SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 POEM; A Ruse & a Lie Embraced by a Few - Taught a Fallacious Glory to Die!

Attention: This Hub contains sensitive material.


It is an exercise of Freedom of Speech, and a personal oration of emotional discourse constructed in poetic fashion. It does neither necessarily speak to the everyday discipline of the author, nor does it represent any group, as the author is not authorized to speak on behalf of any other. Furthermore, the author wishes to distinguish between the subjective proponents in the oration, their fate, and the good majority of law-abiding and freedom-loving citizens of the civilized world, under God.

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From: The Archives of Global Change in the 21st Century

September 11 poetic oration

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This poem, written by myself, (in verbatim type above, and also recited and enunciated as I would have it myself in video) best not be viewed as a proclamation, or a pronouncement, or even a tirade, but rather a chiding emotional oration which denounces the ideology that brought forth the travesty and murder of 9/11, and also, in compassion and support for the stricken innocents and those who lost their lives in this malevolent terrorist attack, and their loving families who remain grieved.

Thank you.

Timothy Alexander Donnelly


Fire Fighter's Prayer

I pay specific homage in this Hub to the lives and memories of the Fire Fighters and Emergency Workers who gave the ultimate sacrifice on Tuesday September 11, in the year of our Lord 2001. God bless their living spirits, and let them Rest in Peace.

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The inculcation of individuals

The inculcation of individuals to commit Murder upon innocent people is deplorable, criminal, and indeed a travesty of ideological thought, and a degraded paradigm of mutual existence in a shared planet. It has no place in the civilized world. It invites suspicion upon the progenitors of such scheming and malicious intent. It teaches their understudies to hide themselves from detection until the “encouraged” wicked deed is done.

The secret combination of cabals who offer forged incentive to its ill-informed and naïve proponents, effectively “usher” these brain-washed students to their ultimate doom - all in false pretence. This is atrocious, and each will be accountable to God, just as we all are for our own life decisions.

Powers that be must cooperate and issue Decree, Proclamation, and Law to immediately abrogate ALL “Doctrine”, dogma, and practice which implicitly seeks any self-serving purpose of a malevolent design, and which purports to absolve the deliberate actors of these purposes from empirical and Divine justice. These powers, in the groups in which they preside, with their citizenry, are bound for inevitable self-destruction if they do not direct the people they are duty-bound to serve, to follow a path of reconciliation toward peace - just as any of the noble doctrines, prophets, teachers, and érudites foretell. This abrogation of terrorism is also pertinent to, and must include all of us in the individual and free dominions of our own selves.

Moreover, to profess a “declared” abrogation of the promotion, practice, and condoning of terrorist suicide attack (including metaphorical), without a transparent delivery and follow-through, is to Proclaim WITHOUT Authority, and will result in a tide of internal dissent, which will find its own end.

They must also seriously abrogate and condemn the use of landmines of every sort, to abolish this pernicious practice of some in their lands, and lawfully subjugate this criminal behaviour, which is beyond reproach. Organize a “civilized” justice system with EQUAL Human Rights to safeguard, for your own benefit and profit. Civility as a nation will be cherished, along with hope, and faith, and love.

A Poem.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

When a ruse and a lie

Was crafted to sell

The fallacious glory to die

Its proponents went

Straight to hell

As they crashed our planes from the sky

For a hatred was taught

And embraced by a few

For a terrorist plot

With evil to do

And blind did they choose

The devil’s preside

Predestined to loose !

For Satan has lied !

So after they lay

As proxy to him

With their souls they did pay

Being martyrs in sin

And their suicide mission

Murder and perdition

Forged stronger the heart of this land !

For The United States

Of America

And the Right to Freedom stand !

In the year of our Lord 2001

Tuesday September eleven

God’s innocent children, daughter and son

Verily went to heaven

© Copyright 2009 Timothy Alexander Donnelly


Why, oh why, does this evil perpetuate itself, even in the midst of those good people who do not ascribe to its conniving destructiveness? Can not the roots be seen? Or, of those that know of the roots, can they not go about to rectify the problem? Or, have they just not resolved to do it? Even worse, God forbid, have they in fact resolved “not” to do it?

IS there NOT enough INTELLIGENCE and GENIUS to PROMOTE a PEACEFUL prosperity, without the lawbreaking, mockery, and insolence demonstrated toward Almighty God?

Arouse and employ your faculties, for heaven’s sake!

DO NOT LET another generation or season be inculcated with a hatred for any of God's creation! STOP this non-sense.

Pray for guidance, for inspiration, and for the influence necessary to help those who are of the poor, feeble, and reduced school of thought, which school of thought "permits a desire to hurt one’s neighbour", against God’s teaching.

Let God be with you, all those who honestly promote PEACE. Amen.


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Timothy Donnelly profile image

Timothy Donnelly 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

New "Chilling Aerial Photos of 9/11 Attack Released":

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 4 years ago from Central United States of America

Beautiful and tragic truth, your poetry. But it made statements that many dare not make, and I applaud your courage. Glad to hear you speak it on the video also.

Timothy Donnelly profile image

Timothy Donnelly 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Timothy Donnelly has approved your comment.

frogyfish, YOU are one of the brave as well.

To that end, I thank you.

In spite of my concerted efforts to articulate a clear disclaimer, some may still find it directly offensive.

To others perhaps, it is just too sensitive a topic to re-hash in thoughts and in words.

I am pleased that you have recognised my [inspired] take on the tragic matter. Peace and Good Tidings.

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