spending over a million dollars in lawsuits of taxpayer money to prevent that document from coming forward. Attorney Orly Taitz is bringing the birth certificate issue to light in courts all over the country. Obama has also sealed all of his school records and passport records. What is he hiding?

There was recently an affidavit filed in the Obama eligibility lawsuit that indicated that Barack Obama has used at least one false social security number in the past. While all of this information is coming forward Obama pushes full speed ahead. There have been murmurings that Obama would like to censor the internet. Would this site still exist?

Barack Obama was voted in because people wanted to make history. History is surely being made. The man was improperly vetted, may not be a natural born citizen, has no palpable experience, and has ties with extremely questionable people. If he is proven to not be a natural born citizen we will face a problem never before seen in this Nation. It will not be an impeachment process, you cannot impeach someone who never validly held office. What will happen to all the ridiculous laws that he has managed to get passed up until this point? Will they simply be reversed?

I keep on hearing Obama saying his various programs will only effect the rich. His definition of rich keeps on being lowered. I believe now it's a family making more than $150,000 a year. That's not rich. And why should the people who spent the time and money to go to college and get a post graduate degree now be paying for those who didn't chose to do those things? This is not some Robin Hood fairy tale. If you take the money away from the producers they will stop producing or go elsewhere, it's rather simple. If I have to give away 60% of my salary because I make too much money I will stop putting in the 60 hour weeks and make less money and get taxed less. The incentive is gone.

The United States Constitution gives significant power to the individual States, reserving very few things for the Federal Government. This is to avoid a situation like we are seeing right now. The Federal Government is ever increasing and States right and individual rights are shrinking away. Obama's ego causes him to want to put his hands in everything and overstep his bounds at every turn.

Obama also seems to be stepping on the feet of the legislative branch of government, upsetting the balance of power. This was most recently evidenced when he considered writing his own health care bill, a job that is clearly reserved for Congress. Obama clearly has no respect for the United States or our Consistution. He has tried to indoctrinate the children. There are various videos of children conducting Obama chants in public schools. Anyone who understands history can see what is happening here, and it's not good.

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nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

Well said. BHO won the election but he seems to think he has been elected above the constitution. His duplicitous nature regarding bipartisan legislation is an embarrassment to our country. His talk doesn't match his walk.

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