Remembering September Morning

Remembering 9/11

Most of us remember where we were or what we were doing on that clear September day. I remember walking in at my place of employment. At the base of the steps a co-worker told me that a plane just hit the towers. I remember walking to the top of the steps and saw everyone looking a their pc's with a dis-belief look on their faces. I remember my wife calling saying she worried about the our kids at school. I remember how emotions ran . I remember thinking about my 6 year old twin boys. I remember thinking of my wife,my family and friends. I remember the heroes.I remember getting in a circle at work and someone saying a pray. Most of all I remember how we all pulled together, one nation under God as Americans. Never forget, never.

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oceansnsunsets profile image

oceansnsunsets 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

GatorStrong, I hear you, and this is a great hub to encourage all to remember 9/11. I will never forget, and am thankful to those that risked their lives to try to help those and many didn't make it.

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