Republican Isolation Chamber

Last night the Republicans did the impossible. They set up a win-win scenario for the Democrats in 2012. The "Rick and Mit show" accomplished what the Obama administration was hoping to do with the president's speech on jobs--net some added support for the Democrats.

Rick Perry is brilliant. Who else could have done what he did last night? Almost single-handedly, he defined the radical right wing of the Republican Party. Now conservatives are faced with a clear choice. Do they want to continue courting the radical right, or do they want to nurture a connection with mainstream America and mainstream politics, in general? It is the current and growing conservative dilemma.

If they choose to go mainstream, their guy is apparently going to be Mitt Romney, whose electability has been questioned on the basis of religion. If they go radical, their guy is going to be Perry, and mainstream America will see to it that the Republican ticket is defeated. Perry has accomplished the impossible by exhibiting his take-on-the-world antagonism, and in the process either garnered enough support to guarantee Republican defeat in a general election, or at least established the radical right wing as so isolated that it is irrelevant.

Three cheers for Mr. Perry. The new Superman of politics. Our hero. I never thought I would see the day when I could be happy about anything Rick Perry did, but surprise! That day has come.

Thank you, Rick!

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