Rape Victim’s Death Provokes India

Communists Consider BJP More Evil Than Gang Rapists

Communists Consider BJP More Evil Than Gang Rapists
Communists Consider BJP More Evil Than Gang Rapists | Source

Government of India Showed Mercy on Rapist

Gang Rape Victim Dies

The death of the unnamed gang rape victim in a Singapore hospital has sent shock waves in India. Right from the common people to the upper strata of society are concerned about the situation. Safety to women has become a big question mark. Rape incidents in which the victims are minor girls are turning out to be common affairs in India in big cities as well as in rural areas. Lust for women is increasing day by day and all canons of decency are thrown to the winds.

Funeral Conducted Secretly

The gang rape victim was done injustice in a moving bus in Delhi, the capital city of India on December 16th. Six people have been arrested for the crime and one of them is a minor boy. The girl was given treatment in Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi for few days. When the situation turned to the worse, she was shifted to Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore where she died. Her body was brought back and funeral conducted quickly and secretly. Even her name has not been disclosed to the public.

CPI (M) Opposes Death Sentence

Reactions to the gang rape incident vary. On the one hand the principal opposition BJP and its leaders are demanding death sentence for the perpetrators of crime against women. On the other hand the CPI (M) opposes this view and says that death sentence should not be awarded to the gang rapists. What about the thinking of Indian women? Some Indian women think that the criminals should be given death sentence but some other women feel it should not be. It is easier to understand the feelings of those who demand death sentence for the criminals who commit crimes against women. But it is not easy to understand the views of those who take a lenient view of the gang rapists. What could be the motive behind such views?

Communists Consider BJP More Evil Than Gang Rapists

I thought that the communists headed by the CPI (M) would be the first to demand stringent punishment for those committing rape against girls. But a delegation led by the CPI (M) MP Brinda Karat demanded that death sentence should not be imposed on the criminals. I asked my communist friend (I am not a communist) about the reason behind this view. He clearly explained the reason. According to him, the BJP had demanded a death sentence for the crimes against women. If CPI (M) endorses this view, it will be viewed as a support to the communal party BJP. It may even strengthen the hands of the BJP. CPI (M) considers Congress as a secular party and BJP as a communal party. It feels that it will be better for India and the Muslims if BJP is defeated and Congress comes to power again in the 2014 parliamentary elections. That will ensure safety for the Muslims. In other words, the CPI (M) gives top priority to the safety of the Muslims to the safety of women and small girls. Moreover CPI (M) feels that if BJP comes to power, Muslims alone will be affected whereas in case of gang rape, girls of all religions will be equally affected. Therefore it considers BJP coming to power as more serious threat than gang rape of small girls in the streets of India.

Some Women Take a Lenient View of the Gang Rapists

What about women? Why some women are opposed to death sentence to gang rapists? I asked one such women and she told me that even the gang rapists have a family and by hanging them, their families will be disturbed. Human Rights organizations also are strictly opposed to punishing the gang rapists. In fact, they do not want even imprisonment to be awarded to the gang rapists. I asked a member of one of the human rights organization about this view and he replied that awarding imprisonment to a gang rapist will only harden his attitude further. He said that the best way to reform a gang rapist is to give him soft advices and provide him public sector jobs so that he will not indulge in such crimes in future.

Gang Rapists Are Patronised By the Political Parties

There is another reason also why the gang rapists receive so much support from the women, human rights organizations, CPI (M) and the ruling Congress Party. Many of these gang rapists have the support of their political bosses. During elections, these criminals obey their masters and attack the perceived enemies of their masters. If they are awarded death sentence for the gang rape crime, the politicians will lose their base support. Therefore it is understandable that many sections of society from women to the communists are supporting the gang rapists directly and indirectly.

Government of India Showed Mercy on Rapist

I personally feel that the death of the victim is not going to change anything. People will forget this episode; more gang rapes will be committed. Nobody is going to hang the culprits. The government of India cancelled the death sentence of the rapists in 2010. These rapists had committed heinous crimes against women. Some of them had raped even a ten year old girl and killed her. The government feels that these criminals have a family and therefore they deserve mercy. People of India also have not opposed the government in this regard.

Tamil Nadu, the Best Place to Commit a Gang Rape

Those who commit a gang rape in Tamil Nadu state in India are the luckiest. As soon as they are imprisoned, they can come out of the jail to celebrate Anna’s birthday in the month of September. Tamil Nadu government has been following the policy of releasing the prisoners to enable them to celebrate Anna’s birthday. All the prisoners are not set free. Only some selected prisoners enjoy this privilege. Those who had committed heinous crimes like rape, murder etc can hope to come out to celebrate Anna’s birthday. But petty criminals like pickpockets, jaywalkers etc are not shown this mercy by the Tamil Nadu government.


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