Questions My Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr President,

My name is Valerie Read and I have a question for you on what your administration will do on charging war crimes of torture, wire tapping, and declaring war against Iraq under false charges against Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, and their administration?I know that you want us to go on and concentrate on our weaken US economy, but all I see is that if you have money or power the government will bail you out and protect you from criminal charges. How can we as a nation go on with our leader showing he cares about his people and prosecute those who declared War without reason and made billions of profit from our payer dollars for third party corporations. It only shows that our voice is still not being heard. Why are you not working with those who can help us such as Paul Krugman winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, instead of wheeling and dealing under Martin Friedman's economics. How about talking to Naomi Klein author of The Shock Doctrine The Rise of Disaster Capitalism who speaks out on helping those people who are loosing their jobs and homes, instead of aiding Wall Street who put us in this mess in the first place. What can you and your administration do to show us that you are working for us? One thing is to continue the investigations of war crimes against Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, and their administration.Second, instead of aiding those who will profit from the bailout, fire the bosses and put the control in the hands of the employees working at these businesses or factories. (See Naomi Klein's article The Cure for Lay-offs at Huffington Post ). This will allow us to go on and hope our economy will recover. Thank you for what you have done in the first 100 days of your term. Good luck to you and your administration. It will be a hard road ahead, but we can do it together.

Valerie K.T.S. Read


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