Rundown Town - Bicknell, Indiana, U.S.A.

Bicknell, Indiana, is another small town dying from the center out.

All photos taken in and around Bicknell, Indiana.

Once a thriving farming and mining town, but now...

Welcome to Bicknell. Except for a couple of bars and a grocery, the downtown is pretty much decayed. There are a few other businesses hanging on by their fingernails, but they won't last long, probably.
Welcome to Bicknell. Except for a couple of bars and a grocery, the downtown is pretty much decayed. There are a few other businesses hanging on by their fingernails, but they won't last long, probably.
One of the banks fled some time ago.
One of the banks fled some time ago.
So did the other. Want to buy it?
So did the other. Want to buy it?
The majesty of Great Green God Money shines through.
The majesty of Great Green God Money shines through.
Needs a little work, though. Don't worry. You now own a bank. Money is no longer a problem, right? Right? Um, never mind.
Needs a little work, though. Don't worry. You now own a bank. Money is no longer a problem, right? Right? Um, never mind.
Most of the town is shuttered, boarded up, and for sale.
Most of the town is shuttered, boarded up, and for sale.
There appears to have been a fire. The town is so lethargic no one's bothered to clean it up.
There appears to have been a fire. The town is so lethargic no one's bothered to clean it up.
Generations of ghost signs sigh wearily.
Generations of ghost signs sigh wearily.
Ever since our earthquake almost a year ago, this building's face has been peeling. Every few weeks another layer of brick falls away and the town closes the street to clean it up. Someday the whole thing's going to come crashing down. I hope I'm now
Ever since our earthquake almost a year ago, this building's face has been peeling. Every few weeks another layer of brick falls away and the town closes the street to clean it up. Someday the whole thing's going to come crashing down. I hope I'm now
Welcome to my parlor. Would you like a brandy?
Welcome to my parlor. Would you like a brandy?
This barn has seen better days.
This barn has seen better days.
And so has this one.
And so has this one.

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Jeff Young 7 years ago

Sorry to see it in bad shape, lived there in the early 60s went to the 1st -6th grades there

Ron Ackman 7 years ago

Some of your pictures are accurate I admit but some are also outdated and the problem has been corrected. It would be good if you visited again and got your files updated. From Ron Ackman, Bicknell Bed and Breakfast and Ron Ackman Real Estate, both downtown businesses.

mike 7 years ago

hey ron i was therejust a few days ago what's changed did someone pick up the couch.

Eyvonne 7 years ago

I was there just last week and hadn't been there in several years. NOTHING at all has changed and the pictures to me are very accurate.

Dave Fox 7 years ago

It's too bad things have gone the way they have. My family was there for generations, the Fox's were farmers just outside of town and the Atkinson's and Wheats were prominent families in town for generations as well. I was born in Vincennes in 1959 and we lived in and around Bicknell until about 1963 when we moved to Johnson County; even at that we would return for monthly visits to see grandparents. Bicknell was a grand city, well kept up and prosperous, and a fun place to be until probably the early to mid-80's. Then what happened? Wish I knew!!! I've got tons of great memories at least.

JimmyBee profile image

JimmyBee 7 years ago from southern Indiana Author

Dave-- I don't know for sure what happened but I think it was the arrival of Wal*Mart and other big box stores to the area. I grew up in Odon and the same thing happened there. It was a nice, clean town until the late '80s or early '90s. When the big box stores came, they drove the Mom 'n Pops out of business, which led to falling tax revenues and all the other small town woes. It's a shame.

Reese 7 years ago

I was born in Bicknell, went all thru school and lived there until 1969. I moved in 1969 because I seen it coming back then. No one and I mean NO ONE is going to raise it up . They all waited too damn long. You can not bring back the downtown, just tear down the bad buildings, it might look better.

Paula Wilson 7 years ago

I have been to Bicknell and feel in love with it and the area around it.I now looking for a home to by ther.I am on a limited income but hopfull that I cam find a "for sale by ouner" deal .If any of you have any ideals,maybe you could let me know?I have a downpayment that I think is good enough. Thank you

jerm 7 years ago

There are all kinds of for sale by owner houses,because people want out. We have a surface mine close by maybe bicknell can borrow one of their dozers and go down main street flattening

all that junk.and what about that water bill,an easy $100 amonth.

Donna Penman  7 years ago

My grandparents settled in Bicknell in 1915 when it was a busy mining town. My grandmother worked at the 5 and dime and raised 5 children there after my grandfather died. She loved that town and now I love it for it. I visited last year and was heartbroken to see what has happened to Bicknell as well as many small towns across the Midwest. Walmart and other big box stores have destroyed small town American and yet people run to those stores every day and then wonder why our small towns have died. It always comes down to money!

Joyce Hosier Walter 6 years ago

We lived in Bicknell in the late 60's. I have some great memories from our years there. I haven't been back for many years. I'm very sorry to see how things have gone ! Sad !

Rob Kears 6 years ago

I am researching my family history and know that my grandmother's brother settled in Bicknell many years ago.He was James Hall born 5 September 1885. He was the son of John Hall and Frances Burn. He was a coal miner from around Sacriston, Co Durham, England. I recall my Grandmother hearing from the family in the 1950s when Bicknell seemed very prosperous. If anyone reads this and has any knowledge of the family I would be grateful if they could let me know or pass on a message. My email address is I hope there is no problem with my using this in this way.

Many thanks

Regina Jones 6 years ago

I still own my Grandmother's house in Bicknell. Will be fixing it up this Summer. I took the same photos of Bicknell a couple of years ago. Actually the very first pictured posted is the apartment building on the point...I lived there in the upstairs apt. around 1974.

I will be back in Bicknell next week....should be intersting.

Kathleen Dukate 6 years ago

My grandmother was born in Bicknell in 1912. She is 98 years old and still beams when she talks about the small town. Her father was a coal miner there. She would be heartbroken to see what it seems to be like now. Would love to hear from anyone else who has or has had family there from 1912=1925 or so.

Charles Roger Devine 6 years ago


Bicknell was named from my great great grandfather from mother side of the family John Bicknell. Have been back in few years. sad to see it such need of repair

mahalo from Hilo, Hawaii

SCOTT MOORE 6 years ago


mwarrenh 6 years ago

ive lived here for 13 years now. i went for a walk the other day and took some pictures on main street. their 'fix' of the old bank building with all the crap falling off the side, was to put up a tall white fence so you cant see the junk on the ground. then you have one of the other buildings with the face falling off so bad they had to put up barriers so no one gets hit by anything from it. i dont see anything that's been rightfully 'corrected' as mr ackman stated. (unless someone did pick up that couch to put on their porch)

Dee 6 years ago

My grandparents are from Bicknell. My grandmother was Opal Thomas nee Thompson (parents Carl and Ida)

My dad was Noble Lee (his father was Noble Ray who died in a car accident before he was born) and then my grandmother married Robert Thomas (father John Thomas) My son is trying to research the geneology of our family and I would be grateful for any help.

I can be reached at

nancy 6 years ago

I have lived in Bicknell ever since 79' Very sad that when I look back on being a kid in Bicknell, down town was where we wanted to be, there were stores in every building, and people everywhere, now you would be hard pressed to see much of anything going on exept the bars and one small resturant and grocery downtown.

I remember Labor Day weekend when we were kids, carnival rides, flee marketers and again people everywhere. How sad. But there is no shortage of police. It is really sad that as the town growes smaller, it seems we need to have more police. Like someone else said, it all comes down to money! Dont get me wrong, not putting down the police, actually glad to have them, its just depressing to know that they are need more now than ever and there isn't even anything here!

Maybe with all the grants that are rolling into Bickenll it may become something again, never give up hope!

No matter what I do love this little town, well what's left of it anyway!

JimmyBee profile image

JimmyBee 6 years ago from southern Indiana Author

Nancy, I know what you mean. I live in Washington. There are a lot of empty buildings and rundown neighborhoods. I see plenty of people who look like they used up the very last of their luck. But right downtown we have what looks like a small prison. It's well maintained and well funded and it's always busy. Sure does make you wonder....

Kelly Stewart 6 years ago

I lived in Bicknell until 1970, when we moved to Oxford, Ohio parents both grew up in Bicknell...The Perucca's and Courter's..I think my grandmother still lives there, On Ohio street..I remember this town as a child...its really in bad shape now...

Jeanne Ellison  6 years ago

My mother's family ran one if the two funeral homes; McClure funeral home and Ambulance service. It still is there, but has been taken over by a big company. I have wonderful memories off my childhood thru the 70's and 80's visiting every summer, walking down Main St to the IGA to buy a popsicle. My cousin worked at one of the stores. I was in Bicknell two Years ago this Christmas and my cousin drove me thru town and out to the ballfields where I watched many a games, and I cried. I hated seeing the happiest place I spent my summers a ghost town. My family still lives in the area, in Bruceville, and my Uncle still works at the funeral home. I wish time could be turned back, and bring Bicknell back. So sad!

Nancy Anderson 6 years ago

I grew up in the Brick neighborhood and spent my time going to movies and roller skating in Bicknell - still go to Bicknell regularly to visit relatives - most of the comments are true with EXCEPTION OF THE COMMENT FROM THE FICTICIOUS MAYOR that is untrue - he is working very hard to "redo" Bicknell - so you owe him an apology on that one. Pictures are one thing - but untrue comments are not necessary.

Pat Redmond Perkinson 6 years ago

I know what it looks like. I was raised in Bicknell and graduated from BHS in 1963. Lived on N. Main St. Rd. across from the Ballarts and Loheiders. A great place to grow up. Went skating every chance I had along with ballgames etc. Wish everyone could have lived in a town like Bicknell growing up. Makes me sad to see it now.

Ron Strahley 6 years ago

I grew up in Bicknell, my mother who is 90 still lives there. Unfortunately, Bicknell is facing issues that many small towns are facing. No industry, no jobs, not enough tax money to operate the city government. It was a good place to grow up, Like Pat Perkinson, I enjoyed growing up in Bicknell and still have many friends who live in the area.

Bob Evans 6 years ago

It was a great town to grow up in and it still has some good people. Sure, there are some old deteriorating buildings, but don't judge a town on the quality of the mortar between the old bricks in its buildings. My family has been in Bicknell for nearly 100 years. It isn't the thriving town it was then when it was as populous as Vincennes. I played baseball with Ronnie Strahley for Salvation Army, although I didn't remember the Y at the end of his name. There have been some great people to come out of Bicknell, a Secretary of the Navy, a Secretary of the Treasury and many, many more successful people. There will continue to be more. So, don't write Bicknell off for dead. It may not be as pretty as it once was, but neither are we.

loy johnson 6 years ago

i moved to bicknell in the early 40s,and proudly graduated from there in 1956.since then, only returned for visits.shocked to see the demise of a once nice small

town. thru the years the people that were in political

and controlling positions should reflect shamfully on what they allowed to happen.

Elizabeth 6 years ago

As the owner or 2 small businesses in Downtown Bicknell, I would like to ask that you post some photos of the businesses which are trying to survive in Bicknell and still are proud to be from Bicknell..We know the town is in decay but there are those of us who are still trying!! Giving up on small towns is not the answer..

Sandra 6 years ago

I lived in Bicknell in the middle 70's through the early 80's. What a great town! I have a lot of good memories growing up there and what ashame how it is now. Does anyone know if Dodie's Pantry is still open? I worked there as a teenager and was good friends with the owners daughter, Laura.

RALPH E. JONES 6 years ago



Hans 6 years ago

Anyone in the downtown area that has a home for sale - please contact

Email photos if possible with price. Thank you.

DAVE FOX 6 years ago

Been a while since my last visit here, and it looks like 'more of the same'----many who are sad at the town's demise. Let's all share some of our GOOD memories of town. Some of my happy memories from childhood: Labor Day celebrations; Knox County Fair; and I recall as a kid (I was born in 1959), Friday and Saturday nights downtown, there would be so many people shopping that us kids would have to walk down along the curb because there wasn't room for us up on the sidewalk. I remember a double-screen movie theater downtown, along with bolwing lanes, a laundromat, Kitzmiller's Ford and Thompson's Chevy dealers. My mom worked at Tressler's Five and Dime when she was in school; Mr. Tressler who lived just up the street from my grandparents (Atkinson's and Wheat's) was reported to be a millionaire. I remember the smell of fresh meat and produce at Threlkeld's (not sure if I spelled it right) Grocery. Other happy memories will be forthcoming.....

bic 5 years ago

Wow, what a misleading article. I am not saying these pictures are not real because they are, but they are also one sided. I have lived in Bicknell my whole life. Unfortunately I am not old enough to remember the "glory" days, but everything changes. Anyhow where are the pictures of the good stuff in Bicknell? Like Dr. Kirkwood's, the Family Pharmacy, Warrior cafe formally Dodie's, Mcdonads, Mexican place, 2 dentist's place, dollar general store, bed and breakfast, Macky's, Casey's, BP, NAPA, Mullin's tow, Mullins Supply, Region's bank that is brand new, Old National bank, the post office, Sports Center Radio Shack, The Pool, The Parks, taverns, Liquor store, Paul's, Jimbo's, The Fair Grounds, Risley's, Treasure Hunt, New firehouse, French Club, The Elks, Hermetic Coil, Car Wash, City Hall, Basil Garden, Highway Salon, Sims monuments, Guardian Angel, Rex's body shop, Reynolds body shop, 2 funeral homes, or the new waste water plant? Don't get me wrong there is a lot wrong with this town I was born around the time it started going south, but I think it is starting to get better. I think we had such a big negative population shift it took awhile to level off, but they are tearing down a lot of the old houses and buildings. What do people expect though when you have a town that had a population of over 10 thousand decrease to 3 thousand in less the 100 years? There will be empty houses and abandoned buildings, Everyone acts like they do not know what happen or that it is just Walmart's fault. Well the main problem was the coal mines shut down. People use to come here for the mining jobs from all over the country back in the day, and when they shut down everyone left and the population had a radical decrease. I am not saying Wal-Mart and big box stores help any because they didn't, but the small guys have to be able to run a tight operation. The sad fact is they are not as good at running a business as the big guys. I use to work for some small operations here in Bicknell. These were privately owned stores and guess what, I did not get any insurance, I was paid min wage sometimes even less, and never seen a vacation day let alone any other benefits. I have a buddy that works at Lowe's and he makes well over 10 dollars an hour, has health insurance, and get bonuses and vacation days. Well looks like to me lows, even though an evil big box store, is a better place to work. I even worked at the king of evil at one time, Wal-Mart and they paid me better than any mom and pop place. Anyhow the point of this was just to say that this article was one sided and bias. I am not defending Bicknell either because I have had a lot of problems here over the years and this place has ruined a lot of my old friends. The drug problem was awful in the 90's and early 2000's, but it seems to be getting better. On the bright side though I am not that old and already own my own home in Bicknell because the real estate is so cheap. Also the schools here are good and were close to VU. You can also make good money in this area as I do. Anyhow in summary I think if someone is going to write an article at least show both sides and let the reader decide. Bicknell is the greatest place on Earth but it not the worst either.

Bob Brown 5 years ago

I had an aunt who lived a block off main street in Bicknell and remember us visiting back in the 60's, what a great clean little town. I also remember a little cafeteria we would eat at on main street. haven''t been there in many years I hope these little towns doesn't fall into ruin they are the true America of our past and future.

Eric 5 years ago

I lived in Bicknell my entire life until about a year ago. I remember when the town was nice, festivals and sidewalk sales abounded back in the early-mid 80's. I remember penguin park on main street, the shoe store, Stremmings Jewelry store, Tresslers (then Conrad's), etc. I really wish I could have seen the town at it's peak, as I have heard many stories about it. As I was growing up Bicknell was declining fast, and drugs were getting worse. I do think that there are a lot of good people in Bicknell, my family and friends included, and that there is still hope for the place. I really hope someday I can come back and retire there. Hopefully it will be in a little better shape.

Theresa 5 years ago

I am also sad to see things declining. My grandfather was born there in 1988. Day Bicknell. Yes, I'm a descendant of John Bicknell. I've only been there a couple of times when I was small. Don't remember a whole lot but it seemed nice.

Theresa 5 years ago

I meant to say by grandfather was born in 1899.

Linda Brown 5 years ago

I came back to Bicknell last year and was shocked. I was born and raised on Alton St. 1950-1968 in Bicknell and loved it. Went to South Side and North Knox. I so wanted to raise my children in the small town atmosphere but jobs were hard to find. I remember when we went to the movies, bowling, swimming and would hang out at the park for ball games and play on monkey bars. Anyone my age went to the "Streamliner" after school and the movies (which I think turned into Dodies later.) The Holloween parade and judging was to die for. My brother owned the "Bicknell Discount Store" for years until he could no longer make it work due to the economy. The skating rink was the place to be on Sat. nights and will always remember Whitey teaching me how to skate backwards. I was shocked to see the pictures. I am planning to return to Bicknell when I retire in two years. Hopefully the future of my hometown will be much better. If not....I have precious memories of a booming small town I loved.

Robin Evenson 5 years ago

Although I've never been to Bicknell, my grandparents Josephus Bicknell and Lola Bernice Collins Bicknell are both from there and I am also related to John Bicknell (not sure how far back!). I've always wanted to visit as I love the small town and plan on getting down there. I live in a small town now and see the same sad thing happening. it is all about money - we'll never learn unfortunately and we'll lose the closeness of raising children in such a small setting.

RAY BRYANT 5 years ago

I growed up in bicknell i went to south side 7th&8th grade and to BHS.iknow sally w , donna courter,judy holt.dickey cox ,bill benment the butchers, pat redmond perkinson.all of class of 1963 and more.I left in 1963 for army airborne and faimly ia all the marshs in Bicknell.

angie agan cecil 5 years ago

yes my mom moved us girls to bicknell in the 60's went to southside ele.i've got a lot of great memories and bad.bicknell is where my moms family was from.odell was her maiden name, grandma remarried and had 3 children.we lived there about 4 years,visited so many times at least once every 2 mother is buried there up on the hill.we moved to indianapolis in early 70.was hoping to read this and see familiar names,i've heard straleys name and my sister would go down to the corner drug store and get a 5 cent rootbeer with whipped cream and a would shop at bargin bobs for our shoes and things.we lived on main street and 9th.the town is very sad, very sad.but mom used to call it home, so we always referre it as down home.

Kim Hendricks 5 years ago

I am a paranormal researcher, and I would LOVE the chance to do a ghost hunt in some of those old buildings! Don't want to trespass though so I can't.

David Schmidt 5 years ago

I have just been sitting here reading some of the comments above. Surprisingly enough, I recognized many of the names.

I was borned in 1947 the son of William and Opal Schmidt. I was raised in Maplewood, went to grade school at Central, junior high at Southside, and graduated from North Knox consolidated school corporation in 1965.

Bicknell was a big town to me as I was growing up. Even though it was a small town, there was always something to do. We had a nice park, swimming pool, skating rink, and a show, (where I ran the projectors for Mr. Love just before I turned 16). My Aunt (Bonnie Smith) owned the park store right next to the city park so I could always get a free coke when I went to play at the park.

One of the main things I liked about Bicknell at that time is how the people in town belonged. Most everybody had what I've called pride in ownership. In the summertime people were out working in their yards planting flowers, putting out gardens, playing with their kids, or just relaxing in the evening shade with their neighbors. We really need more of that home town atmosphere in today's fast paced society. There was a comment made above about the number of policemen in Bicknell today. I remember when my family and I would go to Indianapolis for the week and and leave the front and back door open and ask the neighbor to close them for us if it started raining. You can not do that in many small towns today.

I spent a lot of time in the summertime helping my grandmother (Grace Rund) with her flowers, and I really enjoyed it. One thing that really bothers me today is to hear a young person refer to their mother or grandmother as "the old lady". That is one term that I don't ever remember hearing when I was growing up in Bicknell. Most of the ones that I ran around with would have had a visit with the razor strap if they got caught talking like that. Today it is the norm in large city society, and they call it progress. If disrespect is a sign of progress we should all be thankful that there are still small towns like Bicknell that are in stages of regression.

Will Bicknell ever come back? I don't know. If it does it would be great for our grandchildren but if it doesn't we have are fond memories of the day's of yesteryear.

Best wishes to Linda brown, all of my old schoolmates, and to the people of Bicknell

Dwight Brawdy 5 years ago

I was born in Bicknell in 1946 and soon my parents moved to a small farm near Monroe City,Indiana but we moved back to Bicknell in 1956 and I attended Southside school till spring of 1960. In those days there was small grocerys all over town. In my years at Southside the principals were Lee Fox and Lucille Donham. My dad told me that in the twentys and thirtys that Bicknell was a really rough town and that there were several small coal mines within the city limits. I remember that Bicknell have many foreign born residents that the mines brought in to work the mines. I return to Bicknell at least once a year to go to the cemetary to decorate my parents graves, both sets of grandparents are buried there also. I am always shocked to see how the town is decaying. Really sad. "Hello" to anyone who might remember me !!

George Wardlaw Lawson 5 years ago

I am researching my family tree and have just found out that my great great grandfather Robert McCewan is buried here.He emigrated from Scotland.

Brian Jacobs 5 years ago

I remember growing up in Bicknell. My dad ran Tresslars for many years. Back then the downtown was always busy. Had sidewalk sales on Saturdays during the summer. I remember the 3 digit phone numbers we had. But Bicknell was always a busy place. It was a great place to grow up.

I don't get up there but a couple of times a year now but it has gone downhill a lot since I moved away several years ago.

I remember Bonnie Smith's little store. I became friends with her son. Bonnie was such a nice lady.

There were too many to count little mom & pop stores/shops there and now all are pretty much gone. But that goes with the times. Most of the people that ran them are all long gone and their children had their lives to live in a different way. It's the way of the world.

Kristina Hagemeier 5 years ago

My dad was born and raised in Bicknell, son of a coal miner from Germany. Walter and Clara Hagemeier. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Edith Mae Jarman ran Jarman's drugstore. I spent many happy days making my own sundaes at Uncle Bill's. I grew up in Vincennes but spent every weekend at the skating rink. Loved the county fair because it always fell on my birthday. Went through last year after a class reunion and cried the whole way through. Yes much is good and new near the highway, but downtown is where my heart was and it's gone.

nz 5 years ago

i'm not from bicknell. And I don't know any thing about it. But I am writing a piece of work for school, an as thhis is an old run down place, ithought it would be a good idea. I am from new zealand. do you have any think that you would be able to tell me about bicknell, so it will help me to write my piece of work. thanx

Terry Vaughn 5 years ago

I lived in Bicknell in the late 1960's. My grandparents lived there. I had a lot of great memories. I remember the movie downtown. The young couple that owned it then had a new trailor on one of the side streets back by the old school. I think they had a cool yellow car. I remember at 10 I thought she was so pretty. The school seemed to have all grades at that time. I want to say it was on 4th st? They had just built the high school and were moving the big kids out. I remember an old Ice plant that had closed over by Thomas St. We used to play in it. God only knows how deep the water was under that old wood floor. We could see the water but we never fell through. Thank God! I think their were 2 police cars. The corner store with the root beer floats really cheap.

It was all kind of leave it to beaver. Their was one kid at school that had a bicycle with a steering wheel on it. It had a blue fleck bananna seat,a high sissy bar, and a slick on the back tire. I think it was the only thing another person had I truly was jelouse of. I would stand and almost pet that bike. Here's to old American towns and what they gave us. Wish someone would buy an old town like that and turn it into a town with a festival of some sort that would bring people from all over a couple of times a year. Who know's? Bicknell wish you well!

Import 5 years ago

The downtown is dying rapidly. It would be sensible to put the grant money into the highway area. That is where the traffic is, so why not put the money where it will generate a better community.

postlewaite's 5 years ago

I was also raised here and have many good memories! I bowled a few frames in that bowling alley, went to the streamliner, just loved the fair. Sorry to see it go down!

Kerner 5 years ago

Now Bicknell Officers are banning horses in town. Can't even use a horse to visit friends, pay bills or pick something up in the store. If I have to get in my truck to get something I might as well go to a bigger town with more options. I would rather save money on gas and spend localy but higher ups are forcing us to spend our money out of town.

Donna Boyles/Larrison 5 years ago

I grew up in Bicknell 1950-1964 and then we moved to Indy. My dad was a coal miner and when the mines began to close down my dad had to look for work elsewhere. It nearly killed me and my sister to leave Bicknell. We lived three houses from my grandmother and we loved our home there. Bicknell was a great place to grow up in. We were in 4-H, went swimming, roller skating. It was so much fun going downtown where all the stores were open and booming. People in Bicknell were very friendly and it was a safe place to grow up in. We never locked our doors, and we knew everyone several blocks away from our home and felt safe with those people. If you were out in your yard, they would holler across the fence or wave real big. I have such great memories there. We go to Bicknell several times throughout the year. My sister lives there and my dad is buried there. I still miss the good times I once knew - I miss that small town atmosphere. It breaks my heart to see how much it has gone downhill. I agree, still a lot of good people in that town. You just would have had to grow up there to know the good times and great memories I once had, and still reflect on those times.

Richard Ashby 5 years ago

I used to visit my grandparents there, back in the 60's. They lived on Mason street. I was just a boy at the time, but pleasant memories abound. I remember Bicknell as being a quiet little town where people were friendly and respectful and crime was unheard of. My father (who is 87) still reminisces about the "good 'ol days", when the coal mines eagerly gave up their black bituminous wealth. When, in the still of night, he could hear the mournful whistle of trains laboring in the distance.

Part of me hurts when I read about Bicknell and what has become of it, but let's not write an epitaph yet. It's days are not over, I should think. Old things must pass, but are just as soon reborn in fresh new ventures (loosely paraphrased, with apologies to Thomas Aquinas). Many retirement dollars, plus various niche markets in the energy and food sectors could give this once precious jewel of the heartland a new lease on life. Companies like ADM, Valero and Monsanto could bring in millions, for example, with one or two high-fructose corn syrup and ethanol production facilities.

It would also help if the current locals all pitched in and gussied up the place of their own free will. A town is its people. Its condition, then, ought to reflect the state of its communion. Presentation, after all, may attract more business.

Jennifer Banes McCabe 5 years ago

My husband works as a pipefitter at the Duke plant in Edwardsport. We are from Lafayette, Indiana and rent a house there in Bicknell. Myself, I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana. The children and I have visited Bicknell often. Just 2 weeks ago, I took the boys to the community pool. We all enjoyed it. The people are wonderful in this small town.

We are looking to make Bicknell our permanent residence because of the small town feel and the wonderful people. I know there are a lot of negative comments about this town but I do believe there is hope. If there is a way that this town could head up a group to donate their time to help out with cleaning it up, I'm in. It was once something and can be again. It would be nice to know what is happening with the grant money the town received - where it is going to use. If there is anything I can do to help, please e-mail me.

Everyone is struggling - towns, businesses, people everything and everyone. If we give up hope on just one town, one person or one business, we will fail. It's not only about the money but the children we are raising in this society. It seems anymore the saying, "it takes a neighborhood to raise a child" is so untrue anymore. Banning together to make a better place for our children is what we need.

Jimmy Julian 5 years ago

I was born in aliceville but lived and called Bicknell my home for many years. My parents,Grandparents,Siblings Aunts,Uncles and many friends are buried at the cemetary we called Oddfellows. I also remember Roy Staley"s store where you had the best Icecream of your life. Bicknell is getting old and rundown but it is still a beautiful place to be from. I have taken my children there just to show them what they missed as youngsters. I would love to go skating there again.Mabey it will come back but if it doesn't,,it is one of our memories that we will have for ever.Hello to all of the people from bicknell,indiana,,our hometown..

bruce wibben 5 years ago

I grew up in bicknell and moved to evansville @1964...I rememeber keasling/s market.....tastee there anybody out there who remembers me..

TJ 5 years ago

I was just visiting my old home on 8/20/11. Wend to eat at the Warrior Corner Cafe with my 82 year old father. Back when I was little it was known as Bob Pow's Hardware. I heard Risley Furniture was closing while there eating. I remember when my sister's boyfriend laid carpet for them and Mayfair's dress shop was across the street. IGA was down town, Dunns mens wear, Byrns shoe store, Stremmings Jewelry, Another carpet and flooring place down the street where we bought our wood floor (I can't think of the name but the daughter of the owner married a Miller), Deweese and Matheny had D&M Drug store on the corner and you could get a fountain soda, Tresslars, Colonial Theatre, Stag Bar, Moose, Masonic Temple, and more. I believe we had more gas stations than anywhere, Texaco was on south main and Renee Tyson owned it. Marathon that Jimbo owned on hwy 67, DX gas station was where the dentist is now on washington, there was a Sinclair with a big dinasor on Main as well. I remember walking to the junction on Main to a corner store called Bullocks where the veteranarian moved into. Headed toward Freelandville was Keasling Market that I also walked to. There use to be a couple drive ins as well. On one end was the Sattelite and also the Twinkle Star - both before the Tastee Treet or where M&K automotive moved to. M&K first moved into Dunns Mens Wear old place. Smiths used to have an electric place, and an old barber shop just down from it. The bowling alley was across from yet another gas station on 2nd street and where the new library is. Where the library is now was a wallpaper and paint store. Next to the bowling alley was a fabric store. American National Bank was beautiful inside. I remember my first savings account book and taking my change in there from my lemonade stand to deposit. They had metal bars at the windows and huge ceilings! I was amazed. There was also another discount store on the back side of Thompson Chevrolet across the street. I loved going there to get penny candy. I went to grade school in the old brick school downtown, but there were also two other old brick schools. There was the large gymnasium next to it. I went to 7th grade there, then the new elementary was built and the brick grade school became the first junior high and 8th grade was there. Then the new high school was built and my freshman year was moved there. When I was younger, we had old wooden screen doors that stayed unlatched, walked everywhere, cleaned fish and squirrel out on the concrete trash pits out back of your house. Carnivals down at the park at the end of main were amazing. There use to be a store on the corner at the park that sold pop and candy. Dad still lives at the homeplace and I have faith it will rebound. Don't give up on the love and faith of the remaining folks there. I married and lived there for 25 years until being relocated due to work. I'm proud to say my children went to school and were raised in Bicknell. They too could walk to town and get groceries for me when I was ill and also go to the bank with no worries. Small towns rock and I pray it rebounds. They are trying. Don't give up hope.

Thomas lashbrook 5 years ago

I have lived in Bicknell for 17 years and Its not the buildings that make a town, its the people and the people here are like family. They help each-other and are nice enough to go out of their way to wave and say hello, how are you. Those buildings are just memories of this old town but the people will live in our hearts forever :D

Ron Shaw 5 years ago

I lived in Bicknell,from the time I was born (1949)to 1970. It was a great town to be raised in! If you were a young kid,there was allways something to do,the Theater Down Town,Skating Rink,the Swimming pool,ball games ect. But after graduating from High School (North Knox) I could see that living there wouldn't be in my future,if I wanted to "get ahead" in life. There just wasn't any good jobs in town,or close by. I remember walking to town with my dad Jack Shaw,to Boot's Barber Shop,to get a haircut. The Sinclair Gas Staion,Tresslers,D&M Drug Store (my mom worked there later)after my fathers death,and all of the people,parades,activities,ect. It was a Great time,to be a kid growing up in Bicknell. I have so many memories,of friends,events,activities,that I never will forget. I consider myself as "lucky" to have been born in a time,where the people of the town watched out for each other,and were more or less "one big family". Sadly those days are long gone now! Very few kids will ever get to experence the great time we had growing up in a small town. Playing at night,under the street lights,"kick the can" was a big game back then! Most of us had very little money,but it didn't really matter,because we were allways so busy,doing chores, (yes kids had work to do at home) meeting friends,riding bikes,playing baseball,going to school,ect. I remember going to Vincennes shopping. That was a "big deal" back then,and if you were really lucky,your parents would stop by "UNCLE JOHN'S KIDDY LAND" (now the Knox Plaza) and you got to go on a few small rides! The Knox County Fair was the high light of the year! You would save up your money all summer,and be broke by the second night of the fair,playing games,riding rides,ect. :) Those were the BEST of TIMES!

Jacqueline O'Dell Klueh 5 years ago


Sad but true that small towns are suffering financially and deteriorating. But the people that live in these towns are still wonderful people and feel a sense of community. I think your choice to point out the decay in towns like Bicknell and Elnora and other dying farming towns is rather sad.

Elizabeth 5 years ago

a sense of community really?? Then why don't they feel enough pride to clean up their town? It's sad to see a town that can't even clean up their buildings. Those building have been like that for years and no one attempts to clean it up! Bicknell needs a mayor and council who cares about the city! Money is wasted on other things and no one cares about the downtown. The town of Bicknell isn't suffering financially as you may think. The people in Bicknell have to care about it enough to ask questions and hold the people in charge accountable for where the money is going these days.

Rick 5 years ago

I agree with bic, very misleading article. Picked out the worst buildings and left out everything else and there are a lot of great businesses in Bicknell. As far as those pictures go, I can travel to any town in this area and get pictures like that.

Dot1950 5 years ago

Hello! My family moved to Bicknell when I was 12. We lived there for probably 20-25 years. I went to 8th grade at Central School on 4th street there. Loren Goode was my history teacher. Mrs. Dunham was my english teacher. Anita Hoffman was the art teacher then. I think the science teacher was Mr. Brent. We had Mr. Cassidy sometimes for study hall.-----It is sad to see these pictures. Bicknell was a nice little town when we moved there. I have a lot of memories from living in Bicknell.-----I remember going to the Corner Drug Store and getting pepsi and root beer floats real cheap. My sister and I used to go in there on the way home from school all the time. We lived on 4th street and also on Bruceville Avenue. Eventually we moved into the old Southside School building and my dad (Dennis Barber) had a printing place there for a long time and we lived in it too.-----My dad was a minister and after the Nazarene Church built their new building and moved in it my dad got the old church and had church there for quite awhile.----I would be interested in hearing from any of my 8th grade classmates from 1963. My email is: . If Carla Sanders sees this please email me. She and I were good friends when I was in the 8th grade. I remember Linda Brown and her brother that had the discount store behind Thompson Chevrolet. I remember some others too.------I played the piano at General Baptist on 4th street off and on for a few years where Chester Marsh was the pastor. Sang with a group there for quite awhile too.-----I also remember the little store down from southside school building that 3 sisters ran for years. One of the sisters was named Sarah. One of the sisters was married and lived in the big white house next to the store. It was right before you got to the park store and the park. You turned right off of Main Street to go to it. I used to there a lot.----I remember the park store too. The lady that ran it was nice. I used to get gas there quite a bit.-----I'd enjoy hearing from my classmates I went to school at Central Grade School in Bicknell and others who can remember my parents and us.

Francis Stein 5 years ago

I don't know who started this. But I could come to where you live and take the same kind of pics. All small towns are in trouble just like the one you live in. I would like to say if you don't like it then stay the (H) out, but that isn't the way people from Bicknell are. Iam guessing you are from here and have a chip on your shoulder sorry about that. Come on back sometime without the chip and talk to some of the people you might change your mind.

Jimmy Bee 5 years ago

Jeez, Francis. Take a deep breath. May I humbly suggest if YOU don't like it, then don't read what I wrote.

Francis 5 years ago

I could say the same thing

jerry wheeler 5 years ago

I lived in Bicknell for a couple years when I was 12 to 14 years old. I am 35 now, so do the math. My grandfather's name was Ray Scott. He owned the Great Scott cab company. I would love to see the town come back to life. So many fond memories. I love you Bicknell.

anita godwin 5 years ago

My mom Phyllis Starrett, all of her sisters and 1 brother were raised in Bicknell. My grandparents, John and Nellie Starrett lived there until sometime in the 1980's I loved going there for reunions and holidays. I remember Tresslars. I have a beautiful picture of my baby brother and me when we were little, that was taken there. My fondest memory of town was going to town to walk through all of the stores, stop in at Tresslars and go downstairs to see the goldfish tank, then we would go across the street to the corner drug store and get pop topped with whipped marshmallow. As I got older my mom would tell me stories about paying with potato chip bags to get in to the movie theater. My grand parents lived on Alton street for many many years then moved to Indiana street. I loved sitting in the swing with them on the porch or in the back yard waving at all the people who passed by. I lived in Edwardsport from 1963 until 1968. We then moved to Bloomington so my mom wouldn't have to ride he bus back and forth to work at RCA. I make it back to Indiana every 3 or 4 years and always make a point of driving through Edwardsport and Bicknell. I have the best childhood memories. I wish I could raise my daughter in a peaceful quiet little home town like that. But all I can do is show her pictures and tell her the stories like my mom did with me. I have a few years before retirement but always thought it would be nice to move back home. For all of you who still live there or close by those sleepy little towns we all grew up in and love so dearly, they are still special and so are the people who live there. I do hope some how some way things will be improved there but for now its the people who make Bicknell, Edwardsport and all of those sweet little towns special places.

Linda 5 years ago

@ Rick.. Seriously???? Misleading ???? That is how Bicknell looks these days, what pics do you think they should have posted???? Come on now... Clean the place up, and I am sure they will be glad to post pics of the improvement... Just saying !!!!

JeanAnn Flickinger 5 years ago

I understand why people think the way they do about Bicknell. I understand the questions as to why Bicknell is in such disrepair. To the person asking about where the grant money goes......Grant money is given by the government for specific things, housing, sidewalks, streets signs, roads, etc. It cannot be used for anything other than the purpose it was given. It is actually not given to the city until the first quarter of the work has been done. I think the mayor of Bicknell, Jon Flickinger has done a terrific job at trying to bring Bicknell back to some sort of Glory. Jon was raised in Bicknell and knows what it once was and now has a vested interest in living here. He has chosen to retire here. Things are happening in Bicknell to restore downtown, it takes time, and lots of man hours gathering information as to contracters, schedules, etc.etc.etc. All ducks have to be in a row before a project can start.....time is what it takes. I would suggest you take the time to visit with the Mayor and if you have questions he is gracious enough to answer and his door is always open and he welcomes your questions. So instead of sitting back talking about what needs to be done, what isn't being done and making accusations without knowing the true facts, visit the mayor Jon Flickinger. Stop acting like children on the play ground, saying this or that about someone. We are all adults, we should have a maturity about our thinking at this stage in life. I have known Jon all of my life, I have always known him to be honest, trustworthy and a wonderful person. I would trust him over any other person in Bicknell that I know. A year ago I moved back to Bicknell, this is where I grew up and will always think of as home. I have found that some of it's residents have become very political, to the point of outright lying about things and people just to stir trouble among the ranks.....and some people believe they should be handed something they have not earned. Bicknell will grow again once it's residents take an interest in learning to grow with it. Open your minds to the possibility that someone other than yourself knows what's best for the city and is doing their best to make it happen, so instead of working against someone who is trying to do something to fix things, do the adult thing and work with them. Some Bicknell residents lack the maturity level and wisdom to do what is right but still speak as if they have all the answers. Eveyone thinks they know what is best when in all reality they know nothing about which they speak. If you have questions, I beg you, ask the mayor.......he will give an honest forthright answer. You may not always like it but it will be the truth. And if you are a grown adult you will look at all facets of the problems and can then make an informed decision about the life of Bicknell.

karen pummel 5 years ago

i love bicknell growing up there i have fond memories i would like to start a PRAYER chain for BICKNELL we pray the LIGHT of GOD surrounds Bicknell,Indiana, the LOVE of GOD enfolds this town,the POWER of GOD protects this town. prosperity and rejuvination will come to Bicknell.Amen Thanks to God!

Harold 5 years ago

Grew in Edwardsport, date a girl from Bicknell in the late 50's left in 1962, Bicknell was a desent town then, maybe with the new Power Plant it may improve some.

JW 5 years ago

Let me start out about saying, Bicknell was a nice little town at one time.I lived there back in the early 70's. The locall gov't let the infrastructure fall in the last few years. The street dept has i don't know how many working, but nothing gets done, they just sit around waiting to eat.The police dept doesn't do amything about the drug problem they have, they just mess around with little girls.The Mayors office, well that's something typical in any town. What happened to the money that was granted to build the new houses, some was built, but the contractors didn't get their money, and some was started and never finished. What happened there, you say you have a good Mayor that cares for the community, well where is he or she?

A.B. 5 years ago

My last name is Bicknell. :-)

Jaflo 5 years ago

I am currently living in Bicknell and own my home. I plan on selling and moving in a couple of years, but worry, even though my house is nice, I won't be able to get any money out of it.

I would be willing and able to form some type of community clean-up. Is there any type of community meetings? I understand the town lost a lot of population, but there is no reason to leave decaying buildings there to rot and make the town look ugly. Something needs to be done!

I will agree that the town is not totally dead. 67 is usually busy and the businesses there stay busy. But old downtown is sad..

mark k 4 years ago

I grew up in Bicknell on Main Sreet in the 60's and get back every now and then. It still has that downhome feel to it and still has super nice people. Downtown does need some fixing but it seems possible.

me 4 years ago

hahah like i was raised and always told if your not a crook or liar when you go into politics you wioll dam sure be one when you come out....

Nancy 4 years ago

So sad to see the town like this. My dad grew up in Bicknell so I visited every summer of my childhood. My grandmother lived there until she died at age 96. I fondly remember the vibrant Main street and going to Tresslers and the Mayfair and eating at the diner (don't remember the name but I do remember all the gum under the tables and counters!) All of my family there has died or moved away so I don't know if I'll ever return but I hope the town regenerates and will keep you all in my prayers, as suggested above so beautifully.

Janet Beck-Nguyen 4 years ago

I remember visiting Bicknell Indiana every summer. My grandparents lived there. Their names were Charlotte and Raymond Beck. My dad, John Warren Beck and his sister Norma Beck-Hinkle grew up there. It was fun visiting going to the pool and the small stores like Tresslers and walking to the grocery store called Red and White. That was great fun living in California you can't walk any place you have to drive. my email is

Bill Shepherd 4 years ago

I was born in Bicknell in 1936. In the early 1940s, my Dad, Mickey ran the Standard Oil gas station and store at the end of South Main Street. My Uncle Bill Phillips ran the Standard Oil station on North Main (across from Keasling's Market) for many years. I have many happy memories of Bicknell... the skating rink, the Cozy Drive-in (later called the Riganeet (teenager spelled backwards), Tresslers Dime store, the Indiana and the Colonial Theatres (the popcorn stand for both theatres was on a corner downtown), the fair, the coca-cola bottling plant (catty-cornered from the Indiana theatre). Wow! so many good memories!

that girl! 4 years ago

I LOVE BICKNELL! born && raised..& would love to raise my children here someday!

Ray San Diego 4 years ago

For Mr. Jimmy Bee and Ron Ackman: Jimmy Bee, what you showed does look bad. However, as some of the people from there have said, "you may have a chip on your shoulder or hated the place for some reason. Instead of being one sided with the photos why did you not show some photos also of the good, or renovated or what you want to call it, finer side of Bicknell in addition to your "bummer only" photos. If you go to the right internet address on your computer you can come up with satellite photos looking down at Bicknell. One can also zoom in for a closeup with them. I see some good stuff with it and also from photos that friends and family there have sent me. So to conclude, reading other people's comments on your photos, you need to re-photo your whole article and make some real constructive comments about Bicknell. You really must hate that town. I plan to visit relatives there in May.

Bill Ingerman 4 years ago

My Grandfather (Carl Harbinson) worked in the coal mine visited him when I was young the last time I was in Bicknell was for his funeral in the 70s does any one remember him?

Bev Watson 4 years ago

For Kristina Hagemeier, Do you remember coming to Hoover's house 1 mile outside Bicknell for British tea parties? You and your sister Susan and Mother Gwen would come sometimes with Dorisand Moira. We played on the big swingset and ate creampuffs. Your dad Rocky taught me and my sisters how to skate on family night. You guys were great skaters! Where are Karen and Kathy Jarmin now? I just loved their mom,always so bouncy and happy .... email me at I am Bev Hoover. There were 7 of us ,Marjorie, Laura, Alice Becky,David and George. Did you know that Nancy Bicknell was my 5th grt Grandmother and we are related to Bicknells Founder John Bicknell . My great uncle was Judge and my great Aunt's son was Supreme court Justice of Indiana. My aunts and uncles were doctors,attorneys, and teachers in Bicknell as were my grandparents teachers there. Bev Hoover Snowdon Watson.

Angie Agan Cecil 4 years ago

Ok just was their last sunday.It made me cry,there was noone outside enjoying the nice weather!I told my cousin that she lives in Sandborn and she said Bicknell is full of drugs and theres no way she would live there!That's a shame.And my grandmothers house on Durbin is still standing omg what an eyesore and dangerous its ready to cave in why don't they destroy it!!!!It used to be a busy beautiful city.My mom is buried in the cemetary so me and my sisters often travel there so we see all the terriable conditions that's been going on forever no changes!!!yes theres new stores there but there on the highway not in the town itself.the highway area looks great but get deeper inside and its ugly!!!!

Kathy Riddle 4 years ago

My husbands great grandmother Letha McBride ran a boarding house in Bicknell according to family tales. Does anyone know anything about this. It was probably in the 1925 era. She made tin box lunches for the men who worked in the coal mines.

mystique71 4 years ago from St. Francisville, Illinios

My late fiancé was born and raised in Bicknell, and we lived there from 2000 til his tragic death in 2003. I unwillingly (had no where else to go) lived there until 2005. I have to admit, Bicknell has some worn out and boarded places, but what I knew of it, it was fun!!! Not a lot of places to go, but the police were nice and fair and some stores we frequented often. It was all about habit visiting with us as im sure its that way with a lot of others. May not have a lot, but it has charm, and my late fiancé loved it so. Was a huge part of his life-so I respect it for that reason.

MYNAME? 4 years ago

Binell is not a really bad its a great pleace to be in

Frustrated in Bickell 4 years ago

I loved how one comment said to talk to the mayor... I would love to talk with him but unfortunately a person has to talk to his lawyer cause he is too chicken to talk to the citizens of this city... That or he is always out of town, state or heck even the country.... Really makes ya wonder where the money went huh?????

Joann miller 4 years ago

Sad but true my home town is fading away iwas there last may and made me cry everything i remember as a child is just about gone the roller rink is still there the park the fair grounds and my grandpa,s house .ilived in my grandpa,s house with my aunt inez and allher children and my uncle bill my grandpa uncle bill were coal miners at the sunshine coal mine bicknell was such a boombing town i hope it will be some day again ican all my friends we lived at 521 lawton st

Dick Miller 4 years ago

I lived in Bicknell from 1946 to 1962, then moved to Terre Haute. I experienced a lot in Bicknell. Came back about once a month from 1962 to 1980, than traveled the world (actually before than) I plan on going to Bicknell in Mid July 2012 to see some old friends I have stayed in connect with over the years. I still think Bicknell is the place to be. I want to continue to come back every so often to see how things are. I have accompulated much money over the years and want to contriubted to the t0wn. I will be there in July 2012 to see old fiends. Lets help get the town back in order, respond to this entry and I will monitor it. Lets talk.

angie(agan) cecil 4 years ago

good morning everyone.My mothers family is buried there including her (odell-sander family)my grandma lived on durbin st.the house is still standing!!!its an awful mess why don't they tear it down!!!!we lived there in the 60's lived on main the horriable looking house in front of a side street that leads to durbin st.i don't understand why they keep these old houses standing.hoping a new mayor will get these trashy looking buildings down!!!i have a lot of memories of Bicknell..those were the greatest times of our lives

Tom 4 years ago

Tearing down houses costs money. They have torn down many, but there are a lot. I don't see how you can blame the current leadership for something that has clearly been happening for a long time.

Bicknell_needs_jobs 4 years ago

I used visit Bicknell often back in the late 80's/early 90's and work here now. The town is going downhill but most small towns are. What drives small towns to succeed is jobs and what they offer. Bicknell has very few good jobs to entice people to live here. Grant money topic: So the town did get grant money. 1. The $ used for the new housing must have been mishandled as the contractors were not getting paid so work stopped on several houses. 2. No new street signs although ths was brought up a few years ago. 3. The roads are still not the best unless you include filling in potholes with gravel. 4. We absolutely need grant money or something to tear down all the abondoned houses, it is a disgrace. 5. Why does a town this small need separate departments? Put the water/street into one department so employees can work anywhere and you will need less employees and save taxpayer $. Residents need to keep their properties clean!! Even one of the city police officers has trash everywhere in the front. Also these ignorant property owners are charging $700 or more to rent a house here. That's insane. $300-500 is more appropriate. There are so many abondoned/empty properties here that a person should be able to snatch up a foreclosue very cheap. I hardly ever see the Mayor around town anywhere. Maybe he needs to spend more time outside talking to residents/businesses and put forth a plan to address some of these issues.

scott moore 4 years ago

like i said before, Bicknell was a fun place to grow up in, i really don't think Bicknell could ever be the way it was,,because i believe the reason it was so fun and safe ,kinda like leave it to beaver show,,,we were givin that from our parents and grandparents,,they were the special people of bicknell,,,,,,just dont think it will ever be again,,so sad,,,

Eric Moore 4 years ago

Ha ha talk to the mayor, better dodge his gavel! You can't blame our current mayor for everything but he sure has done his part in ruining this town. I'll give him a pat on the back for trying but come on mr. mayor, you are in way over your head and you are making this town worse, your little man syndrome, refusal to take advise, and uneducated thoughts and actions are to blame for a lot of Bicknells current problems, i wish run down buildings and abandon homes where are only problems! Please mr. Mayor if you do care about this town, RESIGN.... After all i really don't know how you can show your face in town, you do realize that your wife and three other people are the only ones in town that think you are doing a good job!!!

wwwjohnstanczak 4 years ago

To see more about Bicknell Indiana go to where there are articles, pictures and comments that show both sides of Bicknell and many suggestions to stop the down slide of Bicknell.

The pictures shown are a part of Bicknell but there are many other parts, unfortunetly the city fathers seem to be deaf to any suggestions and this is the problem and so the city suffers. This does not seem to be a party thing as democrats, republicans, independents, male and female all seem to loose their common sense as soon as elected. indy 4 years ago

you know my aunt lives in sandborn(ANOTHER SAD TOWN)i visited not long ago went to graveyard and took my aunt to the store on the highway.Prices were outrageous!Wanted to take her to a nice dinner,mcdonalds?I grew up there in late 60's to early 70's mom had us 4 girls alone. we did good on moms income and child support back then.It saddens me to see such a booming town turn into a ghost town .whose the mayor?he surely didn't grow up there he would never let it go.

engineer 4 years ago

You seem to find the old parts of town, there's plenty of new places and thriving businesses in town. Bicknell is full of beauty. I hope to make it even more beautiful when i get the chance.

Brian Siscel 4 years ago

My family moved to Bicknell when I was 6 months old in 1963. I grew up on the Southside on New Jersey St. My mother, Shirley was a social worker and my father, Jim worked for AT&T. I left Bicknell at the age of 21 in 1985 and have lived in many places since. Of all the places I have lived, Birmingham, Atlanta, Charleston, etc, there is nowhere I have found a better place with better people than Bicknell, Ind!

Mr.Reidncolumbus 4 years ago

my mother lives in crystal in dubois county and has just recently told me about a home in bicknell that really sounds good. My wife and I have been married for 3 years and have 3 beautiful children. We attend church regularly and are praying about possibly moving to bicknell in the near future. if anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me at Thank you and keep the faith, help is on the way.

wwwjohnstanczak 4 years ago

Some of these pictures are actually in the county and not in Bicknell, the one showing a building with Ewrin Hardware co. on the side is a building that is in good shape and is actually in service as storage for Pipers carpets and flooring store and most of the other pictures are mostly of the same building over and over.

The county apparently has approved the building of turkey raising barns near Bicknell on the north side out of town but I'm sure that the stink will not pay attention to the city limit signs. There is already a chicken raising barn on the south side where the stink is unbearable at times; this type of approval is common when it comes to Knox County and its approval process. I guess they feel that the city needs a little balance of stink so that the south end is not the only part of town that is so blessed. Well so much for property worth in Bicknell.

Anne 4 years ago

As a kid growing up in the 60s and 70s, I used to look forward to my summer visits to see my grandmother in Bicknell. Her name was Icy O'Hara and she lived on Oak Street. Had an aunt and uncle (Swope) who lived nearby, along with my Swope cousins. Haven't been to Bicknell since my grandmother passed away in the late 80s, but if these photos are accurate, it's sad to see the town in such bad shape. Many happy memories of this town.

Charlie Riggle 4 years ago

I leved in Bikcnelll Fer Years and Years. Bicknell got a lot a luminum! I no steel that paper! That not quarter... that yo spit! Dirty ole lady....

President Obama 4 years ago

I am taxing all you rich Bicknell Residents much much more!... you need to give till it hurts!.. You rich people!!!!!.....

The Ghost of X-mas past 4 years ago

Ba!... Humbug!

noname 4 years ago

if you can't be respectable then don't comment!

crystal carroll 3 years ago

I have lived here for 33 years and there isn't much to do here but its what I call home. And hopefully things will get lined out and our town will be as good as back then :)

Steve 3 years ago

I was there the other day and the downtown is decaying rapidly.

DON 3 years ago


jeff 3 years ago

Charlie is alive. Saw him last week.

jackalope 3 years ago

The problem with Bicknell is meth as well as other drugs.

VINCENNES 3 years ago


Drugs do not destroy towns, administrations do. Over the years every administration has added to the debt thereby forcing the cost of living in Bicknell to increase. Every increase forces people to leave town and/or stops people from moving in.

Even now this administration is only looking toward increasing the cost of living here to solve their cash flow problems and never is the budget looked at. No administration has every looked at cutting cost as an option to improving the situation of the City of Bicknell they only know tax and fee increases. The administrations have passed ordinances that hurt the city like outlawing horses thereby horse people moved out of town, tried multiple times to pass a fee per rental house thereby slowing the investment in rental property, they increased the cost of water via the sewer by building a totally unneeded sewer plant which increased this utility by 136% per household bring the water bills from around 29 dollars to 100 dollars per month. Bicknell also has the highest property taxes in Knox County. I'm not sure about now but in the near past the police where less than stellar and for the most part tax collectors. How does this happen? The people of Bicknell who have had a lot of chances to elect good people either never vote, vote only party line or vote uninformed thinking that only Presidential elections are important and I'm not sure that most voters ever study the candidates. See for more information and pictures about Bicknell Indiana.

DON 3 years ago


Jack 3 years ago

Some of these clowns posting garbage on this site should go back to their meth cookers. There is some sad idiots who have way too much time on their hands.

Jeff 3 years ago

Charlie Riggle moved to Mt. Carmel, Ill. a while back and is now in a nursing home there.

Reese 3 years ago

I was born in Bicknell in a hse on Alton St in 1942 and left in 1969 for work. Even back that far I could see how Bicknell was changing to the bad or worse. I don't ever go back unless someone in my family dies and they all have so I haven't been back sense 2007 and will never go back until my death and I don't have to see it again. I was at one time back long time ago wanting to retire to Bicknell but just couldn't stand to look at it in 2002. So let me tell all you hard headed Bicknell people IT WILL NEVER BE BACK, so put up with the way it looks or leave. Oh yea the last to leave turn the lights out.

T.R.B. 3 years ago

I have lived in Bicknell just about all my life and still do, I just don't understand when I was a kid we had an old green 1954 Pontiac police car with a 6 cyl. and a total of 4 cops now we have 5 or 6 police cars and I have no idea how many cops( too many I;m sure) and the drugs and crime has gotten worse and continues to do so. These old houses could be cleaned up by city workers who most of the time have nothing to do. They say it cost so much money to tear down a house if you use the equipment and the man power that we already have, how could that be? I can remember when smitty was the street department Boss he was the only one that had a pickup. now I think they all do, to many cars& trucks to buy gas for.

alda (wright) buhrke 3 years ago

I am from Bicknell live there till I got married and moved I no live in Roswell nm. if it was not for my grandkids I would move back, so I could be near Jeff . He and I are all is left of the family. I guess my heart will always be there. The last time I was there was in 2006 when my mom passed away. Even when I was kid there were places like that, but no one likes to see your home town fall apart, thy are to out live us. There are a lot of ghost in that town and if they could only talk. Hang in there in there Bicknell

Anonymous 3 years ago

My parents live in Bicknell and are trying to sell their home. What bothers me about Bicknell is not the state of downtown - that can be fixed. One problem is the drugs that are so prevalent. Drugs are in every town, so maybe it's just easier to see the problem so easily in a small town like Bicknell. But at least a few of the police there exacerbate the problem. I know of at least on cop who smokes pot and one that does meth. Granted this was years ago, but the cops are still working for the city. I know this because I was a young and dumb kid who hung out in the same circles as these two police officers. I do know many awesome and wonderfully kind people who live I'm Bicknell, and not everyone is a drug addict. But I am forced to wonder if the cops attribute to the drug problem. The city judge and his wife were arrested in 2009 for stealing money from traffic tickets, and I believe the problem runs much deeper than that one judge. The stray dog problem is also like an epidemic in Bicknell. My mother was bit by a dog walking through town in the middle of the day and police did nothing. The dog was owned by members of known drug family in the town. And I almost wouldn't blame the cops for turning to drugs and other illegal activites to make money because they only make like 18-19 thousand a year starting out. One cop actually lives in the income based apartments in town. It's so sad! I just hope my parents can sell their house one day and get out. I don't have much hope though because it's been for sell for over three years.

Dennis 3 years ago

Lived in Bicknell all my childhood days. Have many fond memories. My mom and dad still live there on 5th. street. He owned the jewelry store downtown. I remember all the great things about Bicknell, the movie house, the bowling alley, the skating rink, the swimming pool ( where I almost lost my life) (another story), the boy scout building, the baseball games, church league, the Halloween parades downtown, Labor day parade, VBS at First Baptist with bicycle riding to the park on the last day, playing football in the old Bicknell school building lot, playing football out on the highway, wiffle ball in the back yard, and I could go on and on. I go home regularly to see mom and dad now. And it does hurt to see the town in the shape it is in. Mom and dads house is in great shape, but every other house on the block is about to fall down. Great memories though of what I think was a great childhood. Still love Bicknell, regardless.

anonymous R 3 years ago

wow some or most of the above post from anonymous said is so true and i agree its hard to fix the drug problem when it goes on within our police dept and the ones who dont do drugs are on the take and get favors from area business and the mayor is a total joke Bicknell can get back to being a great town with the right people in the mayors office and the people of bicknell put a stop to all the drugs turn in these losers to knox co or the state police including the bad cops I know of one good cop in bicknell and yes he lives on houseing do to such low pay take back our town

Anonymous 3 years ago

I agree anonymous R the cop that lives in housing is a good cop. He helped me out a few times, and if I needed help while in Bicknell I would go to him with my problem. He's a nice guy, but he did marry a 17 or 18 year old when he was what 40-ish? But I don't judge - I have to admit it was a bit creepy though.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Perhaps if the entire Knox County area chose to invest in its schools academics, arts, and college prep the communities would have fared better. Unfortunately, all of the schools are athletics obsessed, and for no reason since none of the teams make it past sectionals with any frequency. Well, except for the Rivet girls bball team.

Sue Hawkins 3 years ago

I lived in oaktown growing up and until recently, but as a child, we went to the skating rink weekly, to the fair and other places we didn't have in oaktown. It's run down too and if a good business goes in and you aren't in "the click" (people who like to run things and can't) you might as well forget it. Glad to be out of there for sure. I have a great idea for a place like that and it could really thrive.

Larry 3 years ago

Bicknell was a small mining and farming community hub. If you did not have a job in those two areas,you than had to commute to good paying jobs in most instances. In the 50s,60s, 70s and eighties Bicknell was a nice small town enviroment to raise your childern. Iam sure stores like Walmart and the four lane highways played a major shift in the economy change in the area.Bicknell is not the only small community going through these tough economic throes. Its happening across the nation in most small towns. The town needs good stewardship along with the good citizens that live their. I wonder what Mayor Jerry Russell would have done in these dire times!.

Matt 3 years ago

The schools are athletic based? You are so off based...sounds to me like you don't live in the area!

Anonymous 3 years ago

Yeah you're right...I mean it's not like North Knox recently decided to build a brand new athletics complex...oh wait, they did.

Old Lady 3 years ago

A town is made of people and becomes what it's people allow.

Doug S 3 years ago

Anonymous and anonymous R.... one grow some balls and put your name and not be a coward......and two how about you get your facts straight....... The police are drug tested and if they were in fact on them they would have been fired before making it ten plus years. I worked as a police officer there for two and a half years and its not the police that aren't doing their jobs its the elected officials in the prosecutors office and the judges that are the ones that slap them on the wrist or say that they're not pressing the charges..... I know I've been in the courts and seen it first hand. Its all suspended sentences and no jail time just the initial 48hour hold then they are back on the streets the time they get out doing it again because they know its just a slap on the wrist. And Bicknell is my hometown and I moved to better another community that is willing to work harder than just their paychecks for the community. I have faith that one day it'll get straightened out. Its still a promissing town but change needs to happen and I think that's the main objective with this article.

Anonymous 3 years ago

@doug s: I'm not about to dog a crooked cop and insert my name in this post. But if you really want to know I have done drugs with two Bicknell police officers and I'm sorry but your wrong.

Anonymous 3 years ago

I also didn't make the athletics obsessed comments. I don't know much about their schools. I dropped out. Never fear though, I'm college educated now. The teachers weren't great when I was a kid, but it could have been worse.

Beverly 3 years ago

My husband and I were born/raised in Bicknell (as well as my mother's family before me) and lived there until we married and moved away in 64, so he could get a better job. At the time, Bicknell was a wonderful place to live. A beautiful little, safe town to grow up in! So...we have many, many fond memories. As family passed away, it got so we only went down for class reunions. Going down Main St. would leave us so depressed and sad. It got seedier every time we went. many once well kept homes that are now rundown. Most once thriving little towns are a thing of the past. Once things sart moving "out on the highway" and new stores start building "out there", the town area is gone forever. So sad! Bicknell used to have almost everything a person could need. We've not been back for 5 years now, and may never go again at our ages. Our son took his son down there not long ago and was shocked, as he'd not been there for many years. Our children grew up loving to go to Bicknell and stay with their grandparents. My mother's house on Freelandville Ave still looks nice, but Harold's parent's house is gone. We are glad we left when we did!

Wayne Rout 3 years ago

I'm sure that big stores in Vincennes has some impact, but the overall departure of industry and mining from southern Indiana is the biggest cause along with school consolidation. Bicknell was once a great small town. I'm sorry that it is gone but so are the business parts of almost every other small town around, Bruceville, Wheatland, Monroe City, they are all gone. It is pleasant to remember but hard to see them now. Our nation is slipping badly due to policies followed in the last 50 years. There is little hope unless we make basic changes quickly to bring back the things we have lost.

Camille LeRoy IV 3 years ago

Well I have read many comments on here and all I can say is all the ones that left Bicknell GOOD!!!Love it or leave it!! Now most all the ones that left did so for all kinds of reason and I'm betting they aren't the type of people that make their area so nice to live in so we didn't lose much

anom. 3 years ago

I could name probably 50 small towns in Indiana with the very same problem. Show me a small town that still has the mom and pop grocerys,there are none. New roads that by pass towns and large chain stores are killing all towns. Also the so called free trade laws are destroying millions of jobs. Bicknell has the SAME troubles that every small citys face. People cant spend money if they have none.

Political Science/Business Major and former NK Grad 3 years ago

Blaming the administrations is an odd take on it, because I consider the mayor of Bicknell to be about as much of a politician as the principle of a home school. You work with what your given and after the 80's or so every mayor has been given a dead community. I mean putting a shameless plug for a campaign in a few years on a comment thread saying what you would do for the community if elected is one thing but something aspiring politicians don't know is the job is a lot harder than it seems on the outside. If one of the biggest power plants in Indiana can't do anything to the community but give us a new Dollar General then I don't think anything will do this place good. I do agree with one of the anonymous commenters North Knox school corporation building a new gym was a bit ridiculous especially with the Jr High kids lumped in with the high school kids, but once again politics are a lot harder from the inside there was probably some dumbass stipulation with the money they used that said it had to be for building a gym, that's just how the government works I know a few years back the school board paid $500 dollars a piece for trash cans but that's what they had to spend the money on according to the grants. There's no one person to blame for what happened in Bicknell. I know everyone's favorite pastime is to blame the guy in office but Bicknell, Indiana was a boom town that grew and prospered because of mining then when it was all mined out this boom town went bust. Slowly but surely people and businesses left and anyone with a high school diploma that at least passed an Econ class knows it takes money to have businesses, it takes businesses to have jobs, it takes job to have money, if a community has money it will prosper. Bicknell lacks money plain and simple. Drugs and crime are just a side effect of a decaying community, an example would be harlem in the 1950s. Bicknell doesn't need some cure all mayor with big plans on a little budget, Bicknell needs few big businesses to come in. We need to do what we can to give businesses an incentive to come here. That's something that may work, as I said earlier Duke didn't do much other than raise my bills, theres never anything guaranteed in economics but here's hoping for a better Bicknell for future generations.

CJ 3 years ago

I'm thankful to be living in this small community. Your life is what you make of it.

Dave Snyder profile image

Dave Snyder 3 years ago from Alfred Station, New York

A young man by the name of Alex Yunevich, the son of a coal miner who won 16 letters at Bicknell High went on to be an All-Western Conference fullback at Purdue in 1929. After having a less than happy experience coaching football at Central Michigan, he became the head coach at little Alfred University in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in Western New York State. He took over a football program at Alfred where the Saxons only notoriety was as the "Scoreless Wonders." His first team in 1937 went undefeated. He loved Alfred. Alfred loved Alex. He stayed for a total of 36 seasons, retiring after the 1976 season with an overall record of 177-85-12. When he served his country during WWII, Alfred did not field a team. A two-page spread in Sports Illustrated told his story back in October 1974...and soon thereafter Heywood Hale Broun came to Alfred to interview the old bulldog-faced coach with the unconventional but successful coaching methods. That interview appeared on the Saturday Night CBS Evening News with Dan 1975. I say all of this because I'd like to write a book about Alex and Alfred...and am seriously considering making a visit to Bicknell, IN. to see where it all started. If anyone has any recollection of Alex Yunevich or his family who lived in Bicknell in the 1920s and 1930s, please e-mail me at: Thank you!

John 3 years ago

Political Science/Business Major and former NK Grad

I am always astonished when I read that the problem in Bicknell is lawlessness, yet Bicknell has an enormous police department compared to any other town of its size. The problem is not the police or the drug people the problem is in fact the long line of mayors, councilmembers and voters who don’t vote and even the ones who vote never really educate themselves concerning the people who are running for offices ideas and plans.

First; the city people decided to only elect Democrats regardless of their qualifications but even later when they decided to elect some republicans they chose once again the worse available but in fact very few people actually run for anything.

Choices made by elected people:

Increase the Bicknell sewer rates by 136 percent; this increased a $50.00 water sewer bill to $118.00; they decided to have a neighborhood watch and fought it in council until it died; they tried to pass a tax to force more money from rental property in Bicknell where it is already nearly impossible to sale any property which only failed because the mayor forgot to post it publicly; they decided that they didn’t have enough money to pay their water expenses so they felt that nearly doubling the water rates was a good idea; they were offered a building to develop a youth center but once again fell into the normal fight mode until the building was withdrawn; they felt that horses on Bicknell property was worse than death so they passed a no horses allowed in Bicknell law causing horse owners to leave town; being short on cash they decided to force people in Bicknell to buy trash stickers then doubled the cost of the stickers, simple things are made difficult for example: to have a sign of highway 67 that pointed to the Bicknell downtown was talked about to the State people who agreed but the mayor simply got pissed because he felt that some citizen went over his head so he refused to sign the order, it took several years to finely get the sign after he blocked it; citizens along with one council member went to Indianapolis to work out the cost of the new sewer plant due to the extreme increase of the sewer rates, the mayor plus a councilwoman even though they were invited to go along contacted Mr. Easterly (head of IDEM) in an attempt to stop any agreement that the citizen committee may achieve, yet the committee did reach an agreement with the State but when they returned the mayor and the balance of the Bicknell City Council stopped the agreement without even a discussion and forced through the high rates.

Even today the parks which is being run by a private group who charged the city nothing and raised their own operation money for the most part including grants, paying the utilities as well as all scheduling and upkeep but the Bicknell police wanted to play softball at night but unlike everybody else they didn’t want to pay for the lights so the police officer who is on the council brought it to the city council and attempted to remove the group who had been taking care of everything at no cost to the city and turn it over to the police so they could set up a park board, this is still a running argument check the city council minutes at Read the minutes to understand the problem in Bicknell, all problems that a proper mayor and council could solve in one term.

John DeCoursey 2 years ago

I grew up hearing the stories of what Bicknell was like in its hay day from my Grandfather Spider. It is hard to place those stories with the town that I live in today. I read all the above posts about why and whom was to blame for the present state of our town. I don't see it being a problem of the current or past administrations. It is not up to a Republican or Democrat to fix. The problem has been decades in the making and won't be fixed in a term or two of one party or another. The problem that is affecting Bicknell is the same that is happening in Detroit and every other large, medium, and small town in this country. We have decided that we would rather buy products that we don't need from countries that can undercut what we would have to pay someone here to make the same product. We have taken away prospects of making enough money with one income to support a family. The jobs are in a race to pay the least amount possible to the workers to make the most for share holders.

Duke built its 3.5 billion power plant and passed the bill for its millions in overages to us. Along with the bill we will also be giving them a nice tax break for years on the value of their new plant that isn't working as designed. Sure it was nice to have the influx of jobs during the build, but the vast majority of the paychecks didn't stay in the County. Most of the workers lived here during the construction, only to return home when the job was done. They came from all over the country for this project because the pay was good and steady.

When my Grandpa was out of school we were in the great depression. He joined the CCC or civilian conservation corp. During his time he helped build and improve state parks, infrastructure, and other work projects. He was paid a good wage and used that money to help support his family and support the local venders. Maybe we need a new revival of the CCC to give the multitude of willing workers into a job that pays a living wage.

When I moved back to Knox County I chose Bicknell as a place to raise my family. The town has plenty of homes at prices that don't break the bank. It has a local grocery store. It has a school system that I believe turns out great kids ready for college. My hope for Bicknell is that more sons, daughters, and grandkids of former residents come back and help to bring this small town back from the ashes, and make it a great place where people want to move to raise their kids. After seeing the community turn out last week searching for one child that went missing in the cold, I would say we are on our way.

carlos d bicknell 2 years ago

My name is carlos david bicknell my family lives in elkhart Indiana and that's where I thought my family originated but I recently was bored and looked up my family genology and im related to john Bicknell the man who founded that town when he built his farm there it seems so sad that johns town would become such a scene of abandonment

bobgriese 2 years ago

Does anyone know of a photography studio or a paper processing plant that produced photographic paper that used to be in Bicknell named 'Griffith'?

bobgriese 2 years ago

I have an old postcard with a picture of the A.E. Forster family on it and embossed on it are the words 'Griffith' and 'Bicknell, Ind.'

Dave Fox 2 years ago

I remember Tressler's Five and dad introduced me as a kid to Mr. Tressler who lived I think at the corner of 7th and Main, just up the street from my grandmother Wheat. He was a millionaire and I was so excited to meet him. My mom worked for him in the 50's. Others I remember----Goldie Trabant from the "bottle gas" company just across the highway.....Scottie (my dad's friend" who owned the Red and White grocery downtown.......the TriKappa sorority house (vividly recall my grandmother getting her 50-year pin).....Jarmin's Drug Store where we'd go sit at the soda fountain for a cold Coke after the Labor Day parade......Joe Maberto's Sinclair station where my brother and I had fun jumping on the "dinger" near the gas pumps til we got in trouble for it......the original Atkinson Ice plant there in town.....

Joann,miller"lane 2 years ago

Hi, this is my second post,just was wondering if anyone knew my family on Lawton st.521 Lee Taylor,Rose Taylor,the Graham's Inez,Dorothy,Jimmy,Raymond and Rosealee and my uncle Bill Taylor.

Joann 2 years ago

Hi,it's me again just a few more questions in the fifties I had a teacher named Mrs Dunlap she was the nicest teacher I ever had,did anyone know her?also my best friend was Betty Dunn and Earnesteen Quarter,does anyone know what happen to them?alsoMary,Toni,Rhonda and Antia Quarter also David and Dollar Smith,Please let me know if you know or have any information.Thank you

D. Stremming 2 years ago

They tore down the tresslars building this past week. I was just there. Heard that there were a couple more that we're going to be torn down as well. I have a lot of fond memories. Dad and I were talking about the Labor Day festivities. He used to put out 500 grab boxes for $1.00 each. One had a diamond in it. That was some fun. It is sad to drive down main now, knowing how it used to be.

Rita Hooten Laslie 2 years ago

Terry Vaughn, I grew up in Bicknell from 1950 to 1968 when I married and moved away. You said the Love family (who owned the Colonial theater lived on 4th St. You was right about that, but they did not live in a trailer. A trailer was on that lot before they lived there and at least for a while, a state police officer lived there. This was my old neighborhood. Paul love and his wife had a new pre-fab home put up on this lot and my sister bought it from them in 1972. A few years later , my sister had the house bricked and she still lives there today. It is a very nice looking home. By the way, the Loves also had a teenage son. His name was Mike.

This house is just a couple blocks from the elementary school where the big brick school used to be, which in the early years housed grades 1-12.

It was called Central School and there was also Southside School in the south end of town andWestside School on the west side of town.

Grace 2 years ago

Grew up in Bicknell - one comment I totally agree with its not the town but the people who make the town. I LOVE Bicknell♡♡♡

Brendq 2 years ago

I, also grew up in Bicknell and still enjoy returning and walking down the same streets I did as a little girl. My grandparents and parents lived in Bicknell. I am grateful they had the courage to leave and start in another area but Bicknell will always be home to me.

Many memories but I so enjoyed the skating rink in the summer when the "walls" were opened up and the summer breeze blew across the rink as we skated in the warm dark evenings. The outhouse I don't miss as much!

Charlie Riggle 2 years ago

I not in Mt Carmel nursing home! I out tealing papers preacher man! Got any luminum?

The Devil 2 years ago

Bicknell is mine!....Take you all straight to hell;;!!... evil laugh

E SAGE Mitchell 2 years ago


David Nicholas profile image

David Nicholas 20 months ago

Part of our family history refers to Bicknell, Indiana. My great great grandparents, great grandparents and grandfather and his siblings lived there starting about 1914. The family worked in the coal mines there until a mining accident injured my great grandfather's back and he moved to Detroit in the 1920s.

Anon 17 months ago

New sidewalks and a lot of the crumbling buildings are gone from downtown Main Street. Looks like Bicknell is finally cleaning up. Might look a little desolate, but at least it will be safe to sit on the sidewalk and watch the Labor Day parade this year!

John 17 months ago

The parade will be on Washington as far as I know. The buildings on Main Street cannot be rebuilt according to county code, the street will be narrower; although the side walk will be wider so wheel chairs can pass each other. In the future Bicknell Main street will be either residential or a small strip mall with parking in front of the buildings.

Bill 17 months ago

What happened to the Bicknell golf course? Played a couple of tournaments back in the early 80's there. Tried googling it and can't even find a mention of it. Wasn't it called the Bicknell Country Club? Any information would be appreciated.

John 17 months ago

Bicknell golf course is still there but now the public is welcome.

Brenda Fisher Blackmon 16 months ago

My family was from Bicknell, dad side: Fisher and mom's side: Dowden. I am 48 years old now. I was born in Sandborn but lived in Bicknell myself from 1971-1979. We lived on 7th Street. My parents moved us to Texas because they could foresee there was really no future for us kids there. I remember playing softball at the park, going to the disco, riding our bikes downtown and going into the dime store to get candy. A lot of good memories. Sad to see these pictures, but knew it was getting bad because my mom still visits family there. I have not been back for 27 years. We use to also love to go to swim and skate on the highway and go to the Tasty Freeze (I believe that is what it was called).

Bob Tresslar 6 months ago

Bob Tresslar:

I lived in Bicknell from age 1 until I was 14. (1945-1959) We moved to Vincennes when I entered high school.

I don't think it would have been been possible to have had a a happier childhood anywhere in the world. My family had the dime store on main street and we lived on 7th street, a block from my grandparents.

I went to West Side grade school and have nothing but great memories. Our teachers must have been pretty good, since I had no problem with under grad or law school. Marian College and IU Law.

Over the years I have driven my family through Bicknell to show them where I grew up and my kids would stick up their noses and comment about how beat up the town was. These are not my memories at all; what I remember is the freedom we had to ride our bikes everywhere, play baseball from dawn till dark. We could walk out the door with a BB GUN and no one would say a word, here in Denver someone would call the SWAT Team.

I was a career prosecutor/police instructor and now a lawyer/oilman. I wouldn't trade my Bicknell childhood for anything; I have never met better, kinder people in my life.

Don 6 months ago

if food stamps and hud housing and welfare checks where not allowed in Bicknell it would still be a great little town

RAY DOWDEN -BRYANT 3 months ago

I lived Bicknell in 58 to 1965 went to south side school 57-59 and BHS 59-62 join the Army in 65 from Bicknell live at 601 Penn ST were pre school is now.IT was a very good town to grow up in and I had a lot of fun and good members in that town

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