Protecting the earth vs Making money

Greed vs the Environment

So, here we are nearing the end of 2010 and we still hear the debate between the so called 'Green Zombies' who are all about combating climate change and those who say that the climate change and/or global warming thing is nothing but a hoax. I say to bot "Whatever".

Before you get upset, stop and keep reading. Here is why I say Whatever. Does it really matter what side of the fence you sit on? To you who believe that global warming is real, good, because we need people who are willing to fight to keep our planet clean and we need people who force the governments of the world to start looking at clean, reusable energy and products. To you who don't believe in climate change or global warming, well I say OK, because we also need some balance in all this.

Now, here is what i would like to add to all this. We have one planet where we live. We have to keep our planet clean and we have to keep our trees and plant more. Trees and other plants clean the air and produce oxygen. Our oceans, lakes and rivers need to be kept clean and pollution free as this is a source of water for us as well as a source of food and enjoyment.

Are we , the consumers the only ones responsible for protecting our environment? No we are not. The producers of the products which we purchase are the ones which are the most responsible for destrying our planet. These companies build what I call disposable products such as: electronics, cars, furniture etc. Everything we buy will end up in the landfill as most of the products are not recyclable and those that are can only be recycled a few times.

Our governments need to force the hands of the producers to build items to last longer. Look at cars, yes they have become more environmentally friendly in terms of fuel consumption, but vehicles do not last as long as they once did.
Electronics such as computer, TV's etc do not last as long as they once did, I remember when I was a child and we bought our first TV, it lasted until my early teens and one could repair it themselves and keep it a few more years. Well, not anymore.
Furniture is not built to last, it is constructed with pressed sawdust boards, if it gets damp it swells and falls apart, or screws pull out and pull pieces of the pressed sawdust apart with it or it just breaks from being used. Unlike furniture built years ago with real wood which is still around today. Yes it used real wood, if we still use real wood to build furniture today, first of it would last a lifetime and we can use fast growing trees such as poplar and replant the moment they are cut down.

One of the other reasons we the consumer waste is because of those fashion and decorating shows, people are made to feel that they have to be in 'Style' and what they have is out dated and they need to update. This is nonsense. What you have is perfectly good, so do not throw it out and replace it with breakable temporary things which will be outdated in a matter of months or broken in that time.

Do not give in to the pressures of media.

We the consumers need to put pressure on the companies from whom we buy our products by nor buying things just because we want something new. Your car is fine, you don't need a new one until the one you have dies. Your furniture or electronics in tour home are fine, they work so there is no need to replace them, the same goes for everything you have.

So, yes the producers hold the biggest part of the responsibility for protecting our planet, but we the consumers can put pressure on the producers and we are responsible for how much we waste and for the reasons why.

Think before you buy, do you really need that new thing or is what you have still fine to use? The answer probably is that what you have is still good.

So it does not matter what side of the fence you sit on. By not wasting, you are not only helping your own finances, you are preventing landfill sites from filling up before they need to.
You are helping yourself and you are helping this planet, it is all good all the way around for everyone and everything. Lets work together, both sides working together will be a force to be reckoned with and the producers will have no chice but to listen to us who in the end pay their wages.

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Do both.

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