Rihanna: Leaked Photos from Chris Brown Assault

Rihanna after she was assaulted by Chris Brown
Rihanna after she was assaulted by Chris Brown

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People have been saying that R&B singer Rihanna was beaten by R&B singer Chris Brown during an argument. No one had seen the photos, but TMZ somehow has gotten ahold of the photo of a badly beaten Rihanna.

The internet community has been in an outrage about this whole situation. People making hateful messages towards Chris Brown. Articles being written everywhere suggesting physical harm to the male singer.

Some people believe that Rihanna is going to be the new face of domestic violence.

Chris Brown needs to seek professional help, because there is no reason why a women should be battered this way. No reason whatsoever could justify his actions towards R&B singer Rihanna.

After the assault, lame apology

After the assault, Chris Brown issued a lame apology after his arrest for assault by saying that he was seeking spiritual help from his mother and pastor, but these pics of a battered Rihanna are criminal. There is nothing that she could've done to deserve to be beaten like this.

Brown is a hypercrite. He is a women beater, just like his stepfather that he claimed beat on his mother.

  • Jay-z Threatens Brown-When the assault was first reported, no one knew whether or not the victim was Rihanna, it was just speculation. But during that time, evidence was beginning to be released that the victim was in fact Rihanna. Jay-z, the man that discovered and mentored Rihanna was enraged about the situation that had occurred. Jay-z made a statement saying "Chris Brown is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew."

The damage to Rihanna is so bad that there is rumors that she will be canceling her 21st birthday bash while she recovers.

  • Sentencing: Chris Brown could do up to 9 years in prison-

Rihanna Press Deadly Weapon Charges

Recently, reports have been popping up about Rihanna pressing deadly weapon charges against R&B singer Chris Brown. Although the police say that Chris Brown's arrest was referred as assault with a deadly weapon, there was no weapon present involving the attack.

They said that there was an umbrella in the car, which TMZ states "would've been the most ironic thing ever", no weapons were present. One law enforcement officer that has been dead on the case says that Rihanna suffered a concussion and bite marks.

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Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

wow some development! thanks for sharing

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

wow nice info

TheRealTruth profile image

TheRealTruth 7 years ago from Virginia

no man should EVER lay there hands on a woman....EVER!

CarolynnMarie profile image

CarolynnMarie 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I think it's incredibly disgusting that:

(1) Rihanna's name was released by the police (they called her identity "fair game")

(2) The photo was leaked, at all. ever

(3) Bloggers and commenters keep reposting the photo

(4) The police issued an absurd apology/chastisement re:the release of the photo and proved themselves hypocrites (paraphrase:"we take the privacy of domestic violence victims seriously," - hah!)


(5) Many people are failing to see the bigger issue - that victims of domestic violence deserve their privacy, regardless of fame or occupation

MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

Being battered can ruin a woman's life, or at least her outlook on it... Especially when pics of her pain are already spread across the world. Poor Rhianna, I feel for her, I really do... Chris Brown should have worse done to him, THEN they should make the pics of him public to show just how F'ing WEAK he really is!

Dunndee 7 years ago

my god what is it with people who think that they can beat on a woman and get away with it ... even though Rihanna's name or photo should have been released it shows us that even the rich and famous have their problems. Chris Brown should be treated like alll men who beat on their wife's, girlfriends. Send him to prison then we will see how big of a man he really is

jay  7 years ago


reek inferno 856 7 years ago

of course u would u prolly one of his lil dumbass HS groupies yall types make me sick how old r u like 12 13 i mite be able to understand then

mr williams profile image

mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia Author

Wow be nice people Lol

shaquille w profile image

shaquille w 7 years ago

i heard that jayz gave rihanna herpes and she gave it to chris brown. that is what the rumor is for now but if that rumor is true then she got what she needed and she have gotten more that that.

mr williams profile image

mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia Author

I also heard that rumor. If it was true then there would be a better understanding of why Chris Brown did what he did, instead of thinking he's a psychopath. Thank you Shaquille W

Candy 7 years ago

I still like chris Brown we all do nstupid shit He regrets every single thing he did So i think/know that u should leave chris alone he is avery sewwt hot guy Stop hating o n him bitches

mr williams profile image

mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia Author

No ones hating on Chris Brown, its all facts. I felt it was a good topic to write about. That's what writers do, correct? Yeah I thought so. You must be young. Wanna know how I know? Most young people can't spell good but can spell curse words perfectly Lol

mr williams profile image

mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia Author

No ones hating on Chris Brown, its all facts. I felt it was a good topic to write about. That's what writers do, correct? Yeah I thought so. You must be young. Wanna know how I know? Most young people can't spell good but can spell curse words perfectly Lol

Aragon5000 profile image

Aragon5000 7 years ago

So sad and disgusting

Jess 7 years ago

Really it doesn't matter that chris brown has really good songs, this should not give him special consequences for his actions, I don't give a shit it does not matter what a women does to piss a man off they don't deserve beaten under no circumstances.

People need to look at this situation in a bigger perspective as this is the principals of morals and respect and just in generalbeing a strong women

Honestly for those people that are fans of chris brown be realistic and realise that if you was in a relationship where you was beaten ask your self would you stay with that? because i wouldn't actually i would smack that bastard who hit me. This is what its about standing up for your self when something is right or wrong and you will know this when you in this circumstances.

Jess 7 years ago

I just want to make my point strong for those people or fans that think you would go back to chris or your abuser, you obviously got problems SO GET HELP because your insane if you think that shit is ok because its not.

Visual is this perspective for those that don't understand my point put your self in this situation ok.......

you are a parent and you have a daughter regardless if you are a mum or dad, if she was in a relationship and being bashed by her boyfriend or husband what would you do or rather. Find your daughter dead or seriously injuried or get help where she has escaped from her abuser and live a happer life. SIMPLE RIGHT


Post your comments i be glade to see what people think about my comment, and im speaking in general.

mr williams profile image

mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia Author

Besides the profanity, I like your point of view. Speaking honestly is what makes conversation interesting, keep it up :)

Contrice 6 years ago

I also feel that there is nothing a woman can do to deserve to be hit or abused in any way. I do not understand it when women make excuses for Chris Brown. I have heard several woman saying "Oh well Rihanna started it" or "You have to know when to leave him alone." What kind of mentality is this. Since when is it okay to make excuses for a woman to be beat?

kiss 5 years ago

Look I don't thk s woman should be beat on but sometimes a lot of woman do keep shit going and want drop anything and it causes a mean mess like dat

dreamgirll 5 years ago

now come on if chris brown had did that to rihanna would he be out rite no he wouldn't he would be behind bars i say that if he did hit her she woulnt look like she got beat up by a gang of people because that's what the picture looks like

Amand 4 years ago

After this I will never be aver a music fan for Chris Brown ever until I die.Ithought he was a man but,a role model, a star but now.Ido not see all that.Aman who bets a women is nothing but a uselesss coward.

Scott B 4 years ago

In lieu of recent events and after seeing these pics I really hope that Rihanna has enough sense to NOT get back together with him


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