Education. And not just on the academic level, but on the social and economical level as well. Education will open horizons that will awaken many caught in the viscous repetitive regurgitation of disparity. Education will be the first step in arming our communities with the arsenal needed to understand the status of their being, and more importantly validate them as qualified to not only excel from but to lead others out of the oppressive abyss haunted by veiled attacks, suspect diseases, corporate poisons, and self destructive behavior promoted through a main stream theater in which, because of lack of structured knowledge, many have no say

The next step in the process is taking ownership of our problematic climate. Long gone are the days of blaming the white establishment. To be sure, the playing field is not level in most instances for minorities. Employment scales are rigged, Education opportunities are manipulated, our children are cheated, and our communities are thrown scraps from the spoils harvested by mainstream benefactors. However, it is our responsibility to tilt the scales back in the other direction.

We have to rebuke the "my check" syndrome. We need to sever ourselves from the "I have to get my check stigma" and transition ourselves into "I have to get my salary" arena. These references have much more references to our state and future plight than mere references to compensation for services performed. Think beyond “I need to get more hours" to” I need to make a better career choice" To pursue a better career choice you have to invest in yourself. Investment through honing your skills, upgrading your education portfolio. Investment through better educational opportunities for our children

Address and change the economic The minority population has to take the reins of its economic chariot and change not just the direction, but the driver. We are notorious for channeling our dollars outside of our communities  As a matter of true validation, we're so famous for it, the non black business sector have infiltrated our neighborhoods all across the nation profiting enormously off of our ignorance and complacency. This nation is not about poor people no matter if they are red black brown or yellow, This nation is about rich people in contexts and to hell with the poor and the weak they will serve.
Those that feel they have escaped and left everyone else, don't kid yourself, the landscape is littered with pimped and punked out thugs on mikes still shining shoes. Video vixens stretched and fronted but still bending over. Token affirmations are offered and we sit back fat dumb and happy. This is the type of smokescreen we have to see through.

The inability to emanate a concrete unified front in the social and economic arenas has an historical legacy of styming the growth of the black people and their communities. That is also why we as a people seem to own a plethora of poverty and schlock, meaningless material items. We acquire quick and swift, no long term benefit in mind. Something is wrong. Wrong within the government that governs us. Wrong with the leaders that we follow. Wrong with us and the method we respond to all of this.

We continue to be enticed across our lines to invest in businesses and individuals outside our communities by the lure of worthless lagniappe, accentuated by mainstream print and TV media.

The recent election proved the black vote, when unified, can be powerful indeed. The minority dollar can be equally as powerful, if we transcend this “crab in the basket” stigma and support and invest in ourselves. The dollar is only cosmetically green. It can be overwhelmingly black if we so choose.

I do believe it is going to require an unremitting commitment of financial retraining and self certitude for this to ever become truly proficient. It will also take awareness. Awareness in regards to the positive assets that can be derived from investing in oneself and community.

And the circle is far reaching too. The producers of the goods have to offer competitive and quality goods to lure and retain the commitment and investment of the people. The standard should be so high that the products are the exemplars the completion models itself after.
The ergonomics have long been submitted. While we are beyond the apples and oranges of Dexter Avenue Church, we remain bogged down by the same narcissistic position that pulled even that humble attempt to prosper back into the basket.

Minority social status has to be reformed. We all have to take part in a massive restructuring of who we really are and what we stand for. We can write and read about it analyze it, preach it and teach it. At the end of the day, we have to take a path of action.

We have to have a voice in our existence, a voice that garners political respect, a voice that reshapes the state of our communities, our churches, our business districts, our homes, and our opportunities. We can ill afford to wait for the next minority leader to emerge. We as a people are going to have to stand up for ourselves.

It's time for us to write our own success story.

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Georgiakevin profile image

Georgiakevin 6 years ago from Central Georgia

Well written Hub. As a white man who moved to central Georgia and enjoys living here I can wholeheartedly agree with your hub. I am so tired of the welfare mentality I have seen exhibited by poor whites and poor blacks. There is so much that can be done if they want to do it........Keep writing!

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

Excellent hub, GeoGee. I agree that people need to write their own success story. I hope a lot of readers will read and understand this hub - and if they don't understand, I hope they look to more information. I think your ideas can apply to anyone who is oppressed financially or in any community where they are singled out as a 'minority' member or aside from 'the average.'

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

To GeoGee: You have echoed my thoughts exactly. We as a people must get out of the victim mentality and be more proactive regarding educational and socioeconomic development. I love this hub-excellent!

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