Time and again we read or witness rebellion in society. Rebellion is not just to create fights, make noise but it is also to create positive impact on society. Rebelling actions can be manifested in many formats, from book writing through art, sports, politics etc. even including wars. Rebellious actions need not be necessarily be success in the end, but bring hope of change for good to the society. In fact, spirit of rebellion has been perhaps as old as evolution.

We come across names like Ernesto Guevara (the famous visual symbol of rebellious), Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mendela and many others have changed the politics of their respective countries through their actions like, free society with no divisions or a classless society, satyagraha, guerilla war, civil disobedience and sermons. They could mobilize millions of people behind them. They could succeed changing the society.

Literary stalwarts like Salman Rushdie, Henry David, Thoreau, Orhan Pamuk, Yukio Mishima and others through their rebellious writings caused many eyebrows to raise for their contradictions. But their writings impacted readers all over the world. However, more often than now many of such books get banned in certain parts of the world for fear of rulers loosing control, mass upraisal and community misfeelings etc.

Masanobu Fukuoka, Japanese farmer, who became hero since he went against other farmers established process. His method was simple and in essence he said reproduce natural conditions as closely as possible on farming fields. In other words, get good corps by doing very less on farming fields.

Rebellion, therefore, in a right direction is more often can be helping society to adopt a change for improvement in living environment.

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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Revolution is an engine of progress. The trick is to use it peacefully.

Inspiration88 profile image

Inspiration88 6 years ago from this Galaxy

Indeed. But why only men on the pictures? You haven't heard of any famous women, in the past and recent present, playing crucial role in social stirrings? Such poor informing. Don't forget that women have been oppressed in society a lot, so much that those few of them who managed to swim out are even more deserving admiration and note. Your selection is quite narrow, I must say

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