Public safety issues the FDA is overlooking and some label ideas

The other day I wrote an article addressing the addiction worse than smoking

In this article I mentioned the new U.S. Food & Drug Administration-required warning labels for cigarettes. In case you haven't seen any of these labels they're pretty gruesome: one depicts a corpse in the coroner's office, another shows dental decay as supposedly suffered by a smoker. Still another of the these labels shows an emaciated and dying man, while another features a corpse laid out in a coffin, complete with a cigarette grasped in its lifeless hand. Now while some in the politically-correct media are hailing these lovelies as a sure-fire detriment to smoking, others are complaining that they just aren't visually evocative enough. Well, far be it for any politically-incorrect bumpkin heathen such as myself to question the capability of the FDA to successfully scare or gross out the last vestiges of the smoking public.

However, I will speak up and say I feel the government is missing a fine opportunity here. Have they not once considered how other activities could be addressed with similar image warnings? Just imagine the FDA stepping up to the plate and using this same technique to confront social problems and vices some of us feel are even more vile than cigarettes!

Additionally, with the U.S. government being Big Government it can't be long before they discover new and potentially dangerous activities the public needs to be warned against doing..

not to mention the reoccurring and confirmed dangers that lurk out there..

Of course, I can think of a few dangerous and potentially life-threatening activities Big Gov probably doesn't want to warn anyone about.

And if the FDA is genuinely interested in saving lives, then just perhaps they need to be making warnings to others besides the tax-paying smokers. For when all's said and done, the biggest threat to human life and the planet we live on doesn't come from a store or a field or even in a menthol flavored tube..

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Stu From VT 5 years ago

I'm surprised the FDA is able to get away with this anti-cigarrette publicity. I thought the cash payments and stipulations regarding tobacco advertising were resolved in the legal settlement of several years ago. How can the feds come back and change the terms?

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bethperry 5 years ago from Tennesee Author

Stu, I've about reached the conclusion the FDA can do whatever the hell they want, whenever and however they want to do it, lol.

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Stu From VT 5 years ago

Hi Beth, in addition to the issue about the tobacco litigation already being settled, I don't see how the FDA can mandate anything. Where in the Constitution is the federal government granted an enumerated power to regulate food or drugs?

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bethperry 5 years ago from Tennesee Author

Stu -not anywhere that I recall seeing and I've read it a few times. And when you think about it, weren't some of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence and authors of the Constitution (as it was originally penned) in fact tobacco farmers? I guess if they were alive today they'd have to gather in a tobacco-prohibited room and be signing on green-friendly, easily-decompose pages.

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Stu From VT 5 years ago


At this point, nothing would surprise me.


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vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

In my opinion the FDA is just one more conglomerate on the ever growing list of dis-honest government cover-ups.

It makes me sick! This is a marvelous hub, directing us to how it is, versus how it should be. Thanks so much, Tn. Sister. Big vote up!

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