Are these court shows getting to you where these women interject their personal projections, even before the jury is in?

You would not believe their "professional panels"

I Have A Bone To Pick

A week or two ago I was watching the Jane Valdez Show. Her topic being the wife who drove

two miles the wrong way on a highway, killing herself, her four children and others in this

horrific accident. Her husband miraculously survived. Miss Valdez had on her show an “expert

panel.” To my shock, Ms. Valdezs' expert panel, whom includes no lawyer's, no ex police

officer's and shockingly enough, a movie critic, yes people a movie critic.

Appalled, I had to keep watching.

This is my view: The Mothers BAC Level was 1.8 and the whole panel including Jane said the

normal person would be unconscious with a BAC of 1.8 or near coma. Last I checked 4.0 was

coma and near the death level; though I could be wrong. I remember for years the legal limit

was 1.8 then went to 1.2 and finally not long ago to 0.8. ( I'm sure for the state's to

create revenue for all the towns and cities) It would not take long for a woman to get her

blood alcohol level to a 1.8 - and Medical Examiners make mistakes from time to time on these

tests in the lab. I see no reason, other than a smart choice, regarding the request that the

Husband made asking for an independent autopsy.

The deceased's wife, was reported as saying she was "feeling dizzy and I'm having a

headache" when one of her relatives asked if she had been feeling okay at some

point during the last day of the family gathering. The panel had quite a giggle over this

quoting - something about “well yeah she was stoned.” The Husband mentioned another

theory of a transient stroke. People can die of and often do of blood clots after sitting on

airplanes for too long or of a clot, partially blocking the carotid artery until finally maybe

another clot is thrown and blocks the carotid wich would stave the

brain of 02 and headaches and dizziness would certainly be a symptom while this takes place.

This is very plausible except to her "expert panel;" who only want to make light of the bottle

of Vodka in the car and, where this doesn't prove a thing where this is no way to prove who all

drank it and on what date it was consumed. And I believe the pot is pointless, had she

smoked prior to driving home the kids would have said "Aunt Diane is only driving 17 miles per

hour on the highway." I'm not trying to be funny, but it's so absurd to me they'd think this had

an effect on this horrible accident, most people, well, the people I know whom smoke pot

do so before bed or after dinner when they plan on lying on the sofa, not in the morning prior

to driving a car load of kids home from a weekend trip. And, since we all know that pot is

stored in ones fat cells up to a month after used pot two weekends before the accident and it

would still show up.

When the husband trys to bring up a blood disorder- now the whole pane, that again, has

no medical degrees of any kind. All jump in and say, “no way, her husband and lawyer

are grasping at straws.” Apparently they think because she was thirty-five that she is too

young to have a medical condition such as this. Well, news (honest) flash, there are many

blood disorders that have been discovered in the last ten or so years which can be completely

undetected until and episode or a mini stroke happens. Or, it shows up in say like a pre-op

test. I too have a blood disorder discovered at the ripe old age of thirty-five. The medical

description escapes me but, in layman’s terms, it is known as Sticky Blood syndrome. What

happens is your platelets increase in volume and clump together, sometimes causing a clot,

while your other blood products such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, etc. stay

the same. I had an extremely high platelet count and my doctors caught it on a pre-op test.

The levels of my platelets were so high, 1.9 million per milliliter (or whatever the ratio is they

use to measure it but, you get the point). The normal level is one hundred thousand and the

top of the normal is 400,000. The kicker is, I had eight major surgeries prior to this being

caught, and my last back operation put me in a coma for three and a half months and in the

hospital a considerable time to recover and learn things over. My point here is this - my blood,

being monitored constantly, especially since I did develop a blood clot while lying in a hospital

bed for so long. However, Sticky Blood can hide at times and you test normal; or like me if

when I am dehydrated, not taking one aspirin every morning, it may be detected. In addition, it

has the ability to go the other way, your platelets decrease, and you can spontaneously bleed

and potentially bleed out with a severe wound.

This absurd panel vilifying the husband after this horrible accident, that killed his wife

and four children plus other people their car hit, over the course of an hour; before all the

evidence was out. Moreover, this is the problem with all these news shows. I can only think that

the prosecutors and personal injury attorneys want the waters muddied so a juror won’t be left

in the land who hasn’t heard all these unqualified “expert guest panels absurd comments.”

Ms. Valdez and Nancy Grace, who also is guilty of the above, but, she cannot keep her

personal comments from contaminating a case she is discussing with her goofy panels. It

makes one wonder if some of theses large law firms do not have these women in there hip

pocket. Nancy Grace, a former lawyer herself, who you’d think would know better than

interjecting her personal point of view before the evidence, is in or before the case (which ever

case she’s covering) has gone to trial. She has to be aware of the damage she is causing by

discussing elements or the case - she is tainting the jury pool, which in most respects has yet

to be picked.

I believe this cannot go on while we guarantee the right to every American - the

right to have a fair and impartial trial - and sadly many Americans still believe because they

viewed the information on a news type show, that it must be true. Unfortunately, nothing could

be further from the truth.

And, Nancy quit with the baby photos. Having a web page for her

fans where they could view her kids if they so choose, would be much more professional. We

all have kids or have relatives with kids and are inundated with baby photos of our own.

People need to think for themselves and maybe there should be fines for reporting on events

too early especially when the facts they go on and on about are just there own speculative

opinions’ that turn out to be one hundred percent wrong. Shame on the both of you supposed

professional journalists. In addition, Jane was shamelessly hocking her book on getting sober

while persecuting the deceased wife and her four deceased children before this drunken

driving event even had all the evidence. While I applause Miss Valdez on her sobriety, did she

ever stop to think or even mention how many nights this could have been her. I thought about

that, apparently it had not entered her mind.

What ever happened to honest, unbiased journalist giving Americans a report without

disrupting a defendants or a victim’s chance of a fair trial. I hope it does not have to do with

ratings but I am afraid that it does. I think their ability to assemble a qualified panel just goes to

show the viewers - qualified people do not want to be involved in these shows. I Think

unresponible shows need to be monitored where lives are at stake and our constitutional

rights infringed apon. Am I over reacting? I think not. I am sure some of the shows are correct

in their content, But, it is not up to these pseudo newscasters to broadcast their personal views

and allow their panels’ to do the same on national television. This is what Courts are for and

the right for every American to receive a fair and impartial jury to decide their fates without

hearing these women jabbering about the case weeks before it even comes to trial.

Signed by someone qualified to be on either of their panels or a guest with a point of view,

Because if being a former Movie Critic is a qualification than I assure you I am more than

qualified. Which brings me to my last point - with Miss Valdez using a Movie Critic on her panel

that night, does she realize she was asking him his opinion on a real life horrific event? Does

he realize he was being asked about a real life horrific event that will forever change the

people involved or was he giving his usual opinion on a fictitious movie that he has spent his

entire adult life doing and still does.

I give these women two thumbs down in taste, professionalism and I pray the vast majority saw,

and see these shows for what they are.

Written by Ellen Karan

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