Russia Vows to Attack U.S. Missile Shield

Israeli Nuclear Sub
Israeli Nuclear Sub
The US Missile Shield
The US Missile Shield

Iranian Missile Threat

While the US- Iranian nuclear weapons program continues to its boiling point this summer, there is another brew on high simmer between the US and Russia. Keep in mind, Russia and China both have opposed the Iranian sanctions and continue fairly close relations to it for economical interests.

Before, Russia has hinted of some sort of action if the NATO-US missile shield aimed at intercepting Iranian missiles directed at Europe, now it is strong threat. In fact, Russia has vowed to conduct an pre-emptive strike in Eastern Europe if the US continues building the missile shield.

According to the Russians, the US talks about this shield are at a dead end. Russia simply does not trust what the US is telling them that the shield is NOT directed at them, only Iran. Russia thinks it will undermine their nuclear abilities. What Russia wants is to be included in the missile shields operations, something NATO\US totally reject. Both sides have a healthy does of high level distrust, just like in the Cold War period. The Russians even admit that having decades of distrust is a legacy left from the Cold War and is not easily removed, even for the Americans.

It is one of those arguments that is "he-said, she said". By the US not including the Russians in even limited operations or planning for the shield sends a negative message. Russia has been included in other military related issues before. It is probably because of the technology and distrust. Russia, now states, okay, we will take it out when it is operational. Now what? Both countries are now eye to eye. Does the US call the Russian bluff? What if it is not a bluff, then what? What does the US do? Escalate and confront?

Meanwhile, Iran gets into the act. Does something equally bad in the Persian Gulf as July approaches,like disrupting or closing the Hormuz Straits, causing massive jumps in fuel. That, greatly impacts the American anemic economic recovery sending it into failure. It wouldn't take much. What if Iran tosses a missile or two toward the shield as Russia makes good on its promise?

Adding to the mess, is Israel, which has just received it 4th nuclear submarine from Germany for a half billion dollars (German has subsidized it) due to arrive next year. Ironically, because of history, Germany is Israel's strongest ally in Europe. There is little question that Israel has armed its three nuclear submarines of the Dolphin class.

What the world needs is The Avengers! And not just the movie.

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Rchrdsnc profile image

Rchrdsnc 4 years ago from Midwest USA

An interesting hub. It is too early to tell what will happen.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Yes, for sure. Should be a hot summer.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

Why Should Russia Care? We are not even in a cold war anymore and neither country has an interest in confrontations with each other. Maybe it does have something to do with Iran and Russia being friends. Maybe Iran does not want to see the capability? it is more of a wait and see what develops.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

It is nice to know that balance of power exists, otherwise any country in the world disposing of waelth without strategic alliances would fall the U.S. and England, France, Germany maybe!

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Russia and Iran are in bed with one another.There is a silent cold war going on now.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

perrya, I hate to read comments from maxoxam, never did like those who hide behind mask!

Let us find another Reagan! Charge up the batteries on our old nuclear arsenal, and then tell Russia or Iran to please put a finger on our missile defense system! LOL,

In seriousness, how much more do good people of this earth have to take? It almost seems like every 10 years we should drop a few nuclear bombs on these morons just to keep them in the dark ages and away from bothering the rest of the world!..........I know that is not what God wants us thinking but ARGH!...........nice hub, voted up!

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

well, even president putin remains a big fan of The Beatles, and does have some sense of democracy in him, he is still a product of the KGB. He still is simmering about how Russia in the 90's fell off its position of power to a near third rate country and is determined to see Russia in glory. I guess from their position, it looks like world power have a high school clique, you know, you can only be part of the "in" group, when we say it. Their position is the big FU, then. Then, when the in group needs their cooperation, the in group gets quite the opposite and is baffled. Friendships require a lot of work.

MG Singh profile image

MG Singh 4 years ago from Singapore

One should not be alarmist. I am sure with Obama a war with Iran looks unlikely

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

@MG, Obama can be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Look no further that Osama bin Laden. Out of the blue. If all else fails with Iran, it will happen. the pieces are mostly in place.

Kairat Dorgoev 4 years ago

American Romance, I don't think, now Americans can drop their nuclear bombs to Euroasia... in 1945 they droped their bombs to Japan because of USSR and USA were in one group...

Gary 4 years ago

Why do we need to keep poking the bee hive? just leave them alone.. let them alone and they will just on about their business.. its like constantly harassing a paranoid person.. and then wonder why the think their being watched... walk away.. but we cant, to much money to be madwe from more war.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

@gary, that is a good analogy. I say, unless there is a reason why, let the Russians be part of the defense. allow them to buy into it and truly be a part.

Jimmy 4 years ago

The Russians are wasting their time. There are too many Reptilians on the planet for them to accept a nuclear strike. They will shut a strike down almost immediately.

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