Reservation to SC and ST

Rahul Gandhi Was Guided By M K Alagiri and Karunanidhi

Rahul Gandhi Was Guided By M K Alagiri and Karunanidhi
Rahul Gandhi Was Guided By M K Alagiri and Karunanidhi | Source
Rahul Gandhi Was Guided By M K Alagiri and Karunanidhi
Rahul Gandhi Was Guided By M K Alagiri and Karunanidhi | Source

Rahul Gandhi's unsuccessful attempt to divert attention

Rahul’s Brilliant Ploy

Rahul Gandhi thought out a brilliant ploy to counter the opposition campaign against the Congress in the wake of coalgate scandal. Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) reported that a massive loss of Rs.186000 crore has been incurred by the Central government headed by the Congress Party in allotment of coalfields to private parties. This shook the conscience of India. Opposition parties started campaigning against the government. Kapil Sibal, as usual, stated that the government incurred zero loss in coal allotments. Media including TV channels started campaigning against the government. The principal opposition party BJP did not allow the parliament to function and forced its adjournment.

Reservations to SC and ST

The government and the Prime Minister did not know what to do under the circumstances. But Rahul Gandhi came up with a brilliant idea to counter the opposition. He made the government to introduce a Bill in the parliament recommending for promotions to Schedules Caste and Scheduled Tribe employees in government service. This stunned the principal opposition party BJP.

BJP Was Stunned

If the BJP continues its paralysis of parliament, then Rahul Gandhi can accuse it as preventing the welfare of SCs and STs. That will tarnish the image of the BJP and at the same time allow Rahul to escape from the coalgate bombardment at least for some time. On the other hand if the BJP stops paralysing parliament and cooperates with the government in passage of the bill, it will be tantamount to a victory for Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi Was Guided By M K Alagiri and Karunanidhi

The opposition and particularly the BJP were truly caught in the parlour of the enmeshed web twined by Rahul Gandhi. Congress circles appreciated the strategy laid out by Rahul Gandhi. Actually it was not Rahul’s original strategy. He was guided by his bosom friend and Union Minister M K Alagiri, son of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President M Karunanidhi. Rahul Gandhi respects Karunanidhi as his political guru and never does anything without consulting him.

Mulayam Spins a Googly at Rahul

The media also highlighted the confusion and hesitation of BJP in handling this issue. But then something unexpected happened. Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Samajwadi Party chief span a googly at Rahul. Mulayam stated that he was not opposed to the Bill allowing reservations in promotions to SC & ST employees, but wanted this concession to be extended to the backward class employees also. Samajwadi party MPs paralysed the Rajya Sabha, the upper house and prevented the passage of the Bill. Some more political parties including the DMK also joined the fray and wanted the government to extend the same concession to backward class employees also.

Missile Boomerangs on Rahul

Now Rahul Gandhi is stunned. If he agrees to the opposition demand and extends the concessions to the backward class employees also, it will be tantamount to a victory for the opposition parties including the BJP. On the other hand if Rahul steadfastly opposes such a move, he will be projected by the opposition as a villain against the welfare of the backward class people. Rahul’s missile has boomeranged on him. Whatever happens, the attention in the coming days will once again turn towards the coal scandal and Rahul will have to face the music. But Rahul will not give it up so easily. He may come out with yet another strategy to divert the attention from the burning coalgate scandal. Rahul may propose reservations for backward class, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe in Indian cricket team. That will open up the debate and divert the issue for some time. Rahul has one big asset with him. It is Karunanidhi’s advice and friendship. Rahul Gandhi will always be proud of this asset and friendship.


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