Sarah Palin Glenn Beck 2012 | A Sims 3 Simulation

Curious to see what would happen if Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck did run on a combined ticket in 2012, I created sim Sarah Palin and sim Glenn Beck. Aside from a few minor interferences, such as actually making them get jobs, I allowed the program to run its simulation without my interference. Like a creator of animal planet documentaries, I then stood by helpless as Sarah and Glenn wreaked havoc upon themselves and Sunset Valley.

Housemates and running mates Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck got off to a great start. In spite of their humble surroundings, Sarah made a play for Glenn right away, whispering dulcet rumors of socialist conspiracies into his ear.  Things went well until Glenn accused her of being insane, an accusation that was promptly returned. Within less than an hour of meeting, Glenn was very angry at Sarah. Oh how passionate these idealistic and political types are!

But it was not the true anger, the abiding anger, the anger reserved for those who would threaten the country Glenn loved, no, it was merely the anger of a romance denied. The moment Sarah flirted with him, winking so alluringly, his defenses dropped, he gathered her up into a sweet embrace and in that moment they declared their mutual attraction and became one another's romantic interest.

That evening's dinner was special. Whilst Glenn napped, Sarah prepared an autumn salad. She and Glenn shared a lovely candle lit dinner together, then Glenn stepped outside to rummage in his own trash.

Disappointed and left alone without so much as a tender caress or kind word from the object of her affection, Sarah had another helping of autumn salad, then yet another. It was no use though, all the autumn salad in the world could not fill the void Glenn left when he walked out that door and dove headfirst into the trash can.

Driven insane with unsatisfied passion, and with only the sounds of trash being strewn about the lawn to comfort her, Sarah slipped into her bikini and went to bed. It was hard to sleep though, what with the voices in her head calling her to kill whole herds of moose, so after an hour of tossing and turning, she got out of bed, changed into her work out gear and climbed into Glenn Beck's cold bed.

Outside, still alone in the moonlight, Glenn continued to rummage through the trash, certain that socialist secrets were hidden inside.

Stinking from sweat and trash, Glenn felt the call of nature, but ignored it in order to go on rummaging. Unlike Palin, nature is a harsh mistress and she will not be denied. So it was that at 4 am in the morning Glenn stood, entirely devoid of state secrets and in a puddle of his own making.

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

That's a scream. If ever two people deserved each other it's Palin and Beck. They could make a threesome with Limbaugh.

mikk 7 years ago

I like the 4 am comment. I recently watched a funny talk by the poet Rives about 4 am on

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