Reflections on a Changing Health Care System


Is Our Modern Health Care System Improving or Failing?

Our modern healthcare system is experiencing immense changes. Some would say for the better and others would say for the worse. What we now call Obamacare is ever changing. Technology is always changing. However, where has direct patient care gone?

Before the invention of penicillin, western medicine challenged, embraced, and understood that many medical issues were more of a metaphysical nature. The medical community understood and implanted therapies based on physical, spiritual, and psyhological needs of patients,

Coming from a place where I worked in the health care system for over 15 years cumulative years as well as incorporated holistic health into my practice over the last 6+yrs, the challenge with today's healthcare are several things:

  1. The over use and trust in tests to "do" and "diagnose" for us can lead to mistakes and increase in the overall cost of health care and use of unnecessary testing. The over use and trust in tests are still being done despite a well known fact that tests CAN be wrong.
  2. The over emphasis and pressure from society to develop "a pill" to fix your problem. Challenge is most problems can not be fixed by a pill, but through a life style change. We must change as a society to recognize this as a problem.
  3. The pressure to use technology has minimized a much needed and valuable diagnostic tool ... Look, listen, and touch the patient. I learned many years ago that 80% of your diagnosis will come from looking at the patient and observing them. By listening to the patient including tonality can provide much needed clues. Finally touching the patient. I have personally witnessed doctors diagnose cancer in patients when ALL the tests were negative. I have witnessed the diagnosis of appendicitis with no tests or medical equipment to help diagnose. As a society, we need to get back to basics with our care. Tests and technology can only go so far if we ignore our patients.
  4. The result ... A fractured healthcare system that is unable to diagnose without testing and prescribing while disregarding the whole mind body connections. The fallout to this way of practicing medicine is a higher costs and sicker people.

It is up to us to recognize these challenges and bring the balance back into our lives. This means incorporate more mind body therapies into your lifestyle such as:

  • Implement a daily meditation program
  • Practicing proper nutrition and avoid GMO foods and high fructose corn syrup
  • Appropriate sleep habits
  • Avoid overscheduling
  • Implement spirituality into your daily life
  • Remember everything should be in balance.

It is up to us to advocate for what we believe and how we should be cared for, and remember a pill is not the answer to your prayers. Talk to you physicians from the heart. Write down your concerns prior to your visits. Don't be afraid to ask questions especially where procedures are a concern. If you are having challenges communicating with your medical professionals, you may want to consider seeking another opinion, other alternatives, or seek to change who you go to for your health care needs.

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