Queensland Flooding: An Appeal

If you aren't aware of what's happening in Queensland, Australia, currently there is extremely severe flooding and it's expected to get worse. We're talking about an area that is 1/6th the size of Europe or the US. So, this hub will be dedicated to getting the word out and, hopefully, getting as many people to help as possible.

At the moment, half the state is under 6 feet of water and the weather reports aren't uplifting as there is more rain expected and the list of warnings for the area fills an entire page.

Some areas were hit with flash floods, with the water going up more than 6 feet in minutes. At the moment there are 9 confirmed deaths, of which 4 are children and 76 people missing. Hopefully, this number won't rise.

People are losing their homes and everything they have worked for. If there's anything you can do, even if it's just to let people know what's happening, it would be wonderful.

And as a disclaimer, I don't live in Australia but I have really good friends there and I'm trying to help any way I can. Unfortunately, from half a world away I can't do more than try and get the word out.

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Bianca Raven profile image

Bianca Raven 6 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

Anne, you're wonderful. You're half a world away and you're doing more than many people would dream of doing. I do live in Australia and I grew up in the affected regions. I have family and friends there, some of whom can't be reached :(

Thank you, angel.

Aussieteacher profile image

Aussieteacher 6 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I live in Brisbane and the flood is just a km away from where I am staying. I am house sitting - but high on a hill well above flood level. It impacts on us all. All my family are safe. If you want to see amazing footage of the floods go to http://www.couriermail.com.au

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