Gov Seeks Sexy Cheats

Dance Monkeys, Dance


Gov for Sale Cheap

Let's say you have abusiness that sells goose eggs. You've hit the very low ceiling of possible growth. How do you break through? You buy gov. How does this work? Well, as a corporation once again you can laundry terrorist or criminal funds to buy a politician with out the transparency mandated for a actual person. So find yourself any gov official and offer them funds to "help them get into office". Or, promise them a job after they retire from gov office. This is how to open the back door and make your plea or pitch (or demand). You inform your pocket pet gov, I need to sell more goose eggs. He or she will suggest getting your goose eggs into the public schools food supply, sold to the military at 1000% mark up, subsidies for you to use tax dollars to advertize, or get your goose eggs on the gov suggested food pyramid. The options and ROI are only limited by your ability to buy a large enough politician.

They Have NO Shame


American Gov


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