Sex in the USSR

In the Soviet Union people were curious about sex as much as people in any other country, even more so since there was no literature on the subject. So... how was it to have sex in such country as the Soviet Union (USSR)?

Soviet Woman
Soviet Woman


First of all, true, there was no literature on the subject. Other than the word of mouth, the only way one could address possible issues was to visit a doctor. Suffice it to say that first Sigmund Freud books appeared only in the late 80s. Other than (reportedly) deaf people selling porn together with portraits of Stalin, there was no pornography industry. All kinds of public entertainment were stripped of sex drive. No questionable scenes in movies, no suggestive music. No "Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?", no "Let's spend the night together", no "Come on, baby, light my fire"...

However, it does not mean that the government did not realize the selling potential of sex appeal. When it came to exporting Soviet-made cars to foreign markets, all kinds of alluring imagery were exploited. Yes, that's how we'll get you, decadent Westerners, believed Soviet industry bosses. That and low prices. Marxist economy in effect.

Left alone.
Left alone.


Soviet people had extreme trouble engaging in loving activities. See for yourselves: most apartments in cities were shared with parents or other family members for decades, so it was rarely an option. Couples had to escape to forests, offices closed for night and bomb-shelters. The American way of doing it in the backseat of a Cadillac was beyond the wildest dreams: only a tiny minority had cars in the USSR.

For people in the country it was easier, with their spacious barns and cozy haystacks. It would almost look like Eden, were it not for an empty bottle of vodka lying at the doorstep.


And how did Soviets date? After shy glances at each other and exchanging phone numbers, days of intense romance would begin. But dating options were not that spectacular: cinemas, ice-cream cafes, village dance halls or city discotheques. Maybe a visit to the zoo.

Restaurants were reserved for very rare occasions, not for casual dates. There was no bar culture; beer halls were filthy and enjoyed exclusively by rough, hard-drinking men.

More intellectual types went to theaters to enjoy company of each other during Uncle Vanya or a similarly long play. Simpler souls went to the circus, where they fondled each other in the shimmering dark to the magic beat and the elephant smell.


Being a class-free society, the Soviet Union was a motley assembly of sex types, resulting in bizarre couples. Depressed factory men and arrogant professors' daughters. Well-to-do engineers and luscious peasant girls, with the smell of fresh milk and hay. Unforgiving Komsomol girls and trembling alcoholics, who spent most of their time in lines to beer kiosks. Party functionaries and befurred secret call girls bathed in Chanel.

Soviet car ad of the 1970s.
Soviet car ad of the 1970s. | Source


Consequences of Soviet sex were confusion, shame, chance children, or more sex. If the intercourse was pleasant, then next steps were to be taken. Some women kept sex diaries and tried to save up for another condom for their men (sexy lingerie was out of question). Guys were concerned where to buy a killing cologne for their next hot date.

So... think about it. If the Soviet Union had five-year plan posters with scantily-clad girls demanding harder work, chances are the USSR would still be there. People misinterpret the Cold War as a reference to the policies of containment, but really it should be taken in its real sexual sense.

Spasibo, comrades!

A page from a provocative issue of Playboy at the height of the Cold War, March 1964. The issue explored Socialist girls from the USSR and Eastern Europe.
A page from a provocative issue of Playboy at the height of the Cold War, March 1964. The issue explored Socialist girls from the USSR and Eastern Europe. | Source

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drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

??????? ???????, moncrieff, for this revealing expose of sex in the USSR. Who knew?

jderb52 profile image

jderb52 5 years ago from Oklahoma


moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 5 years ago from New York, NY Author

@drbj, well somebody had to do it, no matter how risque the job is. Glad I did it. Thanks.

@jderb52, absolutely.

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 5 years ago from Texas

Very interesting I guess you didnt get "lucky" in high school then? lol...thanks for sharing. cheers.

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 5 years ago from New York, NY Author

ladyjane1, how dare you to put together such things as high school, sex and the Soviet Union?? L.O.L. Thanks.

Jean Bakula 5 years ago


It was brave of you to address this topic! I never imagined this aspect of life in the USSR. Thank you.

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 5 years ago from New York, NY Author

Jean Bakula, I know this subject may be somewhat funny so it should be taken as it is, tongue-in-cheek, despite it being all true. It was a unique country. I won't even bother to write about similar subject in present-day Russia, for it's the same as everywhere. Thank you for stopping by.

Summer Said profile image

Summer Said 5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale for the moment

Genius. Pure genius. I understand the art of blogging now. My god, what was I thinking. Thank you sooo much.

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 5 years ago from New York, NY Author

Summer Said, wow, well, I'm very flattered! I see you joined HubPages just recently and I wish you all the best here. Thank you!

funmontrealgirl profile image

funmontrealgirl 5 years ago from Montreal

Certainly a very interesting hub. Thanks.

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 5 years ago from New York, NY Author

@funmontrealgirl, thank you for stopping by!

Saleemayoub profile image

Saleemayoub 5 years ago

Cannot draw the line between fact and fiction here.But it reads like a top-confidential report on sexual life under the Soviet regime!Was this state of sexual life one of the factors that helped precipitate the demise of communisim in that country?

Thanks for making me curious!

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 5 years ago from New York, NY Author

Saleemayoub, sex is a powerful tool and for the world of me I cannot understand how the Soviets missed the point and didn't use it to their advantage. As for the demise of communism, historians still struggle with explanations, so I'm happy to contribute to the puzzle. Thank you!

arb profile image

arb 4 years ago from oregon

Very informative write. Perhaps the most primal of human instincts is well suited for barns and haystacks. Perhaps we are missing something here. Well written hub. Thanks.

TravelinJack profile image

TravelinJack 4 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

Great hub

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 4 years ago from New York, NY Author

TravelinJack, thank you!

Rodrigo 3 years ago

Hi, i would like to know some books about sexuality in URSS. What do you recommend?

moncrieff profile image

moncrieff 3 years ago from New York, NY Author

Rodrigo, I have no idea, I don't live anymore in the former USSR. I'm sure there are editions on the subject in Russian.

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