Serial Killers Donald, Pee Wee Gaskins

Donald " Pee Wee " Gaskins was South Carolinas most prolific Serial Killer

He was also one of the most brutal serial killers ever. He was into a little bit of everything. He had no boundaries as he killed both males and females and he was into torture, cannibalizing his victims and said he was the same as God. He said he chose who would live and who would die and he loved making people afraid of him. If it took brutal torture he was a master at it. He claimed to walk the same path as God. He said the he and God were equals because he was willing and ready to take life's. He said he often killed just to see how the person would die. He said his greatest thrill was holding another persons life in his hands.

Donald " Pee Wee " Gaskins was South Carolinas most prolific Serial Killer
Donald " Pee Wee " Gaskins was South Carolinas most prolific Serial Killer

Childhood of Donald Pee Wee Gaskins

Donald Pee Wee , Gaskins was born March 13th 1933 in Florence County South Carolina. His mother who was not married when Pee Wee was born lived with several different men while Pee Wee was a child. Many of the men beat the boy just for being around.

When his mother did marry his stepfather beat him and his brothers and sisters on a daily basis. Often with the first thing he could reach and grab. His mother did nothing to try to help her children and if they complained to her she would often beat them to. She was especially cruel to Pee Wee.

Art Work that was done by Donald Pee Wee Gaskins.
Art Work that was done by Donald Pee Wee Gaskins.

Donald Gaskins was given the nick name , Pee Wee at a young age because of his small body frame. It is said that he was treated very badly at school both by students and teachers and he quit school at age 11 and became a mechanic and he also helped out around the family farm. Gaskins later told police that all his life people picked on him and treated him badly. He is said to have said that he especially hated women because he felt like his mother let him down badly and never did anything to try to help him or protect him.

Gaskins made friends with two other boys at the garage where he worked. The two boys were called Danny and Marsh and the three called themselves , " The Horrible Trio ". They committed break ins at local houses and raped area younger boys telling the boys if they told them and their families would be killed. All three boys including Gaskins were known to capture peoples cats or dogs and they would take them out into the woods , pour gasoline over them and set them afire. Gaskins said he loved to watch the crispy critters run. The three boys were caught for raping Marsh's younger sister and the boys parents tied them up and beat them. After the beatings Danny and Marsh left the area and Gaskins was left on his on. He continued to break into houses and at age 13 he robbed a house where a girl was home and he was caught. He tried to beat the girl in the head with a stick but she chased him away with an axe. Gaskins was caught and tried and sentenced to the South Carolina State Reformatory for boys until he was 18 years old.

While Gaskins was in the reformatory he was beat and raped often. He was once even raped by 20 boys at one time. He tried several times to escape the reformatory and each time he received a severe beating for trying to escape. At one time he did manage to escape for a few weeks and while he was out he worked for a traveling carnival and married a 13 year old girl. He was caught and returned to the reformatory from which he was released when he was 18 years old.

South Carolina Industrial School for Boys
South Carolina Industrial School for Boys
And for a while Pee Wee Gaskins was a barn burner.
And for a while Pee Wee Gaskins was a barn burner.

After Pee Wee was released from Reform School he and a friend got involved in burning barns for people for the insurance money. A girl Pee Wee knew accused him of being the barn burner who was burning all the barns in the area and he lost his temper and beat her in the head with a hammer splitting her skull open. He was sent to prison this time for five years for assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

Almost at once the small sized Pee Wee was being raped and forced to give sexual services to the gang leaders in the prison. Pee Wee was released from prison in 1961 and he went to work as the driver for a traveling preacher. During this time he met and married several young girls with out divorcing any of them. He was finally arrested for statutory rape of a twelve year old girl and was sent to prison again. This time he was not paroled until 1968. 

The first time Pee Wee killed it was a hitchhiker he had picked up.
The first time Pee Wee killed it was a hitchhiker he had picked up.

Although Pee Wee Gaskins preferred killing females it did not stop him from killing male victims to. By 1975 he had killed over 100 young boys and girls he met along the roads of North and South Carolina.

In 1973 while living in New Prospect South Carolina with his wife and child he purchased an old black hearse. He joked with people he knew that he needed the hearse to carry away all the people he was killing.

Pee Wee was a monster. It was during this time that he raped and murdered a girl he knew who had a 2 year old girl child. He said the rape and murder of the child was the best killing he ever committed.

Pee Wee Gaskins was finally caught by the police when an acquaintance who had helped Pee Wee dispose of some people he had killed and their vehicle broke down and told police where Pee Wee's private graveyard was at.

Walter Neely and Pee Wee Gaskins were charged with eight counts of first degree murder and Pee Wee Gaskins was sentenced to death but the Supreme Court over turned the death penalty in 1976 and Pee Wee was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Gaskins was caught  and convicted for the murder of a fellow inmate and for this he once again received the death penalty which had been reinstated in 1978. On the day of his execution Pee Wee cut his own wrists to try to postpone his execution but at 1.05 AM September 6th 1991 with sewed up arms he was placed in the electric chair and the execution was carried out. Pee Wee claimed that he had killed well over 100 people. At one point he said hell it might even be 200. And he offered to show police where the bodies were buried if he was saved from execution but the then South Carolina Governor refused and Donald Pee Wee Gaskins was executed taking his knowledge of where the bodies were buried to his grave with him.

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lizabeth mace 2 years ago

To Tom Gaskins: How on earth was he so misunderstood? We all, including myself have had hard, bad childhoods, so please explain to me how this monster was so misunderstood? To rape a little baby? He got what he deserved just not soon enough...

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 3 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for the reply and information. I appreciate it. As I'm sure everyone else does.

steve5150 3 years ago

The SC State Police do not believe Gaskins storys about killing 100 hitch hikers. The police were unable to find missing persons reports to support his claims of "coastal kills" as he called them. They think he killed about 15 people and made up the rest to make himself seem more dangerous although with 15 murders I don,t see why he thought he needed to.

arak1547 profile image

arak1547 3 years ago from Akron

Excellent hub. It seems that a lot of these serial killers were ridiculed in school, or had some kind of problems in their earlier years. Just look at Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy

Mathew Tuk 3 years ago

Believe it or not, this man saved my fathers life. He worked for my grandfather alongside my father and uncle. Him and my dad were doing roofing work on a house near the battery in Charleston SC when my dad slipped...Pee Wee dug the sharp edge of his hammer in the roof and grabbed my dad before falling. He wouldn't even let my dad buy him lunch for it.

Unbelievable 4 years ago

A sick monster...the electric chair was too good for him...he didn't deserve an 'easy out'

Amy Lightsey 4 years ago

Donald 'Pee Wee' Gaskins, is my second cousin..... Im kind to him from my dads side of the family... He is my great grandmothers, sisters son.... My great grtandmother is Sarah Lee Parriot.... I never met her sister. She passed before i was born....But i do know he hit my grandmother well my dads mother over the head with a cow chain... But the good news is she lived....God bless the dead she passed in 2002...

family member family friend 4 years ago

i never knew pee-wee gaskins but what i do know is the goodness of his remaining relatives i know them personality i have never known such good moralistic just and true people they are the essence of being a god fearing people im proud too know them but most importatanly being a part of there family.,. what pee-wee did he did on his own .

Dev 4 years ago

@Ang ~ Really?? You think that if the world revoloved around an eye for an eye everyone would be dead? I don't know about you but I have never killed anyone so no I would not be dead. About the worst would be my hand being cut off for stealing when I was younger. You comppletely miss the point of an eye for an eye obviously! And yes this very sick man deserved to be put to death. He even managed to kill while in prison and he would have continued to kill. I grew up in SC and have heard the name "PeeWee" Gaskins all my life. I was one of the thousands who went and toured CCI before they tore it down and saw the awful cell and things that were on his wall. This man needed to face his maker and be held accountable for all the sick things he had done. Good article, like I said I grew up here, but it told me things I did not know. I also found out my grand daddy knew him. You just never know!

Ang 4 years ago

I agree that this guy is a terrible person but no one has the right to take another human life. If this world revolved around the "eye for an eye" method everybody would be dead. Just because some one does something to someone else it doesn't give them the right to do so as well.

AMZ 4 years ago

This man lived in Charleston,SC also and worked as a mechanic at a garage where livingstons is now on rivers ave...he stayed right next door to my Granfather in an old neighborhood off rivers ave called ferndale and drove a big black hearse...real creepy dude...even tried to get my dad to steal cars with dad joined the Army and peewee went to prison...charleston to prospect sc was concidered his COASTAL MURDERS...I did get to meet one of his neices Brenda..and its just hard to even hear from her the things this sicko did...I am so glad my dad went in the other direction or he too prob. would have died at the hands of this phsycopath

MLA1999rihanna 4 years ago

This guy was a mass murderer and did not stop he disgusts me!!!!!!!. And his daughter can still live in that same house its unbelivible even worse than Jack the Ripper.

VideoGame602 5 years ago

Never herd of him. The Angry Grandpa Show mentioned him. Charlie Green was his friend. I think it was his 3rd murder when Charlie found out he was a killer. This was a very sad and sickening story. He also sounds gay for committing rape on young boys...

tomgaskins 5 years ago

peewee was soooo misunderstood

SUSANJK profile image

SUSANJK 5 years ago from Florida

Never heard of him. It seems like most of these serial killers were abused in some way as children.

maggie 5 years ago

This book IS still available for purchase! I just bought one a week ago, hard cover for $33.15. The first published is not unless u pay a butt load of money and our Sumter library actually has it in their SC room under lock and key. But I did purchase a second edition(reprint) and it was sent express for like $10 more, got it just in time for Christmas!!

dg moorman 5 years ago

yes he was one of the sickest men in history. I too was at that school for boys, and the things they did and allowed to happen are so bad that when you tell ppl they don't beleive you. But, they are true and thank God they have laws against that now i don't know how i survived that 2 years but i still have nightmares 35 years later...

meredith 5 years ago

No he did not deserve what he got he deserved to be tortured

Rich 5 years ago

His Book is no longer available to purchase...look on ebay it's called the final truth

C.Gaskins 5 years ago

I have been researching my family and came across him yes it is despecable and quiet haunting to know that this man could be related to myself and family.FYI not all gaskins are bad lol

Midknight441 5 years ago

The only movie I know of was the movie about the man who hired him to kill a death row inmate, which landed him on death row where he should have been already.

billie jean vaughn 5 years ago

he was a very sick they have a movie about this man story??

chloe 5 years ago

it's scary to think that there are people like that in this world.

Brandidog 5 years ago

I hadn't heard of this man until the ID channel started advertising that they're using his story. I believe it is scheduled for this Friday night (9-30-11). Now I'm very anxious to watch this show. What a monster! I realize he had a horrible childhood, but how many others have had the same and didn't become monster. Obviously, he had serious mental problems. I'm pro death penalty and this man is prime example of using the death penalty to rid society of this kind of monsters. If more convicts were actually put to death, our taxes wouldn't have to go towards their support. OK, I'm off the soap box now, but I have a question. Is his book available and if so, where can I get it? Thanks to anyone who can give me that info. Enough of monster.

Momo:D 5 years ago

So i live in south carolina and that scares me.. what he did to those poor people was horriable and he deserved what he got... :D

person  5 years ago

ok so im doing a report on this guy and ive been super grossed out by him and from everything that hes done i believe that he was messed up from the start and being beaten constantly as a kid. This guy was a ticking time bomb and when he went off many people were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sure this guy is paying for what he did. At least that's something to make us all sleep peacefully after reading this stuff right?

Ross Harrison profile image

Ross Harrison 6 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

Wow, what a tormented soul he must have been. Treated appallingly as a child, then as an adult he turned the tables in the most abhorrent way.

StevoL,pool 6 years ago

Wow think he was sick in head and was in his sick mind mostly

ant 6 years ago

they should have spared his life. They could have closed cases. Some people could be in jail for something he did.

jjjcooljjj 6 years ago

he committed these murders right down from where i live in sc. the book was amazing, although graphic. i wonder what exactly he could have been thinking. there are some mean people in the world.

Areed 6 years ago

I read his book and it is very graffic but it is amazing that he was so uneducated and still able to go undetected. Usually successful serial killers are intelligent but in PeeWee's case he was street smart. My mother's attorney was the state's attorney at the time he was executed and he said some of the things this man admitted were unbelievable. After so many times of these deals they just couldn't postpone his execution any longer especially since he could not give the exact locations of anymore bodies. I've been studying Gaskins since I was 13 and I am still amazed at some of the stuff I find about him.

ashley 6 years ago

he deserved to dye earlier what he did to that baby was so sick

Thom 6 years ago

Correction Rachel, they have not found all the bodies that Gaskins said that he killed, he had only given the whereabouts of 20 victims, some of which has not been verified that was killed by him. There are many many many victims of Gaskins that are lost in the marshes of SC and some in other states as well. We can only hope that one day we can find all those poor people and lay them to rest.

rachel 7 years ago

Pee Wee gaskins is a sick man I live in sumter ,south carolina where pee wee lived for a little while of course that was before my time im only 12 but my friend she is 18 and has been to his house and has heard screaming and babies crying and there was a number of how many people died 181,they found these bodies in a lot of places a lot at his house in Myrtle beach ,South Carolina buried in his yard and walls in his house also in cross,South Carolina in a trailer. Now that i have answered your questions i have to go.

looking 7 years ago

they should have at least found out were the bodys were so they could rest in peace and have a real number of hoe many peopl there were.

unknown 7 years ago

I think It was great that he got executed in that way,and the cops were right they shouldn't give him another chance. But I also think they should have heard where the bodies were at.

Kittie Danger 7 years ago

His book is very graphic, but I think that some people need to read things like that to keep themselves out of trouble, some people are just naturally trusting of others, after reading this, you'll think twice about 'strangers'. Interesting thing on him, after he was executed, he was cremated & his ashes taken/scattered at an undisclosed location...he was afraid that devil worshipers would obtain his remains somehow & use them in rituals...I guess in the end we are all scared of 'something'. I'm now doing some research on the Gaffney Strangler...he was another sicko...

hollywood 7 years ago

i read his book final truth .. and if you haven't and if you think this is bad don't read the book ... its very graphic in detail and i could bairly stomach it

DAISY DUKES 7 years ago

I think that this man was very sick in the head to kill that mother!! he deserved the chair!!!!!!!!!

SCgirl 7 years ago

yes Pee Wee was really sick. I grew up only 15 minutes away and went to school with his grandchildren. yes "What a waste if innocent lives."

Phoenix Foxfire 7 years ago

I'd never even heard of 'PeeWee' Gaskins until I read an article about the musician Rob Thomas, and how his Aunt Monkey, (so she was called), hired PeeWee for one thing~or~another, and ended up becoming his lover!

This PW was a real sick fuck! To bad he wasn't excecuted when they had him the first 1 or 2 thimes, BEFORE he had the chance to Kill so many! What a waste of so many innocent lives!

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks Chris Friend and yes this is one that did deserve the electric chair.

Chris Friend 7 years ago

Pretty interesting stuff. Frightening.

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 7 years ago from Washington DC

Very interesting hub. Never had heard of him but that was crazy the things he did to people. I think that he deserved the electric chair.

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