Senator Durbin I Respectfully Disagree

Here’s my response to the Honorable Dick Durbin, Senator from the not so great state of Illinois. I signed an e-mail petition requesting the good Senator not to arbitrarily increase the debt ceiling which of course was a futile request to a tax and spend Democrat but never the less here is his response to me and my counter to him!

Dear Patriot

Thank you for contacting me about negotiations to raise our debt limit and to put us on a sustainable fiscal path. These are issues of utmost importance, and I appreciate hearing from you.

On August 2, 2011, I voted for and the Senate passed the Budget Control Act (S. 365). The President signed the bill into law later that day. S. 365 prevents a default on our nation's debt and gives our economy the certainty it needs as it continues to recover from a historic recession

Senator Durbin

Call it what you like but what you guys passed was anything but a Budget Control Act. All the so called cuts are down the road which is always the case when a Democratic Controlled Senate passes anything; just another exercise in smoke and mirrors; now you see it now you don’t.

This agreement will begin the process of reducing our deficits and ensuring our long term recovery. Over the next weeks and months, we must do all that we can to make certain that a balanced and fair process that protects the most vulnerable in our society follows this first step.

Senator Durbin

As for reducing our deficits and ensuring our long term recovery that will only begin following the 2012 elections when we put an end to this Socialist Regime and restore capitalism to this great country of ours by voting in a Republican President. Hopefully our new Republican President will be accompanied by a Republican controlled Senate and House; then the recovery will begin.

We know how our enormous deficits began. In 2000, we had the largest budget surplus in history: $236 billion. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office was projecting surpluses of $5 trillion from 2001 through 2010. President Bush rejected President Clinton's policies and set us on a new path paved with large deficits financed by foreign debt. Two huge tax cuts, two wars, and the Medicare prescription drug program - none of which was paid for - produced an enormous fiscal hole. This was compounded by the economic mismanagement in the financial sector which caused the recession.

Senator Durbin

I’m not surprised you resorted to the tried and true Blame Bush Strategy; after all it worked for awhile for your Socialist President but looks like the general public is finally catching on. As for those enormous deficits coupled with the largest budget surplus in history: $236 billion, surely you remember a little event now known simply as 911. That sir is what is referred to as a Game Changer!

Also your attempt at blaming the deficits on Tax Cuts follows the Democratic Party Talking Points perfectly. The only part you left out in order to complete the mantra was …”for the rich;” you know “Tax Cuts for the Rich.” Isn’t that the tried and true poll tested phrase you guys use when you want to invoke class warfare?

To address this issue, President Obama created the Bipartisan Fiscal Commission, on which I was honored to serve. I spent much of that time listening to experts explain the risk that our growing debt poses to our national well-being. The results are alarming. The debt now exceeds $14 trillion and will explode to even more unsustainable levels in the future unless we act to reduce it now. If we do nothing to tackle our debt obligation, interest payments alone could exceed $1 trillion dollars in 2020.

In recent months, I have worked with a bipartisan group of my colleagues to craft a balanced plan for controlling our federal deficits. Throughout my service in Congress, I have supported a range of proposals to cut spending. Just as American families have had to cut back on spending, Congress, too, must make tough choices. There are only two honest ways to reduce our debt: cut spending and raise revenues. I am committed to pursuing proposals that do both. This is going to require sacrifice from both sides of the aisle. The debt is not a partisan problem, it is an American problem. The Budget Control Act will decrease our deficit by over $2 trillion in the next decade. It is a first step, not the final one.

Senator Durbin

I couldn’t disagree with you more when it comes to your statement, “there are only two honest ways to reduce our debt: cut spending and raise revenues.” Even though your side has chosen to address RAISING TAXES by referring to it as RAISING REVENUES doesn’t change the fact Taxes aren’t Revenues. Revenues are earned; Taxes are stolen. By raising taxes you are stealing more from the people who earn Revenue! This is just another one of your poll tested phrases to fool the people when you want to raise their taxes!

I believe in pure unadulterated Capitalism; remove the shackles imposed by this Regime; unleash American Industry to once again create jobs and quit attempting to Tax away their profits. Profit sir is not a dirty word! Quit trying to sneak Cap and Trade through under the guise of EPA Regulations; don’t reel Organized Labor back into the fold through the imposition of Card Check using the Department of Labor to somehow impose it. Bring American Industry back to our shores by creating a business friendly environment.

Thank you for your time and I apologize if this response in any way seemed disrespectful. The fact we are philosophically diametrically opposed accounts for my strong opposition to your views politically.

Partisan Patriot


Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 5 years ago from Rural Arizona

PP - This was awesome. I wonder if he read and put any thought into his responses, or if this was the same canned BS issued to everyone?

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author

I'm sure it was the same canned BS; he commanded Pelosi's Senate Light Brigade last year during the Health Care debacle and they could care less what we had to say then so I'm sure he could care less what I have to say now!

Partisan Patriot 5 years ago Author

I'm sure it was the same canned BS; he commanded Pelosi's Senate Light Brigade last year during the Health Care debacle and they could care less what we had to say then so I'm sure he could care less what I have to say now!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 5 years ago from United States

This is a terrific hub as you countered each of the points made by Sen. Durbin. I think most of America is starting to agree. I certainly hope so.

partisan patriot 5 years ago

Thanks Pamela

I wish the Republicans would use this technique a break down his Majesty's so called Jobs Speech this Thursday; it will be as big a pile of S#*t as Durbin's letter to me was!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

Dear Patriot,

I don't understand why I missed this hub. In any case, it is awesome as are you. up and useful, interesting and awesome.

partisan patriot 5 years ago

Thanks Pop

This guy is an integral part of the Regime;he's the Joseph Goebbels of this modern day Third Reich!

trimar7 profile image

trimar7 5 years ago from New York

Hey Partisan - I see that you are still on top of things. I must admit that I have been swamped and have not been keeping up. I took on the role of technology facilitator in addition to my teaching position. I am enjoying it immensely but it has kept me extremely busy. I am happy to know that while I am preoccupied you are keeping our politicians on their toes. Hope all is well - trimar

partisan patriot 5 years ago


Congratulations on your additional assignment; I think. It reflects upon your well rounded skill set. I have noticed you do things technologically with your hubs I couldn’t begin to do or even understand so well done friend!

As far as keeping on top of things I’m about to come out with another hub this weekend that will scare the pants off you! I has to do with yet another way this Regime plans on extorting money from us if allowed to RULE another 4 years.

On another note I see you are also a level 4 commentator; I wonder what their numbering system means? Our pal Breakfast Pop is a level 7 so we must treat her with more respect; I think!!!!!!!!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 5 years ago

Why apologize if your letter is deemed disrespectful? Personally, there are few in Congress I respect. Anyway, I agreed with everything else you said.

trimar7 profile image

trimar7 5 years ago from New York

Partisan - Just stopping by to say hello and see what you are up to. I get home and rarely get on the computer during the week. My new role is exciting and interesting but I do come home tired each day. I am going off to find the hub that you wrote that you mention will scare me. By the way - hubpages/Youtube has made it even easier to add a video clip to the hubs. Go to Youtube - find a video that compliments your hub. Copy and paste the window address (the link)- come to the hubpages open a video box instead of a text box - paste that link in the space provided and voila - you have a video in your hub to carry even a stronger voice and raise your ratings. I must say though that you have been doing fine in regards to readers and ratings without the videos. As far as the comments - not sure how they rate people. I am not sure if you are connected with Google Adsense but that is another whole crazy rating system - many hubs written on it. Stay well and in touch.


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