Riding the Rails to the White House (moving along at many different speeds)

Wow, what a Political Season this has been...we started out with, what was it,Twenty-Five or so Candidates?

Maybe a lot more, if you consider the members of the numerous Parties, all initially running for the Office of the Presidency?

The weeds have been cleared out though; some were completely destroyed and will never be seen or heard from again, some will push through and attempt another come back and some will come back thicker and stronger and more fierce than ever. Not even a Skull and Crossbone labeled product will be able to stop them, when they get their next opportunity!

It will be quite the spectacle, but that will all be determined a few years from now.

We have an election upon us, it is right around the corner!

We're down to basically, technically, logistically and realistically, Hillary Clinton(D) and Donald Trump(R).

I remember seeing a Hillary bumper sticker, well over a year ago, could have been a year and a half ago...Wow, that's just crazy. There was a young lady driving the car and I wanted so badly to talk to her, but feared for my safety and decided to mind my own business that day. (I am perfectly capable of doing so....from time to time)

A lot has transpired since then!

I believe that we've seen Hillary in all of her glory, out of the shadows, unhidden, in the full sun, no mysteries. All blemishes as clear as the pantsuit on her person.

Some of you have always been for Hillary and will always be for Hillary, come hell or high water, she's your Choice! Hillary or Bust!

Some of you are having second thoughts about Ms. Clinton, you don't know if you can trust her, you feel as though you've been lied to and let down, too many times. You have begun to question who this woman really is...deep down!

Many of you were at the Station, the minute you heard that there was a train a coming...you were there; for some, because Trump peaked your interest and for the very first time you took an interest in Politics, for others because you hadn't taken an interest in a very long time, but with him, your ears perked up, you took a listen and liked what you heard.

For the majority, you've always been involved, but you've had it with both Parties, you've become disillusioned and have been hoping for someone that you could get behind and support and a Businessman perfectly Fits the Bill at this moment in time.

Some of you are like me, in a different category altogether, you saw Hillary's true colors long ago and knew that she could never gain your support. No need to conquer hell or high water, you couldn't support her on the most perfect, idyllic day to ever exist!

You have looked at and studied Trump closely and agree with most of what he has to say, you're almost onboard and then....Wham Bam, something completely unexpected comes out of left field and leaves you shaken. Most recently, this notion of Government Involved, maternity leave and child care and elderly care. You look again, even closer, to make sure that there really is an (R) by his name, once you have calmed down and can see clearly again.

You, like me, have been longing for a True Conservative, Principled, Driven by Love of Country and Guided by the Constitution, knowing full well that the Constitution limits them, but they, like you, understand and desire for that to Always be the case, it is what sets America apart. If they are Limited, that means that All other Individuals, that WILL come along, will be Equally as Limited!

This go round, that was not meant to be, so we, in this category, are left in Limbo!

We're certainly not on the fast track, we're atop the old-fashioned handcar, moving, but moving very slowly, trying to keep up or just trying to find our way. Looking behind us occasionally, making sure that we haven't missed anything, but always looking Ahead.

Praying that we will All arrive at the destination that will benefit America first and foremost!

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