50 "Protesting the War"

Freedom still means everything.
Freedom still means everything.

Support our troops.

If you are protesting the war, put yourself in the place of our soldiers that are over there fighting. What do you think goes through their minds when they hear that the Americans they are fighting for don’t even support what they are doing?

You say that we are fighting for nothing. Tell that to the soldier that just watched his buddy die or the one that just lost a leg from a mine. If you think we are fighting for nothing, then you tell our soldiers that they are worthless and giving their all for nothing. You tell them that they are fighting and dying for nothing. You tell then that you don’t appreciate the freedoms they are fighting to preserve.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, our soldiers are fighting for the same things and beliefs that so many men and boys have fought and died for in the past. What they are sacrificing for are the freedoms of every American in these United States as has been done from the beginning of our great country. Even though there are a lot in the U. S. that say we don’t have the freedoms we used to have and that the U. S. stands for, try living in one of those countries where they don’t have our freedoms. And ask yourself, “Why do we get so many immigrants, legal or illegal, and why are so many people willing to risk their lives just to have the opportunity to live in America?” Go over to one of those countries and complain about the government and see what happens to you.

Our troops need our support here at home as much as we need their support over there. They don’t need to hear that people here at home are protesting them being over there. Even if you don’t like the fact that we are at war, show it by writing your congressman, NOT by standing on the streets with signs and getting on TV and in the newspapers.



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JLSB profile image

JLSB 5 years ago

I think the same way. I do not like war and still think the worse war ever was the Civil war. I know that the soliders were fighting for what they beleived, and it was aful for son against father and brother against brother,ect. Wars are an awful thing, but someone has to fight them and our soliders are very brave that go over and fight. And they are there because they want to be. They beleive in what they are fighting for. We have no right to put them down for it. It after all is for OUR freedom. JLSB

gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi JLSB, You are right about the soldiers being there by choice. They wouldn't have enlisted and wouldn't be there if they didn't believe in their country and our freedoms here. They need to know that we back them. Thank you for your comment. Greg

Jeff May profile image

Jeff May 5 years ago from St. Louis

Of course we support our soldiers. Not sure how protesting a specific "war" translates into protesting the "soldiers." Writing your congressman? Right. The only thing that seems to work is public protest. Just ask the tea party. And how is it supporting the soldiers by supporting failed war policies? That may not be the case now, but those protesting believe it is and have every right to stand on the streets. I have the utmost respect for our soldiers. Can the same be said for our politicians?

gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Jeff, Thank you for the visit and the comment. It is just that I was in during Viet Nam and I know how it affected us to know that everyone was protesting at home and how it made us feel. The protesters have to remember that those soldiers are the reason they are able to protest. The soldiers have more access to what is happening here than we did then and the soldiers are serving now by choice while back then so many were drafted and still treated like crap when they came home by so many. Again, thank you. I look for everyone's opinion and input. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. Greg

Jeff May profile image

Jeff May 5 years ago from St. Louis

I understand. I lucked out with a high draft number. And you guys were treated like crap then. Hopefully, it seems we've learned our lessons and take pains not to protest the soldiers doing their duty (I have nothing but respect for them), while protesting the war itself. Vietnam was a politicians' war and lots of guys paid a heavy price. Thanks for your service.

Sueswan 5 years ago

Hi Gregas,

My heart goes out to all the men and women that go to war for their country.

I agree with you 100% that one should write their congressman instead of protesting.

Protesting isn't helping the soldiers, just the media in my opinion.

Then there are the professional protesters, just like union picketers, who like to stir up a ruckus. It's all about them.

chanroth profile image

chanroth 4 years ago from California, USA

My heart goes out to all the men and women at war. These people are not fighting for nothing, they fight for something that we all need, freedom. At the same time, I hate wars. My grandfather a GA in Cambodia died during the Vietnam war...if there were no such war, he would have live til today.

gregas profile image

gregas 4 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Chanroth, Thank you for the visit and the comment. Yes, unfortunately we have wars, but if we didn't, we wouldn't be free to do what we are doing right now. Greg

Tim Begg profile image

Tim Begg 12 days ago from South Africa

My heart goes out to those in action. I myself was in the South African Defense Force. What a lot of people do not understand is that we were forced to fight, even though many of us did not agree with the politicians of the day. It's not the soldiers that are the problem - they are merely following orders - it's not even the war itself, but it's the motive behind the conflict. Honor, freedom, liberty ... These are all good things for which to fight. But greed, tyranny, revenge ... It's this kind of motive we must stand against.

gregas profile image

gregas 12 days ago from Corona, California. Author

The problem I had with that war, and even others, is that a lot of our soldiers were treated like crap when they came home. Some people acted like it was their fault.

Tim Begg profile image

Tim Begg 12 days ago from South Africa

I suppose it depends on the outcome. The GI's after WWII were treated as heroes because they were victorious, whereas in other wars, because there was no victory, the troops were considered to be responsible for the defeat. The problem is that those who are fighting the war might be fighting to the best of their ability, but against impossible odds. I was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and at the height of the bush war, the entire Rhodesian defense force was 30000 strong, and they were fighting on three fronts. When South Africa pulled the plug on supplies, there was no other option but to surrender. Again, not the soldiers' fault, but all too often their the ones who suffer the disgrace.

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