Replace our government now !

IBM for president now !

Okay ,Okay , I know what you're going to say , I know how you're going to react , I can see the furrowing of your brow even as we speak ! Hear me out friends ........please . We don't have to
suffer politics ever again , we don't have to listen to the incredibly moronic dialog of the election progress in one more November ! No ! I have the cure ! and here's the thing , I don't know why you all haven't already thought of this , hey ! I'm not an overly bright guy ! Cute , funny yea maybe , semi- good looking in a kinda- sorta way , yet the Final Solution that I propose to you now is one of the most brilliant one's .............well, that I have ever come up with !

Never again will American's ever have to avert your eye's again as you drive by the election headquarters and watch those fools out there smiling and waving their flags , no more posters on your unmown lawns , no phone calls at dinner hour , or at bedtime . No more starry eyed pundits on the six o'clock news , in fact , you may never have to think about politics ever again !

Imagine ,if you will ---- a computer ! And let's face it - Not even the latest , the fastest or the most advanced one on the market , No ! What I propose to you today my friends is the simplest solution to an ongoing epidemic of horseshyte to ever stain the earth ! No more Politics ! Yes , and you can be a part of this ! Imagine , no more polls , no more late dinners on election night , no more arguments at the office . No more Congressmen , No Senators , No presidents , never again will there ever , ever be a Joe Biden in the white house ! And the best part , no Presidential elections !

No my friends what I am about to unleash on the market today , a one time deal only is the "
@ The Salad-Master First Generation Political Computer , it is designed to replace the human element completely , No Filibusters , No Congressional recess' ,and the best part of all ; No more speeches !

Okay , so I'm in a funky mood ......That's a Funky mood there IMKarn ! ......Come on Leslie my friend ,...... don't even go there ! ........... And here's the best part of all , No more president , no dictators , and next : Canada , Mexico , OH my god , I could just go on and on about the positive ramifications of having a computer as a leader of any country , instead of a president or congressman , no more speaker of the house's , imagine no more of them ,.......... no more Idiot's at all ! Even the oldest computer of all , the most decrepit piece of crap hidden away any where's in the warehouses of IBM , or Apple , the biggest piece of crap HP or Acer has , the most moldy , broken down , missing parts of a keyboard that any of them have to offer ............Is better than what we have now !

Think about it !


Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

I worry here about your sanity. Don't you know that we would soon be arguing and dare I say voting over which are the best computers.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 2 years ago Author

But Eric hear me out , the oldest , the simplest , the slowest , the biggest bugged up P.C. would be better than congress , that's why the picture .!

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