Real Tea Party is Not Racist! Where is the Racism Coming From?

While I believe that Obama is taking the country down one illegal "executive order" at a time. I also believe Obama is a slave bought as a Child by the Saudi kingdom long ago. A Manchurian candidate groomed to destroy America. This Hub was created to get people to unite against stupidity of racism and other Red Herrings the corporate media sell to us!The NWO want's us to destroy each other so we do not focus in on them! I say Focus in on Them! The men who paid for Obama we can't fight the Obamas

— Will The Real Tea Party Please Stand Up!

Because they will just Buy More Obama's! They will just put more puppets in front of us and have us yelling and killing each other! Wake up people! Wake Up! Obama is gay his wife is a man! The world has been deceived and the world will continue to be deceived if we keep participating in their wicked system! You know what you must do stop giving them your Time and Money People! God be with Us All!


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Sad Deal For America, Racism Back With A Vengeance

Racism In The Tea Party

What in the Hell is going on in America right now? It seems like the racists are coming out of the wood work as of late. It is no surprise considering certain factions within the Tea Party come from the Council Of Conservative Citizens, a well known racist organization. These racists seem to fit right in with the ever shrinking Tea Party movement. When I first heard of this movement, I thought wow this is interesting. It is about time that we stand up for what is right, once and for all. We need to tell this corrupt government what we really stand for. We stand for freedom, and liberty for all. Not just the wealth couple percent. So come on, let us push Bush and his former regime out, and keep them out. Giving tax breaks to the rich, receiving 100 million dollars in 100 days during the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. I found the timing a bit suspect, considering the Tea Party movement emerged as Bush was on the way out. Soon enough it would become all too clear. They are at it again, and this time they are pulling in many ignorant Americas.

When I found out what this Tea Party movement was really about, I was simply disgusted. I am shocked at their insane blatantly racist assertions. It is so suspect that the moment Barack Obama gets elected a new movement comes into play here in America. The first time I saw this tea party movement I thought, wow where did these people come from? Well then it came to me. Some Americans were just not ready for an African American president. Most of these people already have a disgust for the liberal agenda. However, we have all watched their complaining and bickering, and it has never came into such a movement. It is like right when Obama won the presidency they all came together. It is as if the racists of America all joined together and created a group. The Tea Party. I find this such a mockery to what the real Tea Party stood for. The real Tea Party was a liberal thing, as it stood for freedom for all. The original Tea Party movement was to free ourselves from the rich aristocracy of the world. As I look at some of the motives for the politicians behind the Tea Party, I see things like bringing back the Bush Tax cuts for the bloody rich. If the Tea Party was a real movement it would rally against this, however it supports it. So this Tea Party is what we would label a blatant Oxymoron. So where did this movement come from? Well I will attempt to explain the pure insanity behind this racist movement.

The Bigots are Back

America Unraveled

Well before I begin, let me talk about why this movement is obviously racist. I saw a sign that said "Obama's Plan White Slavery" When you see such a sign you do one of two things. The first you run, and say wow they are fanatical extremist and obviously racist. Or two, you walk right over and sit right down. They drew that line with just that one sign, and they get even worse. This whole deal really reminds me of the Pre-WWII era. Which I bet these Tea Partier's would welcome with open arms, from what I have seen and heard about them. Some people will say oh you are too harsh, they are not that bad. For those of you, I would ask did you also say that about Hitler? As of right now, they are both antisemitic ignorant extremist. The saddest things about all of this is that the people who really want this movement to come to flourishion are not racist per say. They are just greedy capitalists. If racism gets them the tax cuts from the Republicans, well they will use it. I keep wondering what would have happened if the president was a black republican. I know liberals would never resort to such tactics. That is a question that we will never know, but we can always ponder. I assure you, there would be NO SUCH thing as the Tea Party right now. If there was it would be the real Tea Party which many of us Americans first thought this one was. Not some people mad because of a Liberal Black president. People always deflect this, I have heard, oh what we are racist because we do not like liberals. I say no, you are racist because of quotes like this one from Mark Williams, the Tea Party Express Spokesman. He said which is just shocking and I quote "They make more money off of race than any slave trader ever. It's time groups like the NAACP went to the trash heap of history where they belong with all the other vile racist groups that emerged in our history." When I heard this I was shocked. This is textbook deflection. Which these Republicans in the Tea Party are great at. How about these signs around this hub here? What about those? If they are not racist I do not know what is. How about comparing Obama to Hitler? This is so offensive it is not even funny. The problem is these ignorant Tea Party Republicans do not know there history. So they look very simple and racist. Not only did Hitler kill German blacks, and refer to them as mongrels, does anyone remember Joe Lewis? Let me take you back Joe Louis met Max Schmeling in a heavyweight-boxing match. The first fight Schmeling wins. After that Hitler refers to black Americans as mongrels, and tells America that we were ignorant in releasing our slaves. Comparing Obama to Hitler! These people are the Nazi's! The biggest question would be, are the Republicans in the Tea Party speaking out against such slander? NO they are supporting it.

Societal Values & Cultural Incompetence

We learn in my Social Work class something called Cultural Competence. This I guess, is a liberal thing. However, every single politician should have to complete a course as well. For those who fail a basic class in cultural competence, well they should be screened out. There is no need for racist politicians in the 21'st century. Is it right that we still have people within the government that were against the civil rights movement? Think about that for a second. That is utter insanity. You know what the Republican will say, they will always say this. Every one has a voice in America we have free speech. Well that is true civilians have free speech. However, if you are a politician you should not, if you support such things then we are all at risk. We are at risk of returning to a place where people like Hitler are supported. I think many people forget that there was a movement in America that did support Hitler. That movement is still alive and well in America, and it is a threat. Right now powerful corporations like the big banks, are bucking hard. They are mad that their mad run of America has come to an end. So what do they do? They use people. They use their prejudiced to support something that if they knew what they were supporting would be furious. However, their racism gets in the way. So they support tax breaks for the rich, even while they have to pick up the tab. For them it is fine. I guess its because they get to hold their signs of hate and bigotry.

Tea Party Candidates Making It To The Ballot In November

Well I think this movement is on the decline, as most the Tea Party candidates were eliminated in the recent Primaries. However people like Sharron Angle, Michelle Bachmann, and Rand Paul have made it to the ballots in November. So it is of crucial importance that Democrats, and the people who think that this Tea Party is a radical fraud get out and vote.

It is just sad to see this racism in groups like the Tea Party so prevalent in today's society. However, most logical people know that because the biggest and richest entities in the U.S are supporting this movement, it has the appearance of being something more than it is. It is a common tactic by dictators like Joseph Goebbels, who was the propaganda minister under Hitler. So who is the dictator here in America? Well it is not the president. So let us see who is calling the president the dictator this will tell us who the real dictator is. It's the person who is projecting. The good thing I see is there is no one person, YET! This is a good thing. We see people like Rush saying things like "That cracker made a lot of African American Millionairs." This quote was by none other than the great Rush Limbaugh. He was referring to the very recently deceased George Steinbrenner. This is the man who leads the Republican party. Is it not obvious that there is going to be a problem that will emerge? We learned with Hitler the longer we allow this racism to persist, the more likely a leader like Hitler will emerge. The powerful corporations will allow it, as all he would have to do is support their agenda. They have made it clear profits are more important than lives, time and time again. We are in grave jeopardy. I always see these rich corporations supporting racism. I saw a sign saying that they should kill all liberals. The liberals are your brothers and sisters! So what? We go right back to the Civil War? The sad thing is that the military industrial complex will greet such a War with open arms. So what can we do?How can we make a stand against this racism? This is something that we all will have to do in order to prevail against this insanity. So far, I think we are doing it, because we are the majority. The Tea Party is the minority.

What Have They Done? Why Are They Doing This?

Self Serving Politicians

So what do I tell my children when they ask me who is Hitler, or what is a Niggar? The Republican party is showing it's true face right now. The face that cannot stand change. From what I am seeing lately, the southern folks who still resent the North never went away. Now the Republican Tea Party are bringing them out of the woodwork, and back into our society. I hear from Rebuplicans all the time telling me the Tea Party supports them, and they are not racist. However, when I attempt to show them these signs, they ignore the question entirely. They go on to some other topic, like how Obama is not from America. No one in the Republican party is taking those racist signs down, or not condoning them. They are not lifting a finger. You know why? Because they count on these votes. These are the people who vote for the Republican party. The only thing I can say for sure is, the next election will show once and for all who the minority is. These racists are a dying breed, but they are bucking as hard as ever. They have not lived in a time when you could make as sign calling African Americans Niggars, since before the civil rights movement. However, now that we have our first African American president they are back. They are only back because the Republican party allows it. This is obviously because the large corporations want deregulation. They know they will only get this deregulation when the Democratic party is out, and the Republican party is in. They are mad because the Bush Tax breaks for the rich are not reinstated, but if they persist they might just get there wish. It does seem like Obama the good president he is, is still attempting to appease these poor human beings.

It is common knowledge that the Republican party is attempting to sabotage the president of the United States. The Republican party knows that if big business do not hire, it will fall on Obama. It is no coincidence that even though all these major businesses are reporting record profits they do not plan on hiring until on or around 2012. It is blatantly obvious they think that the American public will get sick and tired of Obama, and the Democratic party, and not who is really responsible. This is pure madness, when you play with American Jobs, like they are doing right now, then you need to get to packing. You are not American, you are so greedy it is almost impossible to believe. The Republicans supporting the Greedy agenda is hurting America. They do not support jobs in America. They do not support unemployment for the people that cannot get jobs, because the Republican party votes down every extension to unemployment. They Republicans are stating that anyone who is on unemployment is lazy. Recently a Republican party member, stated that they need to stop using drugs and work. They support America, they seem to support anything that makes themselves an extra buck. So now I have hit on the point, most of the politicians today only seek to serve themselves, and there own financial wealth, and agenda. From the research I have done, most of the blame would fall on the Republicans. While the Democrats are not completely innocent, it would be the Republican party that are self serving, as they do not support the people, what do they support? They support their own greed and the Racist Tea Party movement in America, need I even say more.

When Will The Republicans Say They Have Gone To Far

How Long Must The Tea Party Hurt America

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American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

There is a difference between racism and fact according to ones views! Bush was called Hitler on a daily basis! did you write anything about that? Racism is when the liberal panthers scream we should die! Or when a black congressman makes up a story about tea parties spitting on him and calling him nigger! When 100 dollars was offered for proof with hundred of cameras and NOT one person can produce it! There is nothing racist about calling a man hitler when he tries to dictate to the country and goes against the majority!

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Okay American Romance. I just think you need to watch more than just the Fox channel. As I hear quotes from Fox in your comments here. I accept your views, sure. However that does not change the fact that the Tea Party is full of racist. I did not see anyone advertising the fact that Bush was Hitler, it was not portrayed by the Democrats, they did not accept the behavior. It is obvious that the Republicans just take what the Democrats have done in the past and project it. So yes I would Say Bush was similar to Hitler, there is more of a resemblance as Bush ran the country like a Dictator. The entire World agrees on this fact. It is funny how the Republicans are projecting that on to Obama. I see right though the petty things of politics these days. The Republican party supports racism, the Democrats obvious being LIBERAL do not.

If you are telling me there is nothing racist about these signs and the Tea Party, then you are either blind, or insane.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

By The Way, The Majority Voted Obama Into Office. So all you other People, are the Minority. If he is going against the Majority, the the 2012 Election will show it. However I know he will win it again, just like Bush did. If Bush can, after allowing 911. Then Obama already has it in his back pocket. Look NO ATTACKS, they have all been thwarted. Why do you people not talk about that? You all say, which is wrong, that Bush did not allow an attack on America. REMEMBER 911. You have it wrong, Obama has not allowed an attack, as the rest of the world likes America more now. Talk about that why don't you. I will tell you why, you Hate Liberals and are very prejudice against them, and as well are racist towards Obama. Not all of you as some of you Republicans just hate democrats. That is fine with me, as I am not to fond of this greedy mentality you all have. Acknowledge when Obama does something right, complain when he does not. This one sided stuff is inane. It really makes it look racist.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

Personally, I think that most of the people in the Tea Party ARE NOT racists, although there may be some. What I do think, however, is that they media and the government want to shut down the Tea Partiers so they are SAYING that they are racists because to accuse someone or a movement like that is to nullify anything they say. It's used to shut them down. I read your hub and I don't see anything that is racist. People think and I agree that to be taxed excessively is akin to slavery...Why BECAUSE IT IS! It's a form of control. And I can only speak for myself that I was against Bush as well. The other thing is that Obama said he was going to get us out of both wars and he has not done what he said he would do. He is a shill for the people who really rule us, the elite/the bankers.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Yeah I agree Obama is not really doing all that he said he would. However like you said America does not run things anymore. The Banks and the wanna be aristocrats do. Having said that, it is apparent to me, that the banks and aristocrats are really running the Tea Party, and the people who support it, are being fooled into supporting the rich.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Just so you know I am not labeling every single person in the Tea Party a racist. There was some confusion on that fact from a few people I was talking to the other day.

North Wind profile image

North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now)

Like you said not everybody in the Tea Party is racist. I think there will be people in every organization who have some form of prejudice. There are probably racists who are democrats too. You said that racism is back but I do not think it ever went anywhere it just was keeping quiet that is all...

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Yeah when I say it is back, I am saying basically that it is being supported by a political movement. You are right it has gone no where, however there was never a political or media medium to give it a voice.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Well they kicked out the Tea Party Express, and some other racist. They are trying I will give them that.

American Tiger 6 years ago

Steve, you seem to be of the opinion that racism is only racism if a Black Man is the butt of the joke.

I'm a working white conservative male. I suffer from genuine racism (not "reverse" racism, TYVM) at the hands of the NAACP and Eric Holder's inJustice department, daily. Would I have survived telling people -on TAPE- "I hate every iota of a black man, and we better start killing their babies!"?

I suffer from racism when I cannot even DRIVE through certain neighborhoods. But I never suffer so much insidious, disingenuous, foul racism as when people like YOU decide that I cannot find a standing president's policies to be destructive and inept, without it being about his skin color.

~Tell us, Steve; When DID you stop beating your wife and raping your daughter?~

That's just one of the nastier debate tricks designed to pull a person off topic and put them on the defensive. Rather like calling people who disagree with you, "RAAACIST!" It is slimey, low, and the hallmark of the weaker argument.

Your hub was strident, and filled with weasel words like "ever shrinking Tea Party movement". The Tea Party is growing by leaps and bounds, daily. If it was shrinking, why would it even merit all this negative attention?

You've attempted to back peddle by saying in comments "I am not labeling every single person in the Tea Party a racist." When that's all that your hub was about.

You claim that no Democrat would tolerate the Bush = Hitler comparison. Google "Bush as Hitler", and you'll find 10 years of Democrat politicians and media types doing exactly that.

Can you name me ONE Republican Klansman? I can name dozens of democrat klansmen, starting with the dearly departed Robert Bird, longest serving democrat senator from SC.

You've fallen for the Big Lie, Steve. You only listen to people who hate the right, and believe everything they tell you. If I only spoke to people who hate YOU, would I get the real story?

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Well Mr. American Tiger, I was not going to allow this comment at first as it is blatantly offensive. However it just goes to show the depth you far right radical's will go. A fleeting thought out of the mind of a psychopath. As you stated "~Tell us, Steve; When DID you stop beating your wife and raping your daughter?~" You are one sick puppy buddy, the world needs to see how insane people like YOU really are.

As well you stated "I'm a working white conservative male. I suffer from genuine racism (not "reverse" racism, TYVM) at the hands of the NAACP and Eric Holder's inJustice department, daily."

You seem to confuse being poor with racism. The problem is not between the racist it is between the gap between the haves and have not's. I am sorry you feel like you are being persecuted due to your current financial status. I will pray for you and your family.

It is as well obvious that the amount of your RAGE that you do fear this so called Tea Party movement is on remission. Although I have heard that the Tea Party has kicked out the Tea Party Express and other racist in the group. I have also heard it is going to refocus on the real issues of America. Like pulling in a "Public Option" as well keeping the Bush Tax cuts from ever making it back to further hurt our economy. We need to weed out the Atheist like yourself and move into a more free movement that includes all religions views. We need to unite under freedom and Liberty for all. We need to weed out the fruit cakes like yourself. I am happy to say I will be joining the new movement in my state here in Ohio. You need to ask yourself "What would Jesus do?" Would Jesus cry about what has happened in the past, or would Jesus move on to unite the world. I suggest you come to a realization with GOD if you do not you will perish. Thanks for your input my friend, good luck, and GOD bless. I will keep you in my prayers, I will have my church pray for you this weekend as well. GOD knows you need it, "raping your daughter" here is your conservative free speech at its finest, I do realize you are brain washed and ill, so I will forgive you and pray for you. Again Good Luck, and GOD bless you my dear friend.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

By the way I have had guns pulled on me, and in one case the trigger pulled but the gun did not go off. You know who did it, the confused African American Children in my neighborhood. They have there prejudice against me as I was white. However I do not blame them one bit, I blame the white media and people like Rush Limbaugh. If anyone has a reason to say they have been as you say "I suffer from genuine racism (not "reverse" racism, TYVM) at the hands of the NAACP and Eric Holder's inJustice department, daily" it is not YOU. It would be me, however I love those children, they are just confused as they are children. However you appear to be an adult, what is your problem? If a little black child pulled a gun on you, you would run down the street peeing your pants crying about racism. When it is people like yourself keeping this whole thing alive in the first place. Some of the greatest men I know are not white. The problem is not with the skin, it is with the wealth.

It really is sad you think you are being persecuted for your color. Wait until you have a child call you a cracker and try to blow your brains out, although when talking to these children they could be taught about this ignorance. You my friend obviously cannot. I live amongst all nationalities and races and we get along just great. Mean while the rich stuck up people like you think you know about racism. Racism is when you are calling the first black president a Nazi, or telling him to go back to Kenya, or in the worst case in the sign above, calling him a niggar.

As well you just prove my point that the Republicans just copy everything they have heard and dismissed in the past, thanks. Be original at least. I bet many people were wondering why they would call a black man Hitler. Well you answered it, they just took the old complaints on Bush and projected them on Obama. Funny but sad.

As well you need to work on your analogies, as I have never heard that one from the far right or the far left. Until today, and how ironic it comes from the far right.

However I see you in the end just like these children, confused. So I do have hope for you, after hearing my story perhaps you will see how silly you really sound. Again good luck and GOD bless you.

American Tiger 6 years ago

Wow. Thank God you didn't engage in any personal attacks here, Steve. You kept focused and concentrated on the points of my arguments. You never called me a name, or questioned my faith or personal courage.

You debated the issues with tact and aplomb, ferreting out my inconsistencies, showing me clearly where I was mistaken on one point or another.

You were even discerning enough to read clearly where I offered as low an insult as possible, and immediately described it as a dirty trick used by people with weak arguments. Your rapier wit and command of rhetoric & logic overwhelmed me.

You, dear Steve, are a credit to your cause. I hold you aloft as a shining beacon of the wisdom and perspicacity that define today's modern liberal. With minds like yours defining and delineating the keen arguments of the Left, our Nation's future is assured.

Your Obt' Svt.

American Tiger

~racist homophobic misogynist hater of the environment and the poor~

Field Marshal

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Yeah many will agree you will get nowhere with me. You surprised me here, I thought you would threaten me and my family with violence. However I knew logic and understanding would ultimately prevail. I never resort in name calling or propaganda. As for your arguments the hub speaks for itself. I am glad you now see the truth. Our prayers have been answered. Thanks again good friend. I hope you will join the new and evolved Tea Party that is now emerging across the country. We do need voices of all Americans, even the right. Good luck and GOD bless you American Tiger. I would like to bring you to my church if you are interested just contact me though the tab up there. Again good luck and GOD bless you.

American Tiger 6 years ago

"There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see." That, or my nuanced subtleties completely escaped your grasp.

My second post was utter sarcasm, Steve-O.

ALL you did was attack me, personally: You misread the intent of my first comment, skipped whole themes and ignored whole sentences. When faced with contradictory evidence to your claims of democrat civility, you invoked the straw-man psychobabble argument of "projection".

You called me a coward, saying I would run peeing my pants. You called me an Atheist, when the subject of my personal faith never came up.

You claimed I suffer from RAGE (all caps yours) and have the "mind of a psychopath", and I'm "one sick puppy" who is "insane" and a "fruitcake", "brainwashed and ill". Mostly because you failed to read the follow-on sentence to a classic debate foil, which I used as an analogy to calling the Tea Party "RACIST".

You seem to confuse my "working" with "being poor" (you make some serious leaps). You equate Tax Cuts with Hurting The Economy (name any country in the history of the world that's TAXED itself into prosperity. Just one. Take your time).

You've been SHOT AT by black children, simply because you're white, and fail to see racism in their actions (or at least feel it's mitigated, because they are black, and therefor confused ~your words~).

Then you make some truly foolish arguments, Steve-O. Somehow, in the convoluted labyrinth of your reasoning, anything negative said about a black president MUST NECESSARILY BE RACIST. The word NAZI is merely an abbreviation for National Socialist [party].

Our first black president is easily the most socialist man to ever run the country, so the NAZI comparisons are valid and apt. (Or do you believe that anyone with any complaint about anything a black man does is fundamentally racist, because additional melanin imbues one with Christ-like infallibility?)

Meanwhile, Obama's father is from Kenya -where our president's half brother still lives, in abject poverty-, but it might have been just as racist to offer to trade him back to Chicago, huh? And, as far as the "niggar" (nigger is the correct spelling) poster, the man is comparing HIMSELF, a taxpayer, to that word, and Congress to slave owners. I have no idea how you could come to any other conclusion.

One last point to make before I wash my hands of you completely: You are so consumed by your assumptions and negative stereotypes that you actually thought I was going to make public, stupid, juvenile threats against you and your family. Because you disagree with me.

Given the daily, unending hate-mail and death threats which Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, et al. receive, I can understand why a liberal would think it a natural response. Sorry Steve-O; Conservatives just don't roll that way.

Can you name for me please the psychobabble theory of only seeing what you WANT to see, Steve-O?

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Okay I am not done with you yet there big guy. I am now making another hub just on the subject here thanks. I will label it Fear Mongering & The Conservative Right.

I have tried to love you, and still do big guy. You also project your bias as you also state you are a hard working conservative. You are under the false assumption that these tax breaks and bailing out the banks and filthy rich really work for America. However if you have heard of a man named Bush Senior he label these tax breaks "Voodoo economics" The facts as well show that the wage earners job's during these Republican conservatives stalled out, some of the worst times ever in America were Under the Bushes, so I guess Bush Senior did not take his own advice. Wait is that what Hitler did, tell the people what they wanted to hear, and needed to hear to gain power. No never.

Here is where you are done. So I know you will be done with your infatuation of me. As you are up against the wall now. I have you, after this need I even say more. America knows this as well. You all can attempt to make Obama look bad by stalling up the jobs, however America knows who is responsible. You are fooling no one with your so called "Tea Baggers Party" I am sure we will grab a hold of it, just for the occasion of the next Republican President.

Anyway Job Creation Stats. You say bla bla jobs created under Conservative bla. Well stop talking and show the stats. Here I will for you.

Democrat Bill Clinton : Jobs Created 23.1 million

Republican Ronald Reagan : Jobs Created 16.0 million

R George W. Bush New Jobs : Created. 3.0 million

Republican George H.W. Bush : Jobs Created 2.5 million

Well there it is. Looks like the Democrat created more jobs. So your argument cannot even be labeled a Straw Man. So put up another Red Herring if you want, have fun. I got you, go where ever you want after this, I would go home. lol

As for Hitler he was a dictator, and sold his people whatever they would buy in order to gain power. Hello history calling Mr. Conservative American Guy. Again I have a 4.0 in history. So I will not even go there with you on your Fear Mongering and ranting. The Conservative Republican is on the out so bye bye.

I just wish you guys were original. You just take what the left says and repeat it 6 years later, and FOX picks it up and runs with it. You are not messing with your average liberal my friend. I am not one of these scared citizens who bow to conservative Fear Mongering. So move on good bye, hasta luego oh no I am an immigrant. Quick

Sharron Angel use your second amendment right to take action. You guys are funny, and yes you are a fruit cake. Hey so am I sometimes, nothing to take offense over. If you are offended you are really Loco as you are the one making "raping and beating" analagies. That show's how crazy the right is right now. Wow I mean, I think I would admit you for even going there buddy. I see what you attempted to say though. Although you really blew it on that sick rant. You really need to come with me to my church. I would like to Baptize you. You need Jesus in your life my friend. Ask yourself next time when you are talking about raping your daughter and beating your wife. "What would Jesus do". Good luck and GOD bless Mr. American Tiger. However again, Good Beats Evil. Try and Try again, however you shall never ever win.

garynew profile image

garynew 6 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

Great comment fight. Didn't like the hub, but, hey, that's just me...

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Thanks Gary. I have slaughtered him. lol. He was a good challenge however many who know me realize it is a fruitless effort to pick such quarrels with me. As in the end I will have the last great truth.

American Tiger 6 years ago

No need to post these on your own Hub, Steve-O. Feel free to come read them, though. After all, you helped write them.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Well I feel special now. As American Tiger has made some hubs that help correct my grammar. Check them out. You can try to leave a comment however anything that challenges him he does not allow. Typical radical conservative. Feel free to check his two post out on here. I am making sure to keep my run on sentences in check. lol I guess that is when you know you really got someone they make "TWO" Hubs about you, in which they correct your run on sentences. lol lol LMAO.

Watch out mess with the Tiger You Will Get The Claws. lol Watch out for Tiger he is pushing to keep the Bush tax cuts for the rich that Bush Senior called "Voodoo economics".

Seriously though guys check out his hubs, as he failed to add anything on them that I wrote. He failed to mention the Job Creation part. Hey it is Sherri Sherrod all over again. Why would you edit my stuff Tiger. You look sooo smooth. Be sure to add the rest in now that I caught you. Hey add this comment too. I am sure your extremist friends will believe every word you say.

"This is no debate. These are the facts."

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

Anyone that can get the Tea Party types as stirred up as you deserves to be followed.

Great work. . .

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

lol. Yeah I am attempting to show the insanity of the Tea Party lately. Lots of crazies like Sharron Angle and Michele Bachmann. The latest ranting comes from Sharron Angle. I just posted a new hub on her rantings.

I hope they weed out the discrimination. I hear all to often about the projections they are coming out with. Each one shot down. For example the Acorn, then the Shirley Sherrod, then the so called "black panther" scare. All about scaring white people into fearing other races especially "coincidently" the blacks. Could this be because we have a black president? Hhmm. I saw their minority Tea Party rally. It had like 20 people attend, they were all white. lol

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Well I allow all of Mr. Tigers Comments even ones promoting Hubs against Myself. Then look what AmericanTiger does to me when I prove him wrong. Lets see below.

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Debating liberals: Enlightening diatribe? Or... Spitting in the wind?

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Debaiting Liberals 2: Brainiac could NOT shut up, therefore he won. Just ask him.

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Debaiting Liberals 2: Brainiac could NOT shut up, therefore he won. Just ask him.

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Global Warming. We should BE so lucky!

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Global Warming. We should BE so lucky!

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Worst Oil Spill in America! ~just NOT the worst ever in the Gulf~

Well this is what people like American Tiger do when you prove them wrong. They do not allow your comments. He has made hubs against me, while leaving out the truth. I ask you, I tell you. It is people like Americantiger that make this world a sad place. I will post my comments on my new hub coming out soon. One of them was me asking him why he is so disrespectful for our servicemen in the US armed forces. As he ranted about how the USAR does nothing to protect America. When I told him how Our men and women do not enjoy being spit apon when returning from our duties in the Armed Forces. He then put me down as well as the entire United States Army Reserves. Boycott this Americantiger, do not give him the time of day. He has already put down the victims of the Gulf Oil Spill. Now he is putting down the men and women dying for him right now. This is the problem with these citizens like AmericanTiger. I ask you AmericanTiger right now. Take the American out of your name please. Just stick to Tiger, as you are no American. Denying anyone a say other than someone who agrees with you. Only someone who has something to hide rejects peoples opinions when it comes to comments. What I ask you Tiger, do you have to hide? Do not support this man people stay away from the Tiger. He is a plague to America.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Americantiger last thing I have to say and I am done with you. How can you debate Liberals when you reject their comments to make yourself sound as you call it like a "Brainiac" Easy to debate someone when you hide what they are really saying.

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Debating liberals: Enlightening diatribe? Or... Spitting in the wind?

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Debaiting Liberals 2: Brainiac could NOT shut up, therefore he won. Just ask him.

2 days ago

You posted this unapproved comment to the hub Debaiting Liberals 2: Brainiac could NOT shut up, therefore he won. Just ask him.

For everyone else is this really how the right works. If you cannot beat it, block it?

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Well The Tiger Relented once and for all. American Tiger is just one of the radical conservatives we are seeing in America right now. "Raping my daughter, and beating my wife" Wow what a sick disturbed man indeed. Just goes to show that the conservative right has absolutely no morals and border on Atheistic. Using GOD as an excuse to input their will on others. Well goodbye Tiger and good riddance.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

I linked up some of Tea Party Crashers Hubs if you want to read them they are below.

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA


I may do the same for a few of yours!

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

No Problem TPC. I think posting URL's in comments page lowers my hub score. So I figured I would just link them like this. I have a few more to do yet. I really like your hubs, so it just helps the cause. Keep up the good hubbing.

John 6 years ago

American Tiger I cannot believe you could look at that picture of that precious child and talk about this man raping his daughter. You are disturbed from what I have read here. As well I think steve has many valid points. The only thing I think is that steve should not snoop to the levels of lowness that you have done. I would avoid this American Tiger he is a filthy vile man. I am sorry people talk in such ways.

I do give you credit steve as it looks as if he filters what you attempt to say, where you allow him to say whatever he pleases. Do not degrade yourself steve this man is not worth it. I for one think that many factions of the Tea Party are racist. My daughter is a member so I better not say anymore on the subject. haha

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Thank you John finally someone has the gumption to tell it as it is. I am just happy others see his petty games. Thanks again.

American Tiger 6 years ago

Interesting. Everything I've said is on your posts or mine, and you still want to say I spoke ill of the armed forces? Care to show anyone where that might be located? Like, with MY name over it? If you're posting everything I say, where exactly IS any of that?

stevey steve. You lie, prevaricate, obfuscate, invent and pray to God that no one will check your facts. You swear I block comments contrary to my opinions. I POST your comments as Hubs, and dissect them, line-by-line.

In truth, the only comments I've EVER blocked, are your blatantly homoerotic attempts at implying *I* said such-and-such to you. My Pastor, my clients, my friends and my own children read my Hubs, and the vile crap you tend to spew serves no purpose.

So post those links. Show the world and HubPages clear evidence and irrefutable proof that I've said ANY of the vile crap you're accusing me of.

I mean, you post every comment I've ever left, so finding the ones where I said to spit on the military or that I wanted to beat your wife should be a piece of cake, right?

Because when you CANNOT produce any of that, it will serve to confirm that you are indeed a Narcissistic Pathological Sociopath.

American Tiger 6 years ago

Hmmm. As further proof of your absolute willingness to lie through your teeth, I just noticed that the 3rd comment I left describing how the 2nd one was sarcasm, is suddenly missing from this comment thread. It belongs to you, stevie steve, so You must have deleted it.

Or do you actually feel people will buy that you went from "We do need voices of all Americans, even the right." to "I am now making another hub just on the subject here thanks. I will label it Fear Mongering & The Conservative Right." With no conversation in the middle?

Sorry to screw your attempts at rewriting history by having the whole conversation in a Hub like that. Debating Liberals has nothing to do with debate, and everything to do with enduring their blatant obfuscation and inability to tell the truth.

I'd also like to point out that "John", who commented from outside of HubPages, shares your inability to write a comma. He also uses the same kinds of linguistic idioms like "As well I think" and "from what I have read" as you do.

You are pathetic.

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

Tiger you have left links in that 3rd comment which are spam. Therefore I denied the comment, as I do not intend to bring such filth as you speak of attention. I feel no one should have to listen to such vile conjecture. I tend to go with John who stated I should simply avoid you. You are a plague to society.

As well I blocked the first comment and allowed the second just now. This is because your first comment included things like and I quote "you are indeed a Narcissistic Pathological Sociopath" Tell me something I do not already know =0)

It is funny though your ego is so huge that you monitor this hub to find someone who agrees with me. Then you ridicule them. I am sure many more agree with me, however they are not simplistic enough people to sit on the internet all day long and look for people they disagree with. Then initiate a verbal assault on them. Just remember millions and millions of people agree with me. I find it exquisite that they are actually doing something more in life, rather than sitting here and degrading people they do not agree with. They are the working class Americans, and citizens of the world. So my question to you Mr. American Tiger would be, "Where do you fit in?"

onuigbos profile image

onuigbos 5 years ago from Southfield, MI

I just want to differentiate between disagreeing with someone's policies, and saying stuff like "trade" Obama back to Kenya, comparing Obama to Hitler. and so forth. When you attack the person and not his policies, you are being racist. The Tea Party disagreement is not policy driven. Thanks Steve. Great hub.

jman00001 profile image

jman00001 3 years ago from Texas

I am not sure what your hub's real point is? Was it to try and cover up the facts that in the past 5 to 10 years in America, that Schools and professional places of work are REQUIRED to promote non whites to prove they are not racist?

Kids in 1000's of high school are asking why the load speaker announcing scholarships always have clearly defined target group that they are for such as African Americans only or Hispanic only... and Why white teachers are terrified to even answer such natural questions...

Why in professional work places the Diversity & Inclusion (D& I) meetings always exclude white males (assuming they are not gay). Even when such D& I event include paid time off and entertainment off site NO ONE can complain or comment out of FEAR of being labeled a racist....

This garbage has been going on even before Obama took office.. and it continues rolling forward growing stronger than ever... The Federal government itself and the media has failed the American people at a level not seen since before the Boston Tea Party...

steve8miller profile image

steve8miller 19 months ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton Author

This is a Classic Example of how a good movement gets undermined by money. This group could have risen to take America back, however, petty end fighting and allowing paid actors to infiltrate the movement killed it. Keep this in mind for the future as what not to do.

I also speak for many liberals when I say Obama is not anything but a dictator. Obama does not represent the people neither does Hillary Clinton! So Republicans and Democrats must unite to save this country and perhaps the greater world.

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