Setting the record straight on Puerto Rico


Puerto Ricans are people too

I have no other choice but to write this as intended, to set the record straight. Just some obvious basics...

There are beggars everywhere. There is poor people everywhere. There is rich people, businessmen, religious people... Each country has its own set of corrupt politicians... Its own set of martyrs, good causes, movements.

Every nation has its own history, its own set of beliefs, religions... Religions... Culture... Music...

There is a great movie industry in India, for example. What I want to state right up front is that there are indeed many things that we ignore. And most of us, by default, do not have the slightest clue that there are indeed many worlds beyond their ocean shores.

Like Puerto Rico. The United States territory/Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Like the African slaves, we did not ask to be part of the U.S.

In 1898, the United States militia occupied the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans did not write a letter to Congress asking for the United States to please occupy our land. The United States just did. Actually, there is argument about Spain conceding the land to the United States, but in any event, it was not an initiative of the islanders.

It is true that the Island was immersed in deep poverty. It is true that there was great need not only for housing and healthcare, but jobs.

We expressed our desire to work.

I think it is very unfair to portray Puerto Ricans as lazy or freeloaders when every nation, the United States Congress included, has its own share of freeloaders. And it is not my intention to justify. What I say is that Puerto Ricans do not earn first place in this area.

Puerto Ricans are indeed very hard working people. Why of course we have our good set of lazy bums. But riddle me this, if I visit your hometown, would I or wouldn't I be able to find some skeletons in your closet? That other face most countries keep trying to hide from the rest of the world? How about if we take as an example of the United States of America how the people in Mississippi live (pre and post Katrina) and I am not talking New Orleans... How about we take as an example how the people in SoCal or South California are segregated... those good Crips and Bloods?

How come the United States effectively ignores those areas in order to portray itself to the world like everything is fine and dandy at home when truly is not?

Then, since its people are plugged to whatever its media serves them, they remain convinced they are so informed about other cultures.

Just because is not YOUR kind of Christianity, is less sacred

The United States failed miserably at trying to impose English as an official language in the Island. Their government seemed to have never ponder the reason for this.

The reason is our strong culture.

Our culture embodies not only music, food and festivities. It also goes back to the origins of our archetypal religion.

Opposed to most African Americans in the South of the United States, a great sector of Puerto Ricans managed to keep their original religions (Santería) inasmuch that the Catholic Church recognizes many of our deities in their churches.

Next time, please do your homework

So, in essence, I do appreciate hubs about my beautiful Puerto Rico, whether is good or bad news. I just wish to reiterate I find it pretty unfair to portray one's land in a demeaning manner, especially when there is so much to be done in the writer's hometown.

There is an old adage you point with one finger, and three fingers remain pointing at you.

A bit about this Puerto Rican

This Puerto Rican grew up in the projects after living in the Bronx for some couple of years.

This Puerto Rican attended public school and went to the University of Puerto Rico. She had to take public transportation to cross close to five counties (we called them municipalities) in order to pursue her degree in Public Communication.

She later worked as a journalist and also a reservist for the Air National Guard.

There are many more from where this Puerto Rican came from. A lot of hard working folks like her. And like her, had to endure wet back comments, but is all good. We know what we are, we are boricuas just so you know...

For my homies out there, here are some of my Hispanic blogs. You are most welcome to check them out and holler!

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mio cid profile image

mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

Bravo!Well said.And from another perspective I would like to add that all of us hispanics living in the US owe puerto ricans a huge debt of gratitude because whenever or wherever there are instances of injustice or discrimination against the hispanic community or our culture is under attack they are the first and the loudest to speak out in favor of the weakest link of our society which are the illegal aliens who have no rights or voice to be heard , as well as all minorities,when in reality they don't really need to because they are US citizens and they could just remain in the sideline and be neutral but this noble and altruistic people choose to side in defense of the people that are not able to defend themselves so that's why I say GRACIAS BORICUAS.

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago

Hello, Gata,

First, I am really glad that I discovered that you are here on HubPages and I am very pleased to have made your acquaintance.

Yo soy un moreno ;-) but I am a longtime resident of Spanish Harlem, NYC. And because of that, I have very close ties with a considerable number of "Boricuas."

Although I do not agree with all of the points you made, I certainly do understand the reasons why you see things the way you do.

Also, I have published a hub entitled "Mitt Romney For President Of The United States Of America" -- and in that article, I suggest that if Romney should win the Republican nomination, he should select Governor Luis Fortuño as his running mate.

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

mio cid, I sure appreciate your comment and, yes... we can be brave. Hispanics unite! :D

feenix, I do thank you for your comment, as would be willing to entertain any discrepancy, all in good spirits... I am a history buff.

Romney and Fortuño... that must be a winning ballot McCain style!

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago

Hello, Gata,

One more thing.

I also published a hub entitled, "There Ain't No Recession In My Neighborhood."

Please check that one out when you get the chance. I think you will enjoy it.

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

You are most welcome to include your links anytime! Looking forward to read your hubs!

Chasuk 5 years ago

I'd be willing to bet that most Americans don't know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States, in the same way that most Americans don't know that Guam is part of the United States.

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Gata so Crazy.

I agree withwith what you say.

BUT...When Mio brings up the subject of illegal immigrants, that is where I have to draw the line.

Why can't people understand that the people who are illegal are ILLEGAL. Thats means they are breakuing the law. I am hispanic and my ancestors came from Mexico, and I understand the plight of aliens that come here in search of a better life BUT... they are illegal. Remember that ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL. To say the usual reasons of their plight are just trying to change the subject. I feel for them as much as anyone. I love my RAZA, but They are ILLEGAL.

Much Love ,Gata, don't be mad at me.

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

I agree Chasuk!

I disagree cleaner3... :D

How could I be mad at you? I was not even mad at Romance!

hahahaha!!! Opinions we are entitled to. Especially when they lead to some healthy discussion.

With emphasis on healthy.

Thank you Chasuk and cleaner3 for reading and posting!

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Thats why I follow you .

Gata you soo... Crazy.



CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

hahaha!!! purrr!!! hahaha!!!

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

all I have to say is J-Lo nothing else.. a smart intelligent, successful beautiful courages.. and HOT! Puetro Rican.. oh did I mention HOT?

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 5 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

hahaha! well... yay for J-CrazyGata-LO! hahaha!!!

And I did it with fewer men than she! hahaha!!! ouch!

It's a Puerto Rican thing... hahaha!!!

...Thank you.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay

you didn't enable any comments on the setting the record straight on PR II

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

I wasn't, but for you I will.

ananceleste profile image

ananceleste 4 years ago from California

Hi Gata! I am una negrita de Bayamon, living in California. I miss my Puerto Rico. You are so right. Here we are more subject to discrimination than in the east coast. Most Americans assume we are illegal immigrants from some south american country, ( they have no idea that PR is part of the US). And Latinos hate us for something that I have yet to find out.Even my kids are bullied at school, not by whites but by the same people that we apparently have a ethnic connection with. Your hub made me cry, I wish so many things for my tiny island. I wish things would be different. take care mija.

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Hola! Print out a copy of this "y daselo a tus hijos"

A big hug! There has to be hope! Thank you for reading and posting! :D Wepa!

Fernando Santiago 4 years ago

Please, the same way we did not ask for the Americans to invade us, send the money they give us back and them we can talk about freedom.

a few seconds ago

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Sadly you decided to comment without reading the article. I see you stay on the fanatics forum... this is not about bashing your beloved US government but giving due credit to Puerto Ricans as a whole... but if you care to go there... as I said before I reiterate here...

...Whatever the United States gives Puerto Rico, pales in comparison with the tax exemptions big corporations get for ripping the island out of its capital and resources... while paying meager wages... do your homework... when was the last time the United States government did anything out of charity?

Freedom??? I am going to refrain from laughing. Ask the United States farmers if they are free... ask American journalists how many gags have they received... again... check again where are thou standing... LAND OF THE FREE? I give you your PLEASE back and raise it!

In conclusion, if you subscribed searching for controversy as a sport, this is not that forum... I am not in the debate sport but the information one... Fact check is my hobby... If you are a fanatic that is happy repeating ad nausea um what others say without taking the time to see for yourself... really, unsubscribe... This is not a massively read page as you could imagine nor am I here to neither educate nor entertain you. I share information... If you do not like what you see, and are unable to respond with facts but pejoratives, it would be healthier if you move along.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay

Gata don't even bother answering this fernando santiago guy he is obviously a cipayo and suffers from la maldicion de malinche.

CrazyGata profile image

CrazyGata 4 years ago from Puerto Rico Author

Hey! Gotta say I have to thank him for bringing me back! :D LONG TIME NO SEE! :D Well, thing about these posts is that, if one doesn't reply, later comes another that believes everything he reads and takes him for "the latest post must be right". So is not so much to enlighten him, but to avoid further damage! :D Cheers! Thank you for posting and Happy Holidays!

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