Republicans are confused in how to attack Obama

Republicans are confused in how to attack Obama

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Republicans are confused in how to attack Obama

Republicans are confused in how to attack Obama
Republicans are confused in how to attack Obama | Source

Republicans are confused in how to attack Obama

Difference between elections in USA and India

One of the main differences between the national parliamentary election in India and the Presidential election in USA had been in the degree of personal attack. I am using the words ‘had been’ deliberately because in the past it used to have a clear cut distinction between the two countries in the degree of personal attack. Indian elections always involve personal attack as the main platform. I am not referring to the street corner speakers of political parties who throw abuses on the opposition candidates to get into the good books of their local leaders to earn for their daily livelihood and to get a cheap rate arrack bottle for that night. Such street speakers can be excused because they are illiterate and cannot indulge in sophisticated communication. I am talking about well educated and top leaders of the political parties like Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi called the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Agent of Death’, ‘Devil’ and indulged such choicest abuses. If mudslinging comes from an illiterate lower level party worker, it can be at least understood if not condoned. But if it comes from a leader like Sonia Gandhi, there is no excuse for it. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa described Sonia Gandhi as a person who has no loyalty to her husband. Mayawati calls Mulayam Singh Yadav as a ‘Goonda’. Karunanidhi called the late MGR as a ‘Malayalee’. Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan called the head of the Royal Family of Travancore as a thief who stole jewels from Padmanabaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram in lunch box.

Obama keeps his cool

For a change, elections in USA had been characterised by policy issues rather than personality clashes. There had been healthy debates in the television channels between the two contenders from the GOP and the Democratic Party. These debates had been marked by sharp arguments and discussions and have never slipped into personality clashes. At least this was true till the last election. But now the situation is changing albeit slowly. Republican contenders are indulging in personality clashes among themselves to win the party ticket. Finally when the choice is finalised, the GOP will sharpen its attack on President Obama. But luckily, Obama is keeping his cool and has not degraded himself to the level of the GOP candidates or for that matter Sonia Gandhi in India.

Obama knows that he is going to win

But there could be a reason behind Obama’s cool. Obama has been watching silently the mistakes or rather blunders committed by the Republican contenders one by one. As these contenders war with each other for getting a ticket to finally lose to Obama, Obama may think that it is rather a waste of time to attack the candidates by their names. When you know that you are going to win, you keep quiet and watch the proceedings. Speech is silver, silence is gold after all. This was the reason why the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi kept quiet and did not indulge in a personal attack on Sonia Gandhi. Modi knew that Sonia Gandhi was bound to lose the election in Gujarat. Therefore he thought it fit to keep quiet and let Sonia Gandhi attack him to the maximum extent. The attack had the opposite effect. It generated anger among the people of Gujarat against Sonia Gandhi and sympathy for Modi. Gujarat people also respected Modi and praised him for not getting provoked in the midst of a scathing attack by Sonia Gandhi. Modi would have laughed in his mind Sonia Gandhi’s foolishness to facilitate him to earn respect among the people. Maybe, Obama could be following the same tactic against the GOP.

Even the Republicans do not like Romney

As the Republican presidential primaries approach to finalise who has to lose to Obama, the attacking voices increase in their pitch. It appears at the moment that Mitt Romney may ultimately be chosen as the sacrificial goat at the altar of Obama. Even Republican voters detest Romney for his hate speeches full of lies and half lies. Again coming to the Indian example, had Sonia Gandhi spoken on policy issues alone without attacking Modi personally using epithets, Modi would have tasted defeat or at the best would have won with a reduced and uncomfortable majority. That would have lifted the image of Sonia Gandhi. In USA, the GOP finds difficult to pick up issues to attack Obama.

Republicans have attacked Obama on every possible count

Already the GOP had attacked Obama on issues like his $444 billion economic package, deficit reduction, taxing the rich, taxing profitable companies and other issues. Romney is attacking Obama for reducing the defence expenditure whereas Obama had in fact increased the defence expenses. This is plain falsehood. But do not blame the Republicans for uttering falsehood against Obama. They are in the same position as Sonia Gandhi is vis-à-vis Narendra Modi. The Republicans had even attacked Obama’s health care policies.

Republicans blast Obama for his defence policies

The Republicans have been attacking Obama for coddling the enemies of USA. Obama has been accused for subordinating American security to international bodies and for being afraid to use violence. Perhaps the Republicans may attack Obama of being cowardly for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. They may attack Obama for allowing himself to be cheated by Pakistan which has played a double game of receiving huge US aid and at the same time protecting the dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden.

There is some justification for the Republican attack on defence matters

I do not say that the Republican attacks on the above counts are all sheer rubbish. The attacks carry sense to some extent. Everybody in the world knows that Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism in the world and the plot to strike at the World Trade Centre and kill innocent Americans was hatched by the Pakistan army, ISI and Osama. That was why Osama was protected by the Pakistan army in a safe place near their cantonment. Knowing this fully, why should Obama pour billions of dollars into Pakistan? Now at last Obama has brought a defence bill to end American aid to Pakistan. But he cannot escape criticism for his past action. But now that Obama has shut the door for Pakistan to receive any aid, the Republicans cannot make this an issue anymore.

Obama is riding on his luck

When the Republicans have run out of issues to attack Obama, the last thing left is personal attack. They are sharpening their wits and tongues a la Sonia Gandhi to take on Obama at the personal level. Mitt Romney will have to invent many lies and half truths (half lies) to bombard Obama and raise his respect and fame further. As the presidential election campaign heats up, two things are increasingly becoming evident. The first thing is that if the Republicans lower their voices, speak little and let the Americans to judge the performance of Obama, it will bring a shock defeat for Obama the same way for Jimmy Carter in 1980. Secondly, it is still more evident that this plain truth will elude the minds of the GOP candidates as they battle pitch for the campaign ahead of them. Best wishes to Obama for a happy and victorious 2012 – ride on your luck as long as it lasts.

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truthisntstupid profile image

truthisntstupid 4 years ago from Missouri

Wow. ramkimeena, you're more knowledgeable about American sociopolitical issues than most Americans are! Well done!

Voted up, interesting, and funny.

(Funny because the ignorance of the GOP is so entertaining.)

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you truthisntstupid for your complements

elprijaf5 profile image

elprijaf5 4 years ago

Obama respected? What world do you live in. Not this one. Who More so than Barack Hussein Obama is more guilty of personal ad hominem attacks. You like a lot of your Republican In Name Only counter parts wish that that were the case, that the GOP hopefuls will be easy on him. Does it look like Governor Perry or Newt will or Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann Mitt will for that matter. Obama now has a record. No more of this hopey dopey changey stuff. You can pile your brand of manure as high as you want, wont matter. Americans are now poorer and more worse off and this country is at more risk than ever before in the history of America, even more than the time of President Hoover. And that is specifically because of Barack Obama and his administrative policies. This bill he signed today only ends about 40 percent of 1.1 billion in aid to Pakistan. Your like article like most progressive's is full of dis ingenuousness. Who is it that divides Americans between racial, wealth and the political divide Barack Obama and democrats, be not confused Barack Obama has no win for the 2012 presidential election. Who respects Obama? The Russians sure dont. Neither does China, Nor the Iranians, not even Chavez in this hemispheres Latin America. The bloom is off of the Obama rose he could not raise the sea levels and he certainly did nothing to bring Americans together, and, he has only made himself and only his Crony Capitalist buddies better off. Not most any other American. We Americans want no more of Obamaville. Now r-e-s-p-e-c-t that.

elprijaf5 profile image

elprijaf5 4 years ago

Barack Hussein Obama cannot run on his policies. What is he going to say I have improved your lives by my economic policies when the true unemployment rate is upwards of twelve percent. Or will he say vote for me because I have implemented policies to lower your energy bills, or your mortgage payments or for that mater your food cost.

Stop dreaming. Barack Hussein Obama can not run on his record that is why all of his so called propagandist media types like yourself, try to invent straw men arguments to try and get us off track. It will not work. We are focused lick a laser on this election and he will go down to defeat in a landslide.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 4 years ago from The East Coast

I don't think they have to attack Obama, they should focus on what they can offer to voters as an alternative to what Obama has offered. It shouldn't be that hard.

truthisntstupid profile image

truthisntstupid 4 years ago from Missouri


Wizard Of Whimsy profile image

Wizard Of Whimsy 4 years ago from The Sapphire City

Let's see—what have the R's offered thus far . . . and in the future? More obstruction and dysfunction—more petty resentments and misinformation—more corporate power and domination of our political process—yeah I agree, the Republicans can really offer a lot more ways to sink America deeper in the pit.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

Confused? Doubtful. He has no record to run on. That is the confusing part. His policies have failed, Obamacare is at a 70% disapproval rating, the scandals surrounding him are thick (Fast and Furious comes to mind) and you think they're confused. As one slogan years ago pointed out, "it's the economy stupid." He has no clue. and you think anyone is confused. The fireworks show is just about to begin. His tactic is to blame anyone, everyone and all of us. The blame lies within himself for being a narcissistic, ego maniac. self serving Anti-American. Confused? LMAO

The Frog

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