Rising gas prices lower travel rates of low incomed

Photo taken during a drive to Springfield, MO for a dentist appointment.
Photo taken during a drive to Springfield, MO for a dentist appointment. | Source

 Have you seen the price of gas in the last few days?  Near or over $3.00 a gallon all over the U.S., these rising prices could greatly reduce the traveling of lower income families. Some of this travel is usually done for doctor appointments or dental appointments for children as finding providers gets more and more difficult.  Should the price of gas completely eliminate the ability to get to appointments, parents could hear a lot more from Big Brother as the government deems it abuse to not see these professionals on a regular basis regardless of availability.  What can you do?  If you are expecting a tax return and pay rent for your housing we recommend you prepay as much as you can and get it in writing that you are paid and not subject to rent increases during the time which you have already paid.  Then you will have more money freed to be able to get where you have to go and possibly a little to do more free-time activities with your families.

On the heels of the gas increases will soon be food price increases.  Gardening is key here folks.  Do whatever you can to lower your spending and you should do fairly or at least scrape by when gas becomes a controlled substance being doled out in government controlled increments.  I also recommend grabbing silver when you can, forget gold, the price on it is already fairly high and will only continue to rise.  Another thing to do is get whatever kind of animal you can raise in your area for food.  Check city ordinances on the allowance of rabbits and chickens.  These are the cheapest to care for, easiest to house, and simplest to process at home for meat.  The chickens feathers can be used for many things and the rabbits fur is a great thing to have in truly hard times as some may trade other things for its warmth.

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