Ron Paul's View on the Oversea's Wars and Occupations

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Unlike other presidential candidates, Ron Paul's view on the overseas wars and occupations is crystal clear and easy to understand. He feels that friendship and diplomacy are the way to peace and prosperity between nations, not war and pseudo-isolationism.

Ron Paul feels that our occupations and illegal wars in foreign nations are not only bankrupting us, but they are criminal acts, that would not be taken by American's if foreign troops were on our shores, accidentally killing our families under the false-flag of security.

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What do you think about our overseas wars and occupations? Isn't it a time we gave peace a chance? 9 comments

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BUNTOO-9-KHAN 5 years ago from PAKISTAN

okay nice piece of writing,but if u really want a true picture of war just try to visit the affected areas ok.

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SubRon7 5 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Good job, BizGenGirl! That ad was correct about at least one thing: For every American killed by foreign forces 10 more would pick up arms, eventually even some of the "bleeding hearts" would, but never all of them who live under our umbrella of US Strength. I believe the vast majority of Americans see through the likes of Ron Paul.

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American Romance 5 years ago from America

diplomacy NEVER works on crazed idiots! When will liberals learn this? Ron Paul is weak and shows a lack of world understanding! He is too dangerous to put in the White House!

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CMerritt 5 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

What do you think Europe would be like now if we had that attitude? If Hitler has his was, and mass slaughtered millions of Jews. What do you think the world would be like now if we had that attitude? If the US had not stepped in after Japan attacked us on Pearl Harbor. Do you think had we not done anything after 9/11, we would not have suffered MORE attacks?

Do you think the cold war would have stopped IF the US had done nothing?

I still say, that PEACE through STRENGTH is vital to keeping order on this earth. Reagan proved this. We had the longest and strongest economic peacetime during his tenure.

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geordmc 5 years ago from Beliot, Wisconsin


PEACE through STRENGTH. The same phrase that our illustrious first president stated is as true today as it was then. WELL SAID!!!

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michiganman567 5 years ago from Michigan

What is Ron Paul's position on Iran? Would we have to lose an air craft carrier before he would be willing to act?

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lovemychris 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

Iran is no threat to us, Israel is! When are we going to stop this:

"Israel frequently isolates adults and children, notably Palestinians. Facilities most commonly used include Al Mascobiyya interrogation center in Jerusalem, Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv, and Al Jalame near Haifa.

Israel’s Prison Service (IPS), Israel Security Agency (ISA), and Israeli police administer these facilities.

From February 2008 through November 2011, DCI/Palestine documented 34 child abuse cases. They endured “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and in some cases, torture, in violation of the” Torture Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Fourth Geneva."

People are always saying "what if", "what if"....and ignore the brutality and horror right in front of their eyes! As long as we pay for,support and supply the weapons to these Zionists Thugs, we are no better than any other Thugs the world over.

Ron Paul is right here! And at least he's no hypocrit on this issue, like the other R's. He is anti-abortion, AND anti-war...the rest of them are all for Bombing the heck out of Iran and Palestine--living, breathing human beings-- but don't you dare touch an ameoba in the womb.

Obama's no hypocrit either. He recognizes the need for military force, and the need for abortion.

I will just say, if Ron Paul thinks he can go up against the MIC...he's fooling himself.

Good for him for speaking his morals....but good luck fighting the Powers That Be.

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 5 years ago from Seattle Author

@CMerrit, you should look up Godwin's Law. For however clever your statement may have been, it got lost with your mention of hilter and nazi's. Can we be more original?

Also, "PEACE through STRENGTH" sounds like something hilter would impose on people, similar to "PEACE by FORCE"...

Maybe it's just me, am I the only one that see's that connection?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

We need to save the Palestinians from the Zionists, just like we saved the Jews from the Nazis.

If we can't do that, we deserve what we get.

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