Reasons to Vote

Vote So You Can Count

You should vote so that your voice can be heard. How can you complain about what is happening in your country when you don't vote. I am not just referring to the presidential election. Issues that are important to an individual locally are also on these ballots. For example, on the last election there was a proposal as to whether or not alcohol should be sold on Sundays. If I had not voted, my opinion on this issue would not have been counted.

Vote to Make a Difference

We all can remember the 2004 election which was decided by the courts. Part of the reason this happened is because many people did not cast a vote at all. In this election as in others your vote really could have made a difference.

Vote to Set an Example for Your Children

I know sometime as adults we have become jaded in our view of the world. However we still have young adults who look to us for guidance. Part of our responsibility to these young people should be to teach them about their civic duties. Part of these duties include the duty to become an informed voter. How can you expect your child to participate in school governance when you have not set an example by participating in your government by voting.s


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