Reducing Recidivism

Reducing recidivism is the last thing the ruling elite in this country want. As long as mass incarceration is the guiding philosophy for crime reduction the prison system will continue to grow. In addition, ‘punishment’ has become a major growth industry in America. As such, private prison companies, such as GEO Group (GEO) and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), fuel government policies through million dollar lobbying campaigns and contributions made directly to state and federal candidates, in an effort to increase the amount of prisoners or product (inmates). This is why you see younger people (mostly Blacks, immigrants, poor white) being cycled and recycled, most for non-violent offenses. There is no money in old prisoners. The prison system in America has grown ten times larger since the mid-1970s, in part due to product of consumer culture, the public’s inaccurate beliefs about controlling crime, and the government’s criminalizing of the poor, the Black, and others deemed ‘outside’ the status quo. Much of this misinformation is driven by the government controlled media – (e.g. CNN, FOX, and HLN etc). Unbiased news no longer exists. Almost all the newscasts, no matter which media, is worthless babble delivered by intellectually challenged pawns of politicians, lobbyists and others who wish to sway the masses.

Since the mid-seventies most of society has been brainwashed into the belief harsher penalties and longer sentencing is the only way to reduce crime. Since then we have went from a nation of healers to a nation that lives for retribution and ‘just deserts’ justice. In my opinion, the justice system and the political system are broken, obsolete, and both need restructuring. The goals of corrections needs to get back to the philosophy of rehabilitation and we need to start providing meaningful social and mental health treatment to those incarcerated both inside and outside prison walls. I do not see that happening, in fact, I believe we are heading in the wrong direction as privatization of our jails and prisons in expanding. The goal now is monetary – the product is people. Just look at the onslaught of law created solely as a way of recycling young people into the system and keeping the beds filled. DUI laws, Immigration laws, etc.) keep changing and sentencing getting tougher (but only for the poor, Blacks and undesirables); now we are even creating laws for texting, and the absurd ‘bullying’ laws. Who do you think these laws target? And media plays right into that, while the idiocrats and twitiots continue to believe every word spouted from the mouth of people like Nancy Grace.

A while back a documentary was aired called “Billions Behind Bars: Inside America’s Prison Industry” (Dauble, 2011), gives great insight into why private prisons has politicians and investors salivating. I recall Lou Dobbs (old CNN), always blaming immigration and outsourcing jobs as a main reason for loss of factory jobs here. But he failed to mention prisons and its population of approximately 2.3 million working America’s slave labor market.

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