Random acts of kindness from strangers

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness ?. Have you ever been the one to do something for that total stranger ?..

I think we all have at one time or another been the recipient or donor of some kind of unforseen act of kindness to our fellow man, just when I am at my most jaded, with that sinking feeling, thinking that there simply is no kindness left in the world someone pops up and does that unexpected act of kindness that restores my faith. Recently while making a purchase I was compelled to tell the lovely lady behind the counter the true reason for my purchase, she started the conversation with, who is this pretty fairy for ? .. to which I replied it is for my grand-daughter, she then replied, well this will be a lovely fairy for her to play with, ....with a feeling of sadness I explained that my daughter-in-law had started a fairy garden in memory of our 20 week old granddaughter who had recently passed away and this was to be a very pretty addition to that garden. The lady stopped for a moment and said 'I won't say I'm sorry it seems that it would not begin to cover the loss of a child' and the proceeded to ask if she could add a small momento to the fairy garden .. with that she leaned under the counter and pulled out a small frog which bobbed in the breeze and was powered by a tiny solar panel, she said I know its not a fairy but this little fellow should add a little bit of style to your granddaughter's garden. I thanked her with a tear in my eye and walked out thinking of what a beautiful random act of kindness that was .. it made me think of the many times in one day a stranger offers us these acts and of how we accept them.. are we gracious in our reply ?, do we reciprocate with an act of kindness of our own ?. I have since taken particular notice of how many times I am kind to a person in one day, I find the sense of satisfaction and pleasure I gain from even the smallest of help gives me immense satisfaction, to see a smile on someone's face because I have done something to make their day just that little bit better, to lose that jaded feeling and see the brighter better side of life .. And if you believe in karma as I do then it comes back to you many times over in times of your greatest need. I have had that special person give me a gift of random kindness .....To have someone take that extra time to check you are ok, to notice that your smile isnt as cheery as it usually is or to ask if you would like something they no longer have need for that would be just perfect for you .. these are the special moments in my life now , as I realise that every one of these moments makes the fabric of my life richer and brighter. I aim to have a life that has no tears in the fabric, lots of bright and beautiful additions so that the fabric of my life shines brightly and looks forever beautiful. Are you a person who has these same feelings , do you enjoy doing that one act of randon kindness.. Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness ?? ... it makes you think doesnt it .. i know it did me ..

What is the fabric of your life like ??... is it shiny and bright and forever-more beautiful, emblazoned with deeds of goodwill, or is it dull and jaded as mine once was ...

Ceecee (c) 2011

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Valerie Dean/Living with leukemia 4 years ago

Hi my name is Valerie Dean. I am 41 years old. I was diagnosed with leukemia on 11-24-2010. .I was taken off of work for several months during my treatment. An advocate helped me to make my own fundraiser. Please donate and pass along. Even $1. Every little bit helps. If 4500 people donate $1.00, I will reach my goal. Then I can focus on recovery. Please help.


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