Senate Democrats Vote No To Extend The Payroll Tax Deduction

VOTE NO to extend the payroll tax deduction holiday

On Dec.1,2011, the Senate Democrats VOTE NO to extend the payroll tax deduction holiday. The Senate Republicans proposed a bill that would extend the pay roll deductions without increasing the deficit. The Democrat plan was to tax the rich a 3.25% tariff to pay for the $100 billion cost to extend the payroll tax holiday without considering PAY-GO legislation.

The Republican proposal followed PAY-GO LEGISLATION LAW signed by President Obama on Feb 13, 2010. The first time the payroll tax deduction was approved by Congress, it was approved with promises to CUT government spending, which has yet to happen. The 2011 budget deficit was $1.3 trillion.

President Obama was in Pennsylvania and New York campaigning for the 2012 election. The President told the audience that the Republicans should vote to extend the payroll tax deductions. Obama said that if Congress don’t pass an extension, the economy might fall back into a recession in 2012. Blaming the Republicans for the inability of the Democrat Senate to compromise on an extension of the tax deduction is somewhat disingenuous.

The President has a different view today from the day that he signed PAY-GO into law. The Senate Democrats and the President need to be reminded that PAY-GO LAW requires a dollar for dollar exchange for any NEW spending. The Republican defeated proposal wanted to cut the cost of government to pay for extending the pay roll tax holiday. One must wonder the hypocrisy of not following the PAY-GO LAW that was approved by a Democrat Super Majority Congress and signed by President Obama in 2010.One must wonder if the forthcoming 2010 elections was an incentive to pass the Pay-Go bill?

In Nov. 2010 Obama signed to extend the Bush Tax Cuts too, really!

Following is a statement by President Barack Obama on Feb. 13,2010

2/13/10 2:04 PM EST President Barack Obama is hailing pay-as-you-go BUDGET legislation he signed Friday night as one in a series of crucial steps needed to snap Washington out of a destructive pattern of overspending.

“Now, Congress will have to pay for what it spends, just like everybody else,” Obama said in his radio and Internet address released Saturday morning. “After a decade of profligacy, the American people are tired of politicians who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility. It’s easy to get up in front of the cameras and RANT against exploding deficits. What’s hard is actually getting deficits under control. But that’s what we must do.”

The PAYGO compels NEW spending or tax changes to not add to the federal deficit. Not to be confused with pay-as-you-go financing, which is when a government saves up money to fund a specific project. Under the PAYGO Rules a new proposal must either be "budget neutral" or offset with savings derived from existing funds. The goal of this is to require those in control of the budget to engage in the diligence of prioritizing expenses and exercising fiscal restraint.

The interest on the national debt is $1 billion a day and rising. The unfunded liabilities of the country is $104 trillion. The national debt recently rose to $15.5 trillion .

Senator Coburn has identified $9 trillion of waste in the United States government. President Obama stated that Congress needs to cut $ 4 trillion, should be a simple task considering that there is $9 trillion to trim from government. See the Senator Coburn Report July 21, 2011

DEFICIT WASTE IN the US GOVERNMENT see video Back in the black, the SOLUTION

The Simpson-Bowles deficit committee’s report to the President was a plan to reduce the national debt. The final plan was voted on and did not receive the necessary votes to approve.

Under the leadership of President Obama, Congress will be approaching another crisis on Dec 18 when the budget CR will expire and funding the government will again require Congress to act to keep the government functioning. The 2012 budget year started Oct1, 2011.The Republican House approved a 2012 budget in February. The House’s 2012 budget, ’’Cut, Cap and Balance Act’’ was sent to the Democrat Senate for debate, amend and approve.

The Senate and the President have yet to present a 2012 budget, further complicating and delaying Congress to proceed on a final 2012 budget. The failure of the Super Committee to arrive at an agreement was blamed on the Republicans. There are 25 jobs bills passed by the House that are dormant in the Senate waiting to be brought to the Senate floor.

Blaming the Republicans for holding up passage of the Presidents jobs bills is confusing. Blaming Congress for not acting on the President’s jobs bills without mentioning the Democrat controlled Senate appears to be fraudulent and deceiving.

In 2008 candidate Obama promised ‘’ Hope and Change’’ will be coming to Washington if he would be elected. Obama was elected President of the United States,the promises seem now to be forgotten in his third year as the president.

President Barak Obama needs to tell the American people the truth about how he and Congress, the Democrat Senate and the Republican House, will get the people back to work and how they will solve the nations problems. We the people vote and send our elected representatives to be part of our government, those representatives should not be denied a voice or a vote on legislation that benefit’s the citizens. In Washington today, it appears that the political party is more important than the people who elected our officials to go to Washington.

A past President once said ‘’ to be silent is to be a coward’’ Another one said ‘’ the government is not the solution, the government is the problem’’


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Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

Excellent HUB and points well taken. I think most of us are disappointed in our government at this particular point in U.S. History -- if votings the only way to change it for God's sake everyone vote! Voting up! Best, Sis

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa Author

Angela Blair

Congress will be working hard to come to an agreement before the break.OBAMA hasn't found time to blame the Democrats, wonder why?

femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

My personal opinion is to fire ALL of them (minus one Texas Senator I'm very fond d/t his impressive knowledge of the constitution) and hire Sherriff Mack to start handling business for us.

I trust him to not be overspending, committing insider trading or tossing our constitution in the rubbish bin.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa Author


The payroll taxes support the social security trust fund. Today the SS fund pays out more money than it takes in to pay SS recipients. So for the WORKING citizens they get to keep more of their money. That all sounds good if you are in the working class collecting a pay check. For the 14 million who are not working, if they can continue to collect unemployment (an Obama/ Democrat living wage),they will not get a payroll tax holiday.

The truth, not being told to the American people is that the $100+ billion cost to make up the money to reimburse the SS fund comes from the general fund, which increases the deficit. Yes because the money to replace the cost has to be borrowed. Taking from one pocket and transferring to another ( borrowed money) does not help to reduce the deficit. The answer to the problems are JOBS.

Both parties, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT, agree that the payroll tax should be extended even after President Obama claims the Republicans will nor agree to pass the extension. President Obama is playing politics to the highest degree and has not been truthful.

Pay-Go law requires ANY NEW EXPENDITURES TO BE OFFSET by cuts in the present budget and/or cuts in the federal government. Not in the future as when the payroll holiday was first approved but the cuts need to be cut immediately in order for the Republicans to agree to an extension.

A congressman said today on a news program that it is not right to lay off government workers before Christmas. The fact is that the Obama Administration has increased the size of government 20% since taking office in 2009.Unemployment in the public sector is 3%, whereas the private sector is 9%.

THE BLAME GAME CONTINUES fed/led by the President of the United States, Barack Obama !

Note! The 2012 budget has yet to be presented and approved by the Senate and the President.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa Author


On Dec.06, 2011, President Obama again said that the Republicans are holding up passage of the extension of the Tax Holiday claiming that if the bill is not passed, the Republicans will be raising taxes on the middle class. President Obama fails to point out that the House has passed 24 jobs bills laying stagnate in the Democrat Senate waiting to be brought on the floor for debate, amend and/or approve.

Where are the jobs? Check this site.

On Dec 15,2011, Congress will need to vote the third time to continue funding the government.

Obama and the Senate has yet to present a 2012 budget. The House passed their 2012 budget in Feb as require by House rules.

The fact is that 2/3’s of our government is not working in the best interest of the people. Where and when will Congress act to get the promised jobs? Blaming the 1/3 that is working is disingenuous and misleading.

Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

Excellent information/Hub -- very succinctly put and to the point. I think you summed up our government at this point in time very well in your last line -- it's totally disingenuous and misleading! Best, Sis

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa Author



Key Lawmakers on Extending Payroll Tax Cut

Sens. Coburn, Conrad on 'Fox News Sunday'

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa Author


An Update; Payroll tax holiday

CONGRESS PASSED a 2 month extension of the Payroll Tax holiday on Dec. 23, 2011.Obama and the Democrats fought hard for the 2 month extension. Obama claimed victory for the people, some how he is satisfied with 2 months rather than the Republican House bill that was a 1 year extension. The House bill was deficit neutral as required by Pay-Go legislation signed by President Obama in 2010.

The President held a press conference ( no questions as usual ) said that the tax extension would save working workers $ 1200 a year , somehow he forgot that the Senate bill was for ONLY 2 MONTHS. The factual savings varies from $20.00 / week to $40.00/ week. The total would save about $180.00 average to a worker. Obama and Congress WORKING hard for the people left Washington, will return in January to re start the negotiations on passing a longer term.

Here’s the real scoop. The Senate passed the bill for 2 months because they could only find enough cuts to offset the expenditure of $ 33 billion. What a waste of taxpayer time and money!

Obama family and friends of Obama are vacationing in Hawaii. it was reported that the trip will cost the taxpayers about $4 milion.Congress is away from Washington too and will return in Jan.2012 to resume TALKING.Talking is what they do BEST.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa Author


12/27/11,the latest is that the Whitehouse, Obama & company, will be requesting Congress to increase the national debt limits another $1.2 trillion when they come back in Jan.2012.The CRISIS PRESIDENT forgets that the PAY-GO LAW was suppose to fix the congress's spending appetite.

The 2 month payroll tax extension, the 2012 budget, passing the 25 jobs bills that the House approved and now the national debt limits will be waiting for the Senate when they come back to Washington. The Senate has a lot of work to do. The Democrat/ Obama VICTORY will be short! How is it that the House and Senate Republicans can be BLAMED for delaying the recovery. To be continued

poetvix profile image

poetvix 4 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

I do not understand why charges are not being filed. He got the law in regards to pay as you go passed, but yet he breaks it again and again. I have gotten to where I know exactly what he means when he talks. I just listen and then know he will do the opposite. We have never gotten out of recession under his rule and never will. Every single thing he has done has made things worse. He's not dumb so I have to wonder if that is not the real goal. Jon, excellent information as always, sir and I thank you for it.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author


''He's not dumb so I have to wonder if that is not the real goal.''

Obama was taking credit for the good news that unemployment went down to 8.3%. All sounded good until later in the day it was announced by the news media that from Jan. 2009 to Jan. 2012, his administration has lost 2 million jobs. If the government added the 2 million who stopped looking for work ,the unemployment number would be closer to 10%.Those receiving about $250.00 a week for up to 99 weeks ( Obama's living wage for the private sector ) would rather have a job. Obama has no clue on how to correct the situation.

Barak Obama A Muslim , Watch The Videos And See What You Think?

From the mouth of candidate Barack Obama 2008

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author

Congress has passed an extension of the payroll tax cut and long-term jobless benefits, handing to President Obama one of his election-year PRIORITIES despite widespread concerns about the bill's DEFICT implications.

Read more:

Today Feb. 17,2012, the Republican house voted to pass a 1 year extension to the Obama pay-roll tax credit for 160 million working Americans. The Senate followed within minutes approved the measure 60-36.Republicans GAVE UP on their demands that the tax cuts BE PAID FOR. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the package will INCREASE the budget deficit by $126 billion over the next five years.

"I cannot and I will not support legislation that extends the payroll tax holiday WITHOUT PAYING for it," said Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga. "This will add $100 billion to the deficit and it will create an even greater shortfall within the Social Security trust fund that already has over $100 billion SHORTFALL just in the last two years."

ON 2/13/10 President Obama signed PAY-GO legislation that require new spending to be offset with budgeted cuts. The legislation pushed thru by the President and a Democrat super majority Congress required all new spending to be deficit neutral.

The end result of passing the bill without reducing spending, as required by the pay-go law, will be at the expense of the American taxpayer. The funds to supplement the social security trust fund will be borrowed and increase the National Debt. At a congressional hearing today, a Congressman stated that the actual unfunded liabilities of our government is $96 TRILLION, parts of which is Medicare, Social Security, government Pensions and other non mentionables.

WE HAVE A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT! President Lincoln once said, ‘’ To remain silent is to be a coward ‘’. Senator Coburn needs support. The Senator Coburn report '' WASTE IN GOVERNMENT'' fellow Americans there are many places to cut spending! profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

I would expect that whoever the Republican presidential nominee is, that they could use this information as more ammunition against the administration. At this point, I believe that Mitt Romney will be the next president barring a major catastrophe.

I think that Romney or any other republican will have a field day exposing the presidents many deceptions! profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

"The Democrat plan was to tax the rich a 3.25% tariff to pay for the $100 billion cost to extend the payroll tax holiday without considering PAY-GO legislation".

As you so aptly pointed out, there not following thier own legislation because PAY-GO was passed with a democratic super-majority and signed into law by president Obama! I would be interested to know if charges could be filed for failure to comply with this law!

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author


Should Obama win the 2012 election and the Democrats still control Congress,there will be $400 plus billion in taxes to the American taxpayer.

1 The payroll tax holiday expires.

2.The Bush tax cuts expire

3.Obamacare taxes kick in 2013.

4.Other taxes on business and commodities

Change is coming to Washington (2008). In 2012 change MUST BE MADE in washington for the good of ALL the people.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author


TIME marches on, today the President wants ''fairess ''.

President Barak Obama delivers the State of The Union speech. Obama called for a new day of cooperation and unity .

Be the judge! profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

Hi Jon- You sure spelled it out, there's a world of pain right around the corner, that take the form of a mountain of tax hikes and ballooning deficits! Not exactly the way to bring an economy out of a serious recession, is it!

Whenever the president mentions, "fairness", you'd better watch your wallet because fairness in liberal land means "class war" designed by politicians to confiscate more of our money! This kind of talk feeds into the growing entitlement culture, which is the lefts largest voting block!

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author

The Senate continues to obstruct legislation passed by the House.One must watch and listen carefully when the President complains about Congress and the Republicans. Obama NEVER mentions how the Senate is delaying the budget process and how the Senate hasn't taken up voting on the jobs bills.

April 19, 2012

Democrats Joining G.O.P. on Keystone Pipeline approval

Obama has said he would veto. The bill passed 293 to 127,

27 House Jobs bills in the Senate waiting for approval by the Senate.

What’s the hold-up, Obama or Reid?


House Republicans to Tackle Ambitious Budget

JUDGE FOR YOURSELF,what is the problem

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author



OBAMA says that the REPUBLICANS want the student loan program’s interest rate to increase to 6.4% from the present 3.4%. The banking industry administered student loans at the time. The government took over the student loan program from the banks with the passage of the Obama healthcare law. According to PAY GO law, the Democrats have not agreed to offset the cost to be deficit neutral. President Obama and the Senate Democrats blaming the Republicans for following the law is disingenuous and a political distortion of the truth.

In 2007, the Democrat majority controlled Congress passed legislation to lower the interest rate from 6.4% to 3.4% with an expiration of the interest rate law in July 2012. The Bush/ Democrat controlled congress recession began in Nov. 2007.

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author


12/24/12 update.

President Obama was elected to a second term. the President is on vacation, the Senate is out and the House has passed a bill to stop the ''fiscal cliff'' from happening. The Senate again has another House bill that Senator Reid promises not to allow a vote on the House bill. The President, lacking leadership, is still blaming the Republicans( for not folding ) for the problems in Washington.

It appears that nothing has changed in Washington.Another Obama crisis around the end of the year in his first term.

Will Congress act for the benefit of the American people and the country before Jan.1,2013?

How Washington could address tax hike impasse

FISCAL CLIFF, why? just cut waste and follow the law.

2/13/10 Pay Go Law The President lies?

Senator Coburn reports 9 million ways to balance the budget CUT WASTE

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa Author



An update Wake up America,

All told, the fiscal cliff law designed to reduce the deficit, added $74 billion in spending through changes in the tax law.


Full Text: Treasury Says U.S. to Hit Debt Limit Monday

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’S National Debt Crisis ’Cut, Cap and Balance ‘’bill that was sent to the Senate on July 19,2011

Last night, Congress just added $70 billion worth of new loopholes.


President Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Plan “Balance” not true


First-quarter deficit was $293 billion, CBO says


McCarthy Joins Colleagues Asking Administration to Clarify Contradictory TARP Repayment Plans

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 3 years ago from usa Author


9/11/13 an update

7/28/13 President Obama working for the middle class

President Obama working for the middle class

Where are the jobs? Check this site.


Government projects to make $50B in student loan profit



Work or Welfare: What Pays WAKE UP AMERICA

Welfare pays better in 33 states than a minimum-wage job. FEDERAL GOV HAS 126 PROGRAMS

July 2, 2013

Obamacare's employer mandate delayed a year

A US Government Shut Down 2013 A PREVIEW

Senate voted on 3/2/11 to cut $4 billion in spending

JON EWALL profile image

JON EWALL 2 years ago from usa Author



An update 12/17/13 A Plan For Jobs & Economic Growth The Democrat Senate has yet to vote on the House bills

1/30/14 House Leaders Send Letter To President Obama The President has not yet answered the House leadership as yet.

to be continued

Polly 2 years ago

That's a slick answer to a chianelglng question

Noah 2 years ago

I commend sen obama's rernsaitt when it seemed as if Sen McCain was trying bully him with various statements and aalso trying to qualify himself by stating sen obama just did not understand . Well in Sen Obama's closing statement or even earlier I was just wished that he would have said the one thing that I do understand is this country cannot go through another 8 years of what we've been through. And I believe that a vast majority of America wouldagree with you because it seems as if some are now starting to feel the pinch of recession, the same pinch most Americans have been feeling for the past 2 to 6 years. Something is wrong when you can bail out institutions,banking investment firms, we can even finance a war. But we can't give ours kids a decent education, we can't find a way for the elderly to chose between medicine and food and I know why and no one is saying it, there's no profit in peace, no profit in financing healthcare for young or old no profit. I know that things cost money but you'll find that you'll become the biggest arms dealer in the world (President's real job). Please don't forget WHO YOU ARE becausethe shoes you about to step into come with many acessories like Masks yes many masks you'll have to wear. Oops did not mean to sound like Sen McCain but sometimes we as little people really don't have any say because who's listening. Those who are in power say that they understand what we are going through. You know in hindsight I'm glad that you don't understand.

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