Screaming For the Invisible Shadow


The Voice Beckoning a Friendly Shadow of Hope

By: Sabrina Delaney (RW Advancements) - Sabrina Tells All

- Laughter can be heard among the sound of engines roaring, dogs are barking and a radio can be heard near the home where a steak is being grilled. The eight year old boy rides his bike up and down the sidewalk, over and over again. Down the road there are teen-age girls discussing the new hot guy that just moved-in one block from where they are standing. Further down the road a young mother can be heard calling out to her child, "Johnny, where are you Johnny? Can you hear me . . . answer me." Johnny does not answer and his mother goes back inside the house.

The sun is shining and the flowers are blossoming, although each component of this neighborhood is connected, they are separate. There is something that seems to be stirring off in the distance. The people come and go as they struggle to move through the various stages of their life and their day. Ms. Crandle did not hear Johnny's mother when she called to him while she was gardening. Mr. Jackson was mowing his lawn unaware of the girls down the street, Johnny not answering his mother or that the sun is starting to go down. He was thinking about what he would have for dessert after he finished his meal later that evening.

Mr. Parker, the grandfather of the neighborhood thinks that Ms Crandle is quite the looker. So many different sounds can be heard, neighbors sharing a space and yet unaware of the whisper begging to be heard; if they would only listen. Jennifer Swanson is really a television junkie, with her eyes always glued to the latest news and fashion. Yet, she does not realize what is happening in her own neighborhood.

There it is the sound of a stranger, a voice beckoning a friendly shadow of hope to hear, to see and to help. The faceless neighbors would soon not be faceless anymore. Due to circumstances that are out of their control, they will at least for this moment be connected forever.

It is 9:00 pm and Johnny finally arrives home. He walks into the house, makes a sandwich and runs upstairs to play his video games. His parents are downstairs raising their voices over the bills that are not being paid.

Sarah is 10 years old with long blonde hair, her smile so sweet and caring. Her laughter sounded like music as she went about her chores. Unfortunately, Puffy her Poodle got away from her and as Sarah went to connect Puffy's leash to her collar, it happened.

A black van as dark as the sky has come around the corner. They stopped where Sarah was standing and grabbed her. Puffy was connected to her leash with no one to guide her, just left standing on the sidewalk as Sarah's screams were subdued. Poor little Sarah she struggled, kicked, tried to scream but was overpowered by men that had no respect for life. They were not concerned with her hopes, desires or dreams. They did not know she wanted to become a teacher and help children in need. However, they watched her and listened to her laughter as she moved about, waiting for their chance to silence her with the darkness that fuels their desire for control.

Sarah is scared, terribly frightened as she is trembling in the back of the van. The men are having a conversation as if they had just stopped by to pick-up a pizza. Sarah can hear their laughter and how happy they are as she is taken further and further from her home. One of the men looks back at her with a smile on his face.

Sarah's mother Emily found Puffy standing on the sidewalk. Nearby were tire marks where the van abruptly stopped. From down the street Jennifer (television junkie) ran to Emily to report what she had just witnessed. Emily screams in horror as she cradles Puffy in her arms. Jennifer reassures her that she has called the police and they will be here very soon.

Emily cannot stop screaming in disbelief, and soon all the neighbors that were so unconnected came to see what has happened in their seemingly safe haven. This does not happen in their neighborhood, but it did. Now they will have to accept that their neighborhood is just like the neighborhood in a nearby city, where a little boy was silenced forever and tossed in a trash bin.

Will Sarah ever be seen again? Will her mother Emily hold her in her arms once again and watch her grow-up? Will Sarah become the teacher she had hoped to be? Weeks have gone-by and flyers are everywhere, but Sarah has not come home. If only there was something more that could be done for children like Sarah?


Not in My Neighborhood!

By: Sabrina Delaney (RW Advancements) - Sabrina Tells All

- Today we are bombarded with news that another child has been taken and dismembered, tossed in a garbage bin as if they never were more than garbage. Women are being raped, beaten, disfigured by strangers and by the men that promise to love them. Husbands decide not to bother with the effort of getting a divorce, but instead find an alternative method for divorce in murder. People are being robbed, crime is increasing, shots are being fired in neighborhoods with innocent individuals in the path of someone's bullet.

What has happened to us? When did life cease to be treasured? Where are the parents of the children that grew into adults that harm others as they walk the streets without fear? When did society fail mankind? Do we raise our children to be tortured, grabbed off the street as if it were a stop to get pizza? When we tuck them in at night did we forget to say, "I will love you forever and ever?"

Will you remain invisible, or will you be the one to hear the voice beckoning a friendly shadow of hope and answer the call for help? Let us take back the life we deserve to live, let us not be invisible in a neighborhood that is connected and yet separated. Will we continue to live in a community without structure, the interwoven threads connected with all the lives that live within the community boundaries broken? Let these dark souls hear your voice loud and clear! Show them with your actions that you are not invisible, that you are actively seeing, hearing and speaking to them when you say, "Sarah, will not disappear from my neighborhood!"


Sabrina Tells All

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My Hope For Mankind

- May I always care for others in the same manner as I care for myself. May I treasure the gift of life as a miracle and not darkness waiting to be subdued by someone else. May I not live in fear and appreciate all that can be good in society, within the hearts of others. May I reach out when a child is lost, hungry, cold and afraid. May I mentor so that others can learn from my mistakes and my accomplishments. But above all, may I have the strength to create my thread within the tapestry making it strong, woven with strong bonds from those around me and unyielding so that others may follow.

Will you join me and contribute your thread to be woven into the beautiful tapestry of life?

- - Sabrina Delaney - -

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