Raise My Taxes!

Government And Taxes Are Not The Enemy

Last night during the State of the Union Address, President Bush made a joke about citizens who claim they would be happy paying higher taxes (The IRS takes checks and money orders) and how most people living in America feel that taxes are high enough.

Well, I didn't find his joke amusing. That's because I am one of those people who would be more than happy to pay higher taxes. However Bush left a little something out of his rendition of the statements I make on this subject.

What I say is "I would be more than happy paying more taxes...if the government would get their act together and use the money to help the citizens of America."

Not for more earmarks, not for more "Bridges to nowhere" and certainly not to pay for a bunch of rich politicians to sit around coming up with more ways to put more money into the pockets of Corporate American and less into my family's, friend's and neighbors' pockets.

Here's what I would gladly pay more taxes for:

  • Universal, single-payer health care - By paying an average $150 a month for a family of four making $40,000 a year in taxes we could save thousands a year in premiums,deductibles and co-pays.
  • Better free public education - Students in the schools don't have the basic knowledge they need to run this country in the future. Exactly what the status quo politicians and corporate owners want. Stop shoving tests down their throats and start teaching them.
  • Stronger borders and stricter illegal immigration laws. The polticians have to stop leaving that pesky little 'illegal' word off of immigration. I have nothing against immigrants - I'm married to an immigrant. I have a major problem with people being here illegally and being exploited by other people who want to use them for a quick buck. It's disgraceful to them and it's disgraceful to us.

For all of those things I am willing to pay higher taxes. I think the cost of not paying taxes is much higher in these cases. The government is not the enemy, as most Republicans would have you believe, the government is us. At least is should be and it will be once we realize that our vote and our tax dollars united can prove a lot more powerful than the greedy, selfish and ignorant special interest groups and corporate lobbiests.

Raise My Taxes Of The People, By The People and For The People!

Obama's Reaction To The State Of The Union

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AL 8 years ago

It won't happen! they will raise your taxes ,they will build a bridge call it the Obama stretch and fund another useless earmark and the local social programs that will be used, abused and not go to the people that really need it. You can give the government all of our paychecks and they will never get it right and spend on average 4 times what a business will for the same product/service even if you take into account a businesses prof. margin Free Enterprise is still a better deal for the American public, just think if you had a package to send and had to get there as if your life depended on it ,would you send it US postal service or Fed/Ex take care of it?I'm sure the big Fed/ex truck would be unloading your package the next morning and getting your confirmation signature for you.... Let the free market take care of it and work with bussiness and keep more money in your pocket.

Smdolle 8 years ago


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