Shahbaz Bhatti the Victim of Jihalat

Shahbaz Bhatti the victim of Jihalat

Jihalat is that where there is wilful disobedience not to know the righteousness and continue to tailor and cut ones’ own version of interpretations detached from truth. It is the fashion of the ignorant – the Jahil and they bask in Jihalat and kill anyone who in their opinion deserves a bullet because he is suspected of harming their fashioned verdict out of their self assumed role Jury, marring the genuineness of Islam.

Shahbaz Bhatti the Minorities Minister of Pakistan was killed by the terrorists on 2nd March 2011. They were wearing shawls Pakhtoon style and they escaped in a white Suzuki car and they issued warning under the guise of Tahreek-e Taliban Punjab to kill all who think of revising the law of blasphemy in Pakistan to amend it. They threw pamphlet on the floor with Qurani Aayat and the holy Prophet’s name on it, which was by itself blasphemy since it showed disrespect to the Prophet’s name and the desecrating of the Quranic Aayat. So the blasphemers are out to kill the suspected blasphemers. This is the case of Chauvinism. Why can’t the Muslims lead the life of a Muslim and keep the non Muslims and the Muslims safe from harm by them?

The case of the matter is so bad that in his TV talk show on the 3rd of March 2011, Hamid Mir whispers to the panellist Pervaiz Shaukat when he used the word Marhoom for Shabaz Bhatti, whispering to call him only ‘Aanjahani’. Now truly this is a show of extremism and lack of understanding what an anchor’s duty is - to channelize talk in the right direction.

What harm could have come if Mr Pervaiz Shaukat, the panellist in the talk would have continued to use the word Marhoom. Marhoom is indicative of someone dead. It has no significance of religiosity save that it is an Arabic word with its root from Rahma – soft at heart or forgiving. And Marhoom is one on whom kindness has been done. This word has a bearing on the bestowal on the dead of tenderness from the living with a hidden prayer for the dead that he is dealt with God’s kindness. But what to do with the lack of knowledge which sharpens the spears of superstition, which is ready to thrust itself in the heart of decency to kill it. And the behavioural display of the Anchor like Hamid Mir is ready to do it. He in his desperate voice repeatedly whispers to the panellist Pervaiz Shaukat in his programme not to call him Marhoom. He asks him to call him Aanjahani. This is a Persian word and the meaning of this word is that one who has gone to live in the world of the hereafter. It stated the same thing as the dead of the Marhoom definition only no wish for the kindness from God is attached with it. And Hamid Mir was advocating and pleading his panellist not to pray for kindness to descend on this democrat whose demise he regretted and where kindness and benevolence of God should reach after he was dead.

And how controversial can you get! The humaneness in Hamid Mir also complains that the Muslim Ulema – the learned are not condemning the murder, and Munauwar Hasan, the Chief of the Jamat Islami is not going to the clan of Shahbaz Bhatti to offer condolence - an offering of Rahat – comfort in their grief to them. And spite that remark; what a send off, they gave to the fortunate Shahbaz Bhatti in his last journey through this world through the corridors and the aisle of the Cathedral. The Dunya TV anchor Naseem Zehra is to be congratulated for presenting the scene. The coffin draped in the flag of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of the country, accompanying the coffin and the top clergy of the Roman Catholic Church in Pakistan were standing at the podiums and the pulpit in their white gowns of mourning in honour of Shahbaz Bhatti and the sad music was bursting the tunes of remorse, mingled with expectancies. The scene was moving. Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore the laureate who won the Nobel Prize for his literary work would have been immensely pleased; the scene was reminiscent of his poem:

Aa-ay Haain Iss Dharti Per Suj Dhuj Lay Shrungaar Saja Kar
Raja Kay Vesh Mein Chalo Ray, Hunstay Marteyoo Paar Kay Oos Utsau Mein.

(We) have arrived on this earth, all pinned up with the trappings of decorations
(O you lost) Go in the guise of a King laughing
Over to the place where one reaches after death

Nuasherwan-e Adil, Khusro I the Zoroastrian Emperor of Iran 531 – 579 AD was known for his justice. During the reign of his rule Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW was born in 570 AD. Because Nausherwan was a just ruler the Prophet SAWW said, he will not go to hell. If someone does not go to hell he has to be only a martyr. The good doers of the Brahmans are given by them the status of martyr. The Bishops and Saints are given the status of martyrs, so the martyrs are not only a monopoly of Islam but the deed creates martyrs elsewhere as well. So if we call in large heartedness the Roman Catholic Shabaz Bhatti Marhoom, who fought for justice and the rule of law in Pakistan and he was commissioned by the legitimate government of Pakistan on the 19th of February to continue to work on the reformation of the blasphemy law, then he died for a good cause and there is nothing wrong in that he is called a Marhoom. God is Gracious and Benevolent to award the status of martyr whom He chooses, whether Munauwar Hasan goes for condolence or not.

All told, otherwise this was a useful discussion Hamid Mir had arranged. And he was complaining that none of the religious leaders have condemned the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti who was working for the reformation of the blasphemy law in Pakistan. This law existed from the time of the British rule of India. It was expanded by Ziaul Haque from 1980 – 1986. The point is that if it can be expanded why can’t it be reverted and modified in face of emerging realities of fake cases prepared and instigated. And on the basis of this menace, if the Governor Salman Taseer called it a Kala Qanoon – black law, he was ruthlessly sprayed with bullet and rather than lynching the murderer, a campaign has started in Pakistan to prove that the murderer killing Salman Taseer was justified in killing him. The killer is galvanised as a hero with petals of rose thrown at him by the lawyers of Pakistan- the ghastly black coat controversial figures. What tragedy is playing its tricks in the state of Pakistan? The killer of Salman Taseer is cosily living in a cell and not hanged, the sinner is living among the people of Pakistan. And blessings will be truncated and Azab – the ruin and calamity will descend if the state continues for long to be dictated by the Nari- the people of fire and the timid government continues to take dictation.

And they all wish the country of Pakistan was not a failed state but a prospering state and how is it possible unless justice is allowed to play its role. Aayet ullah Khomenei in his Will left that do not abandon justice and Churchill asked his nation, 'is court working in Britain', when he was told they are working, he confidently told his nation then we are going to win the war. So unless Mumtaz Qadri is hanged in the public square and an example made of him nothing is going to stop Pakistan from going on the road to decadence. The army after their role of saving Pakistan from disintegration in Swat should stand at the back of the government and the judiciary to let them implement justice. The cases of another Shahbaz Bhatti will have to be stopped from emerging. Otherwise the failed state of Pakistan is round the corner. And how clearly will Sheri Rahman speak? She says she is receiving threat for her life on phone and on email every half hour and her fault is that she only wanted reason to prevail in Pakistan and an amendment in the law of blasphemy be brought.

The Americans were humiliated and squarely defeated in Vietnam by the Russians, so they wanted to take revenge and Afghanistan provided the opportunity. They opened their wallet for Afghan warlords and for Pakistan weaklinks and created fierce Taliban. The fiercer they were the better for the Americans and Hamid Mir in his talk show reveals in the University of Nebraska, a syllabus was prepared by the CIA aids for the brain washing of the Taliban. This suited Ziaul Haque for doping the ignorant in Pakistan with the poison of heresy and creating his own Taliban to extend and perpetuate his rule. And now the Taliban in Punjab have found a natural home with the Shahbaz Sharif the Chief Minister of Punjab warning the Interior Minister of Pakistan not to point his finger at them and towards Punjab.

How very parochial can you get to save your dominance of Punjab? The Military Adviser to the US Pentagon David Kalculem on March 23, 2009 alarmed Pakistan by saying that Pakistan will break, since it is a failed state, revels Hamid Mir. It did not break in six months, but the danger is looming with the leaders like Rahman Malik and Shahbaz Sharif around. One takes out his pistol to shoot at the untried by any court, only accused of blasphemy suspect and the other roams with the Punjab Taliban who kill and maim.

And unless and until the Taliban and the Dehshat Gard the terrorist and the Sunni rogue extremist are pulled out of their hiding palaces and holes, like rats, country wide, and each and every one of them and with one blow with the multifaceted sword of justice are cut to pieces, Pakistan will remain deprived of peace. And let the nation throw down the gauntlet against these rascals. Let the Muslims work like an electronic gate, if justice was done by him open it and let pass the accused, if justice was not done use the sword.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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Kok . J 5 years ago

The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and his ears to their cries, the Lord is Against THOSE who do evil, theis menory of the earth to wipe out

Psalm 34 vers 16 and 17

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Holy Bible, placed by the Gideons:

Psalm 34, verse 16: The face of the Lord is against those who do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

This a very revealing psalm and says the evil has severed all his links from the benefits that reaches to the dead from the earth through the prayer of the living.

The Lord has turned His face away from them in this and the nature of justice will not allow any blessings from earth reach to the evil. And his case is closed and he is left only with the retributions due to him without relenting - which could come because of the benefits and benedictions that are sent from earth by the wards, well wishers whose connections now have been severed with the evil. This verse is in alignment with the Islamic Law.

Verse 17; The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.

This verse says the Lord is all benevolent and just, because the righteous is following the law of God and is virtuefull. His call therefore must be reaching to the Lord to be responded. This verse is again in alignment with the law of Nature.

PBR profile image

PBR 5 years ago

Hi Fauzia!!

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Cheer up and bear up, you too can join the good, before your flame consumes you.

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