What is Wrong With the Public Option

Why Not Have A Public Option Insurance Plan

It is my understanding that the Public Option plan would be a health insurance plan that would be monitored by a not-for-profit organization. This plan would serve as competition for private for profit health insurance companies. This means that if I do not have health insurance I would be able to purchase from this company rather than a company such as Aetna. I think that this would be an excellent way to make health insurance less expensive for those not working.

Everyone should be required to have some health insurance. Just like people who drive must have car insurance just in case something does happen. I for one have not had a car accident the entire 30+ years I have been driving. However, I do not get the option of whether or not I have car insurance. Why should it be any different for health insurance.

I know there are those who say that not having health insurance only hurts the person who is not covered. This is really not true because if these people get ill or have an accident and go to any emergency room the rest of us taxpayers will definitely foot the bill. Besides picking up the tab for this treatment, since there will probably be no followup by the individual, additional medical conditions will surely develop over time for which further treatment will be needed. The Public Option would be perfect for these circumstances.

There are those who say the Public Option is not good because it is a government run insurance program. This does not make since because most hospitals already have some government funding. Why is it okay for hospitals to receive government funds at the same time making a profit but it is not okay for the government to help support a public nonprofit insurance company? In this great country we seem to have a real problem with treating individual as well as we treat corporations. The average American is already getting treated differently from major corporations in the health insurance industry because as an individual you cannot purchase health insurance on your own for the same as someone can buy through their employer.

Others say that any form of health care reform will be detrimental to small businesses. This also does not make since because any operating a small business should want their employees to be able to purchase their own insurance. If the employer can afford to pay for health insurance he can certainly use this as a recruiting tool. On the other hand if a small business cannot afford health insurance for their employees, the health-care reform would be just the ticket. With health insurance the employees are more likely to get health care and therefore take less days off work. I know of several people who will not go to the doctor unless they are deathly ill because they cannot afford to pay for treatment. This usually means that what started out as a minor thing sometimes ends up being a major illness.

I currently have health insurance through my employer; but I really sympathize with those who cannot afford insurance. We really need to find a way for them to have a plan which they can afford.

Again, I ask : "Why not have a public option health insurance plan" There is really no reason other than politics.

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